May 2017 graduation badges

May 2017 graduation badges

Hello everybody and welcome to May !

Please leave your username here for me so we can organise your well deserved graduation badge.

Please feel free to download and save the Graduation badge that has been kindly designed by RunaroundSue

We will try not to leave you waiting too long as we know how great they feel when they arrive.

We would like to clarify the position of earning your graduation badge.

To get your badge you will have completed the full training podcasts and be able to run for 30 min.

It does NOT matter if you cannot run 5km, you are a graduate after running 30 min for three times.

So it is fair to everybody, please do not ask for your badge until you have completed week 9 run 3

Poppypug, RFC and Ju-ju xxx


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  • Binkle

  • Hi Binkle have you graduated and would you like a badge?

  • No not yet, week 8 at the moment!

  • I have now graduated,it was last Monday ☺

  • Yes please!

  • Hi! I'm Slinkymalinki and have completed Wk9R3 today - May 1st.

  • congratulations and there you go :)

  • Thanks for the badge!!

  • Runner 61 I finished C25K on Thursday. I amazed myself after struggling to run for a minute 9 weeks ago. The programme really works if you stick with it. Still running with Laura on the graduate podcasts.

  • fantastic, well done and there you go :)

  • Thank you!

  • Hi,

    I'm not doing the NHS app (am using the BBC Get Inspired app). Currently on W8. Will I still be able to have a badge when I finish the programme next week!!!!

  • yes definately

  • I'm using the same app! I'm running with my daughter and her friend... they are my biggest motivation.. so proud of them, they are age 14 and on a mission!! 😍

  • Hello, I completed Week 9 Run 3 this morning. I only ran 3.3K, but I ran the full 30 minutes :-)

    Carol (username: Erinsjoy)

  • Congratulations and here is your badge :)

  • Hi. I am The Postmistress and I have graduated this morning! Please could I have a badge? Thank you!

  • Congratulations and there you go :)

  • Thank you!

  • I completed a Redrock Apps 5K app in April 2017. I am now running as much as 90 minutes. Participating in a 5K on May 13th and have ran the course a few times already. Is their such thing as a graduate who completed a 5K program outside of NHS?

    A little history:

    The Redrock app I used was a 7 week program. I stated it April 1 2016. Shortly thereafter, I stumbled on this forum and fell in love with it.

    I was already running 30 minutes by May 8 of that same year. One day, I just didn't feel like stopping, so I didn't until I felt I needed to. 30 minutes had gone by.

    The 5K was to be on that Saturday, May 14th. On May 8, I kicked a piece of metal siding on accident, barefooted and slice the ball of my right foot open. I couldn't run the 5K.

    I went on a vacation and during that, in June, I developed a chronic knee problem. I did an 8 week Physical Therapy program starting in August 2016.

    November and December were travel times and on Jan 8th of 2017, I started the 5K program again, beginning with W1R2.

    I did W4R1 4 times because the terminology changed from jog to run. That didn't work, so I just continued the program with a combo of jogging and running, focusing on keeping my effort level at a pace where I could finish each session.

    On March 31st, April 7th and April 8th, I successfully ran 30 minutes each time. I had the long break between March 31 and April 7 due to shin pain from pushing myself too hard. (Had I been here, I know I would have been counseled to just stick with the program)

    After a year long absence, I revisited this forum which was such an encouragement and motivator for me last year. I guess I was shy to return too soon lest I get injured again and bonk again.

    Now, I am taking it much easier. I learned about consolidating here since I have returned. So, I am sticking to my current level for a few weeks, then I'll jump into a 10K program at the appropriate level and work on completing that. 1st, I need to complete the 5K Run coming up on Saturday may 14th.

  • Well done and here is your well earned badge :)

  • Awesome! :-) Thank you - so gracious - made my Saturday. :-)

  • Hi I completed W9R3 this morning, have found it brilliant as couldn't run at all 9 weeks ago. Really pleased to have found this forum as think it will help me carry on. Can I have a badge please? Tracey997

  • Congratulations and here you go :)

  • Hi could I have a graduatin badge pls? I did my W9 R3 on Monday. I shared this with the forum but didn't request a badge then...

    Thanks πŸ˜ƒ

  • Well done and here you go :)

  • Thank you! Looks great! 😁

  • hi folks doubletap here , i have completed all 9 weeks and extended the last run to 5k in 48 mins. i done it via the phone app and not the web site hope that still counts

    many thanks


  • Well done Derek and here is your badge 😎

  • I completed week 9 run 3 today, could i have a badge please?

  • Congratulations and here you go 😎

  • Yay.... I completed W9R3 this morning....

  • Well done and here is your badge 😎

  • Many thanks Ju-Ju-

  • I did my graduation run today! Please can I have a shiny graduation badge 😊

  • Well done and here you go 😎

  • Oh that was quick thank you so much 😊

  • wait so i NEED to do the pod cast? I use me and a watch.

  • Once you have run for 30 minutes 3 times then we consider you a graduate 😎

  • Oh good. See you in a week then :)

  • Hi clewey65 just completed my last run . Please could I have a badge

  • Hi and congratulations. here is your badge :)

  • runningDixx I did it!

  • Congratulations and well done... here you go 😎

  • Thank you very much!

  • I did it too! I even ran for 33 minutes, to get to the 3k mark. Can't quite believe it.

  • Congratulations and here you go 😎

  • Hi, Run 9.3 just completed!

  • Well done you 😎

  • Thank you!

  • Ruthiella - Graduation run completed today!!!!

