W5R2 Best run yet!

Wow! I woke this morning with that nervous feeling in my tummy which must have got my adrenaline pumping which in turn made my run a great one.

I was worried last night as the back of my thighs felt tight and painful so I got Hubby to massage them, which really hurt! I was laughing and crying at the same time. They felt much better this morning so after eating a banana and some cereal, waiting an hour I hopped on my treadmill. I decided to cover over the time which really helped, the run seemed to go much quicker. At the end of the second run I even upped the speed.

I think for the first time I felt that my breathing was fully controlled and had no pain in my legs....bonus!

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  • That's great! Well done. Breathing really does make all the difference. You sound like you are in a great position to get on with the longer run at the end of week 5. I definitely found that breathing control helped massively on that run. Good luck with the rest of the plan!

  • Thank you :) Good Friday is my big run so hopefully it will be good! I think I'll start a little slower and just up the speed if I feel I can!

  • Well done Anica, bring on R3 and that 20 min run

  • Thank you Patrick...I'm keeping my fingers crossed (until I start running that is!) :) Good luck with your next run too!

  • I bet hubby really enjoyed that :)

    Well done you...you are doing wonderfully! :)

  • Thanks Oldfloss :) I don't think he enjoyed it too much, he pressed down that hard he hurt his thumb! 

    Thank you everyone for all your comments, so encouraging.....I love this place! 

  • OOps!

  • I've got run 2 of week 5 tomorrow so I'm nearly at the same point.  I have done week 5 before and I think when there are fewer intervals you can find a rhythm a bit easier.  Good luck for run 3!

  • Thank you....good luck for your run tomorrow :)

  • Well done Anica !

    Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

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