Morning here I come...🏃🏃!!

I am sure you all know how much I love morning runs😂well had only got 1 run in this week & aiming for 3 so as I have visitors this weekend I woke early & checked into the forum😊. OMG a posting at 4am!!! WELL DONE! That was it shamed into very slowly getting out of bed (like my runs😂😂) I got my warm leggings on & out I went!! It was a struggle but did 30 mins & second fastest so chuffed for a morning run! Probably be late for work but be buzzing 😂😂 so big thank you to week 5 run 3 at 4am ( sorry forgot to check name & running late for work😀) this forum the best & keeps me going!!

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  • Ah - I hope you haven't been deceived. I sometimes post when I'm awake in the wee small hours - but still tucked up in bed and aiming to get back to sleep. Also we have forumites in other parts of the world for whom it may not be 4am

    Well done you though for feeling inspired to get up and go!

  • Ah with all my excitement of running I never thought of that😂😂😂it worked though it got me up & 🏃🏃🏃😂😂x

  • Maybe you are a morning runner after all! Any morning gremlins don't stand a chance anymore 😃🏃🏼‍♀️

  • Another gremlin squashed😂😂 they are wee pests these gremlins😂x

  • Well done for getting out there. I've only managed one run this week as was feeling unwell. Hopefully I can use you as my inspiration to get out there tomorrow!!!!

  • You just take it easy if you are not feeling well! It is hard going this winter running😊 lets just all keep each other going😊x

  • Well done Phyllis! :)

    I really admire anyone who can purposely get up at 'silly o'clock' in order to complete a run, and especially at this time of year with the cold weather!

    I doff my cap to you and all fellow early morning runners. :) x

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