Couch to 5K


Felt great after finishing this one, today was probably the first time that I felt the benefits of improved stamina which was surprising considering I'd just finished an eleven hour shift at work today. Needless to say, before I would have just slumped into a couch (like I'm doing now!) as soon as I got in the door after such a long shift but for whatever reason I felt really eager to get my run in tonight, especially as it's getting darker earlier now.

Tackling the first 20 minute run on Friday!

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Well done on today & good luck for Friday. The feeling when you complete W5R3 is amazing - you'll be on a high for ages :-)


Good luck on Friday. It sounds like you've got the running bug. 👍🏻


I did my wk5day2 today as well .. but my 20 min run is due Saturday as I'm at an award ceremony on Friday .. free food and drink will be a tough one to resist !! I look forward to hearing your account & that you did it :)

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Good luck for Friday franky, you will do it don't worry. Start slowly..😊


Good luck for Friday and thanks for the post - it's given me motivation as I`m doing the W5R1 tonight - already getting anxious about runs 2 and 3 in week 5.


Well done and good luck Friday 😃 keep it slow 🏃


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