November Graduation badges 2016

Hi there,

Congratulations on your graduation !

Please leave your username here for me so we can organise your well deserved graduation badge. We will try not to leave you waiting too long as we know how great they feel when they arrive.

We would like to clarify the position of earning your graduation badge. To get your badge you will have completed the full training podcasts and be able to run for 30 min. It does NOT matter if you cannot run 5km, you are a graduate after running 30 min for three times.

So it is fair to everybody, please do not ask for your badge until you have completed week 9 run 3.

Poppypug, RFC and Ju-ju x


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114 Replies

  • Hi...just completed my final run taking this to 5K in just over 32 minutes.


  • Congratulations and what a fab time too... badge done ✔️

  • I'm flying high on 40 min run and 6k plus xxx buzzing

  • would you like a badge??

  • Oo yes please!!!

  • Done...and well done ✔️

  • letsgoletsgo

    happy to say 'I'm officially a runner' of sorts at least, still makes me smile ;-)

  • done, and congratulations!! :)

  • Hooray! Just finished the last run....and carried on to get 5k in 31.20!!!

    I think I might be a runner!!!

  • great time and well done... all done for you :)

  • Thank you....the badge looks good by my name!!!

  • Hello Juju.

    I have finished the programme. Please may have a graduation badge. Great programme feel much better for it and a very encouraging forum too. Thanks.

  • Fantastic and congratulations :)

  • Hi, I have just seen your post about the graduation badges and I finished run 3 week 9 last night with my running group. Please can I have a badge? Thank-you.

  • Many congratulations and here is your well deserved badge :)

  • Hi .iv just completed my final run this morning .I didn't get 5k but I'm just short of 4k .I would love a graduation badge . Thankyou .😁🏃

  • Fantastic well done you!! :)

  • Thankyou 😁

  • Hello, I just completed my Graduation run!!!! Please may I have my shiny badge? I ran 4.67km in the 30mins today, and my last run was 5km in 33mins. The first run of week nine was half an hour but I don't know how far I ran as I didn't have my clever new running app then! Many Many Many Thanks. :-) 🏃🏃🏃

  • Huge well done, and here you go :)

  • Thank You SO much. I LOVE it!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi done my last run in a time of 35.22


  • Well done... and here is your badge :)

  • Hi, I've done it too!! Yay!

  • Congratulations and here is your badge ✔️

  • Hi! Completed week 9 last Thursday morning! May I have a badge please? Thanks!

  • Congratulations and here you go... well done ✔️

  • Oh WOW,! Thank you. Well done everyone!!👏👏👏👏

  • Hi! I actually completed the program back in July but have been out of the loop for a while. I am now working on a 10K. Without this app I never would have caught the running bug. I used to hate it! I am now 37 and can run faster and longer than I ever have before. I love it!!! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁


  • I completed end of October and have now done 2 5k parkruns! Can I have a badge please?

  • Here you go and congratulations ✔️

  • Thank you!!

  • Hi there - I have just completed W9R3. Running just over 5K in 30 mins. Now it's on to the nest stage! B

  • Well done that's a great time too!! Here is your badge ✔️

  • I have done all the weeks and ran 5k in 32 mins at last

  • I ran all weeks and ran 5k in 32 mins at last

  • Well done... here is your badge ✔️

  • Heidiballanty

  • C25K final run completed today! 😃💪

  • Well done!! And here is your badge ✔️

  • Hiya I am Loumin and graduated today 5k in 31 mins! yay!!!

  • Congratulations, well done and a great time... here is your badge ✔️

  • Hi ju-ju

    I have now completed 3 x 30 min runs for week 9. Yippee!

    Can I have my badge please.

    Thanks x

  • Congratulations and here is your badge :)

  • Completed my 3rd 30 min run today, I've left a message for all on the main blog.

    Thank you Ju - Ju can I have my lovely badge please x


  • Congratulations, well done and here is your badge 🏅

  • Love it so proud of myself x

  • Hi - I have completed the 5k course and I'm now starting a course called bridge to 10K.

    I ran at Parkrun last Saturday and finished in 27mins !

  • Speedy!! Huge well done and remember we have a forum for bridge to 10k for support. Well done, and here you go 🏅

  • Really ? Could you tell me the link for the forum 'bridge to 10k'

  • Here it is:

    And if you would like to join my marathon and race support community here is the link too:

  • Hi, final run completed. 5k in 31.46.

    What a great programme!

    Please miss, can I have a badge?

  • Hee hee yes well done on your achievement and that's a super fast time too ✔️🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆😎🏅

  • Hi thanks so chuffed I can have the much coveted word 'graduate ' . Mine was a slow jog park run 5k in Aberdeen today. 45 mins 13 secs

    Caught the bug signed up for 2x 10k next year 😊

  • Well done you and here you go - your well deserved badge :)

  • I am assuming it's yourself in admin who adds ' graduate' ? ... forgot to ask

    ... and my badge please??

    Thank you

  • Yep that's me 😎😎😎😎

  • There are three of us that share this pleasure but we will always pin the post with the title so you know what to do 😎

  • That's it 'graduate ' title and my badge - delighted thanks

  • Lummy :D

    I completed the C25K today!!!! This was my third attempt; I tried in previous years and for various reasons didn't finish. This year i was far more determined :D It took me 10 weeks as I repeated a few runs on weeks when I didn't quite feel ready for the next level but I have done it.

