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Week 8, Run 2 - Best run yet!

The previous two runs had been hard slogs, ones where my legs felt heavy, I checked my watch constantly and I had to really push to get through them. So I was a bit apprehensive in the lead up to this run. I gave myself an extra day, hydrated like mad and actually waited for it to rain so I could be guaranteed a cool run!

I started off at a comfortable pace, and gave myself a shock when I checked my Garmin after a few minutes - 7mins per km! I usually hover around 8 - 8.30 mins. So I dropped my pace back to 8.30mins, even though it felt a bit slow. Got to five minutes, then halfway without too much effort - feeling good! So I decided to up my pace. Travelling along at 8mins per km, still feeling good. And I'd hardly checked my watch. Coming into the last three or so minutes, I upped my pace again and fininished off strongly, averaging 7.30mins per km for the last 500m! Best pace was 6.40! Wow. I ran a good solid 3.5km overall.

One of my goals is to run 5k in under 30mins. I'm not going to reach that by the end of Week 9, but yesterday's run was the first time I felt like this will actually be achievable if I keep up my slow and steady progress. Feeling on top of the world and looking forward to my next run now!

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Well done PP :) Sounds similar to my runs at that point on my programme ie I eventually stopped looking at the time and thinking the watch had stopped ;) Definite sign of improved fitness. Good luck with the rest of the c25k :)


You sound like you are really enjoying yourself! Well done, and enjoy your running x :-)


Well done PP. Sounds like a really good run today


Well done PP! Great stuff

Don't sweat the 5 k thing!!!! Just finish the runs and forget about 5 k for now. You have to complete the job by running 30 minutes. The 5 k is optional but putting it to one side til you've graduated just gives you one less thing to worry about. You can take on that challenge later, in your own time

Enjoy these last runs. The time goes by so quickly and it will be over before you know it. So savour them and have FUN out there.


Brilliant! I agree about the 5k thing - don't worry about it! I'm on week 9 now and I know I can run for 30 minutes. I also know I can run a 5k in just over 34 minutes - it's something to improve on in time. But if not who cares! I can run! Enjoy xx


Thanks for the support guys! I am enjoying myself at the moment. Don't worry, I'm not getting ahead of myself. The 5k in 30 mins run is still months off - I've got plenty more running to do first! My focus is finishing the program in one piece and with a smile in my face!

This run was such a good one, it made me feel like achieving this 5k in 30 goal is realistic. It was a good feeling


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