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What a waste of time today!

Warning- I'm about to have a serious moan...

I think I just wasn't meant to run today..

Started by getting up quite late. I thought well, never mind, a short run is better than no run..

Got ready and started connecting my gamin to gps as normal...totally wouldn't connect. So I faffed about with it whilst trying to do my warm up walk, still no joy. So I decided to just forget gps and just use the timer.

Then...I got a weird discomfort down the front of my left leg when I started running. Almost like it was really really stiff and uncomfortable to walk on but just down the front bone of my leg. Got about 400 yards in and just walked home in case I was developing a shin splint..

Leg doesn't feel too bad now it's resting but didn't wanna put any stress on it as iv heard people say shin splints are the worst.

Gonna try again on Wednesday. Feeling pretty disappointed but gonna make sure I do 5k then.

Sarah xx

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Hope things feel better for you on Wednesday, sarah.

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Some days things are just stacked against running! It wasn't meant to be, put it behind you and try again. This is meant to be fun after all, not worth beating yourself up about it. X


Never mind. There are days like that - file it away, enjoy your day and don't dwell on it. Your GPS and your legs will be back with a vengeance after a wee rest.


Oh dear. Nevermind. Just try to forget about it. Your next run will probably be brilliant! That has happened to me before. It's a horrible feeling when your legs just don't want to go and feel soooo heavy. Are you stretching enough? Xx


Make sure you stretch and get yourself a foam roller. It works wonders on tight muscles and irons out little niggles. You're doing the right thing by resting so take it slowly next time out. Have you got proper running shoes?

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We all have bad running days. Some days everything seems to be going wrong, but Wednesday will be another day and the chances are it will all be fine again.

Try not to dwell on an unsatisfactory run - you've got the next good run ahead of you!


Never mind, I think we've all been there..are you having just a wee stretch and warmup walk b4 hand? don't start running from cold, that's where you can get injured, also some can take a tad longer to warmup, maybe try 5-10 min brisk walk.

Are you letting your Garmin locate satellites first, by standing stationary outside? then it goes to zero with the timer ready, I always do that and never a problem...

Good luck for Friday, let us know how it goes..😊


Some days things just aren't meant to be.

If its any consolation, my Garmin played up today too, but in a good way. Apparantly at one poing I was doing 190.2km/h. Now I know I'm good....(lol)

Hope you feel better soon. xx


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