    My next goal is to work on speed, then my friend and I are aiming to reach 10k together.

    Woo hoo, thank you Laura and the C2 5K!!!

  • Congratulations and here is your well deserved badge :)

  • Hi. Just finished my last run of week 9 and Iam so pleased I have finished the programme. Can I please have a badge, I'm so excited. 😀

  • Woo hoo well done you thats a fantastic achievement :)

  • Can I have a badge please for graduating last night? A very happy achievingit

  • Huge well done thats fantastic :)

  • Ooh, I didn't realise there was a badge. I graduated yesterday. Would love a badge to mark the achievement.

  • Well done... and well deserved.... :)

  • Almost 9 weeks to the day since I started and today,just after 2.30pm (see my Week 9,Run 3 post),I did it!! :) The support has been simply amazing so thank you all! Do I venture into Bridge to 10K yet?!

  • I should say that my final run was done in 29:46 :)

  • Brilliant well done, and I would if I were you.... :)

  • I can't believe it ...... In a state of shock! I've just complete Wk9 R3 - I've actually finished the C25K programme . SOOOOOO proud of myself😄😄😄😊☺️😍😇

  • Should have said.... Can I please have my Graduation badge? Thank you 😍

  • Congratulations, well done :)

  • It's me! Yes I've actually done it poppypug, RFC and ju-ju- I can't believe it, still on a massive high with the broadest grin you can imagine! Thank you everyone, I'll post about it later! X 🏃🏼‍♀️😊 oh yes, pretty please may I have a badge?

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Thank you! :) Just noticed that you have bestowed a badge on me! Thank you, very proud moment :)

  • Completed W9R3 and managed to run 5km in 30 mins. My badge pls 😊 .. Username : vaibhavg78

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Hi Ju-Ju and RFC, have just completed Week 9 this morning. Nowhere near 5k but happy! happy! happy! Please may I have a shiny badge. Thanks

  • Well done and huge congratulations :)

  • Thanks, I've got a big cheesy grin again now I've seen that badge! X

  • Hi there - I did it 4 and a bit k - but 30 minutes! would love a badge!

  • Well deserved.... huge well done :)

  • Hi, I have completed x3, 30 minutes runs this week, am I a graduate?

    Can I have a badge please?

  • Huge well done, what a great achievement....✔️

  • Hey I did it 5k in 38 mins thank you thank you

  • Well done.... 😎😎😎😎

  • I have managed it this morning, my third run of the week! About to have a shower to celebrate!

  • Good plan and well done 😎😎😎

  • Completed W9R3 on Monday then ran my first 5K yesterday in 31 mins, well pleased

  • Completed my 3rd run for week 9 this morning. Carried on to 5k in 39.17. Steady but glad I managed to keep going. 😺Loved the programme. Couldn't,t believe I would actually be able to run when I started.

    Can I have my badge please.

  • Very well deserved, huge well done 😎

  • Hello.

    I completed the 'Couch to 5K' today with Laura's help. I only managed to run 4.02 km in 30 minutes but felt great completing the programme. My goal is to go up to 5K within one week so that I could run the entire length in the 5K run next week (Run for their Lives - Colombo Sri Lanka)

    I would love to get the graduate badge which will be such a motivator.

    Many thanks for all the support on this community.

  • Huge well done and here is your badge :)

  • Thanks for this - after starting C25K several times, I actually finished it this time. I did W9R3 on Monday this week. Now I am working towards a real 5k rather than 30 minutes but the difference is I believe I can do it now !

  • Fabulous, I bet you are over the moon about your achievement, and here is your badge ...well done 😎

  • Thankyou

  • Completed my final run of week 9 today. Would love a badge!

  • Well done and here is your badge :)

  • [ points water pistol at poppypug, ju-ju- & Realfoodieclub ] 🔫

    Right...this is a hold up! :p ( I'm not afraid to use it ya know! :D )

    Now, I demand one graduation badge...or else! ;)

    Err...Thank You! :) x

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Hi completed my graduation run on Friday, 5k in 33:36. I think I may be a runner.

  • Congratulations and well done

  • I've just completed my w9r3 and went a little bit further to 3 miles in 33 minutes, so please can I have my badge?!

    I can't believe I've got here and want to say a massive thank you to people on this forum, to those that have given advice and also encouraged me along the way.


  • Congratulations and well done

  • Yippee I did it, please can I have a shiny badge 😊

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Have run for 30 minutes 3 x . User name is Jen68.

  • Have finished W9r3, running for 39 mins. On my 4th run I ran 5.36k. For a new runner of 68 I feel very chuffed. All thanks to C25k. My user name is Jen68

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Hi,

    Just back from my final 30 Min run of the cto5k programme. Can I apply for my graduation badge please. ☺😁😊



  • Many Congratulations and Well done ! :-) xxx

  • goneforabeer - I graduated on Saturday, and have completed two further 30 min runs since then. All runs have been done on treadmill at gym with the gradient set at 3% and the speed set to 5.5mph, I'm a 57 year old lorry driver covering various shifts including earlies, nights etc so been really difficult to find a regular time to fit these runs in. Oh can I get a graduate badge please.

  • Many Congratulations and Well done ! :-) xxx

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