I am in agony today :-(

I am in agony today :-(

Well I still don't feel I can call myself a graduate yet.. even though I have now completed the week 9 run 3 podcast three times.. because each time I have just got to about 27 mins and had to stop walk and run again... mostly due to splintering pain in my right calf and shin and also partly down the the heat Im not used to running in! But today... I woke up and can hardly even walk on it, my shin is in so much pain I am hobbling around and have a shin support on it straped tightly to help, ive even taken paracetamol ( Im allergic to all other painkillers) I had to drive my son to school with gritted teeth because the pain is agony and I really am feeling down and like giving up totally - I didnt take up running to feel crippled with pain like this!!!!! I have my first 5k in two weeks as well!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Oh dear. From various other posts I think we all experience this. I am in agony with my shins but only on week 2. I nearly collapsed when i tried to get out of the car last night because the pain in the shin was terrible, jelly legs. I put my problem down to no exercise before this and the fact im carrying extra weight.

    I would recommend that you check out a program that was on the bbc on Monday evening called "how to deal with pain".

    It covered sports injuries etc and I can honestly say its helping me. Teaches you how to heal the problem as soon as possible.

    Good luck x

  • Oh thankyou! I wonder if I can view it again on BT Vision? I will look into that now thankyou - I also am carrying a bit of extra weight plus never excersized before - and felt like my legs were jelly this morning :-(( I hope we can get this sorted out - I feel so bummed that the first time in my life I have actually enjoyed a sport I get injured! Like that horrid little voice in your head that says " who were you trying to kid?" I want to really do this and get my mojo back!!! xxx

  • It is on bbc iplayer if that helps. Do not give in, I won't be. Even with the horrible pain I still feel buzzed because im doing something. I am actually surprised by how much I do not want to give in.

    Have you tried the elasticated bandages? I wore those yesterday.


  • fantastic! I have found it and am watching it right now!!!!! :-))

    Am wearing a sports support bandage today - it is helping but think ive cut off my blood supply hahaa! :-) xx

  • Hahaha x

  • would recommend that you use some ice packs, that will help and rest until properly healed. also doing some specific exercises to strengthen the muscles will help.

    i suffered a lot in the early days and found compression socks really helped (just google it). Ibought some Nike ones and I now swear by them.

    Hope your shins are better soon.

  • thankyou - I have iced the shin twice today for 20 mins and am waering a compression bandage but rest is difficult :-( am going to try elevating it tonight while hubby cooks for a change! :-) Did you wear the socks on rest days or while running AliB1?

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