  • Congratulations and here you go 😎

  • hi folks whats the next level badge ? im a greedy fella , you know

  • You can get a 10k on the 10k forum :

    And a HM or marathon badge on the race forum:


  • Muddyjumper W9R3 complete


  • Hi I have just completed run 3 week 9, I have not been using the podcasts just good old fashioned stopwatch to time my runs, do I still graduation badge. I have been using the forum for advice and motivation, it has helped a lot. My user name is Shotley49

  • Hello Nervous newbie here. Finished Wk 9 run 3 today! What a great programme and wonderful forum πŸ™‚. I am planning to change my username. Do I need to wait until then for my graduation badge?

  • Well done and here you go 😎

  • Hi - I'm fiona_chapman and I completed W9R3 thus evening (14th May) :-)

    Never, ever thought I'd be able to say I could run 30 mins without stopping - C25K is brilliant!

  • Fantastic well done, and here you go 😎

  • Thank you so much - I will wear it with pride! 😊

  • :)

  • Hi, I graduated using the zenlabs C10K app. The 30 mins/5k "graduation" happens at week 8, which I completed around a month ago

    Currently I'm running 5-7k every other day and doing the Weymouth Parkrun on Saturdays. I was planning to do a 10K a the end of this month but that will depend on progress. The step up from 5k to 10k may take me a little longer, I think.


  • You are doing so well, fantastic, here is your badge 😎

  • Thanks very much!

  • Not there yet but how lovely!!

  • Hi Ju-ju. Just completed the final run of week9 this morning :)

  • congratulations and here you go :)

  • Hi I'm skipper21 and completed Week 9 run 3 today. So can I have badge please? Thank you

  • well done and here you go :)

  • Withitmum1 ... Graduated today!

  • Hooray, well done and here you go 😎

  • Thanks!

  • LadyGault completed 3rd 30 minute W9 run today

  • Fantastic well done and here you go 😎

  • LYNNIEH and I completed W9R3 today!!!

  • Brilliant well done 😎

  • Thank you!!!

  • Ok so i did it ! Is this the place to post ? :D

  • Yes it is, here you go and well done!! 😎

  • Yay Thanks Ju Ju.

  • W9 R3 completed this morning! So pleased I discovered C25k, would never have got to running for 30 mins without it.

  • Well done, fantastic achievement 😎

  • W9 R3 completed this afternoon. Could I have my shiny graduation badge please? SC1472

  • Fantastic well done you 😎

  • Graduation run today. Feeling well pleased and even ran for 40mins!

  • Hi. Is this where I claim my graduate badge? Finally completed week 9 run 3 having spent the last two weeks on the injury couch but today I did it! Woo hoo.

  • Yes it is, and here you are. Well done 😎

  • Ooh thank you.

  • I finished W9R3 today! Username is sophistikitty. Thank you :D

  • Well done and here you go 😎

  • Thank you!

  • universa_2k I've completed week 9 run 3 today πŸ˜€ Could I have my badge please?

  • Well done and here you go 😎

  • Thank you

  • Frannyd07

  • Well done and here you go 😎

  • Yay! I've done it. Feeling so happy and so proud of myself.

    allegrachick here - the one with the Cheshire cat grin on her face.

  • Perfect, here you go and congratulations 😎

  • Woohoo! Thank you :-D

  • Hi I have just completed Week 9 Run 3! Please can I have my graduation badge! so proud! KoKo30

  • Well done, well deserved and here you go 😎

  • Thank you!

  • Graduated and well chuffed

  • Please can I have a badge? Thank you

  • Hi. I completed week9 run 3 this morning for the third time and would like to have a graduation badge please.

    I discovered c25k about three years ago. I completed the programme, had a long break and then did it again with another break following.

    I decided to try again from February 2017 and have stuck with the programme since then . This is the second time I have completed week 9 this year. Even though I am a very slow runner

    I should begin to look for new challenges like park runs but so nervous to run in a group. I guess when the time is right.

  • In which case this badge is extremely well deserved. Well done.... perhaps initially just aim for 30 minutes 3 times a week until you feel ready for anything else? 😎

  • Thank you very much. I was really pleased to receive my badge. Yes I am aiming to run 2-3 times a week for 30minutes and improve from there.

    I have also attempted training for 5km. 3 attempts and best time was 44 mins. Will keep you all posted with my progress. This forum is really motivating for one to keep running. Thanks

  • Brilliant, that's a great plan

  • Hi! I graduated last week. Wednesday 24th May

  • Congratulations, well done and here you go 😎

  • Week 9 run 3 - May 29th! I only ran 4.43km, but still! I did it! Yay!

  • Oh, I'm signed up for a charity 5k in a couple of weeks. I'm only aiming for 45 minutes, but at least it's a start!

  • Congratulations and a huge Well done :-) xxx

  • Razzledazzle100. Pleaae can I graduate. I can't​ believe I've just finished week 9. Feeling great, ready to extend my run until I get to 5k rather than 30 mins!

  • Congratulations and a huge Well done :-) xxx

  • Hi - so I graduated yesterday!!! Please may I have my badge?

    w9r1 : 5.26km in 33:19mins

    w9r2: 4.67km in 30:28mins

    w9r3: 5.63km in 35:27mins

    I have loved doing this!!

    Thank you,

    Mrs Q

  • Congratulations and a huge Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you!!

  • I finished my graduation run on Monday 29.05.17. Could not be prouder of myself and looking forward to bigger things now...

  • Congratulations and a huge Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Feistlet - hi, I graduated last week on my Baltic cruise πŸ˜ƒπŸ’ͺβ›΄

  • Well done and congratulations 😎

  • Hello! I can happily say I have completed W9R3 on Saturday {^_^}

  • Hi, I've just completed C25K. I'm Running-girl. Thank you 😊

  • thought i would finally ask. :) completed it a few weeks ago. and my post from yesterday :)

  • Many Congratulations and a huge Well done ! :-) xxx

  • thanks a lot!

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