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Can anyone recommend a good physio in London?

I don't understand why but after months of running without problems I am now getting one injury after another.

A few weeks ago I thought I had shin splints in my right leg, so I started with RICE and then strengthening exercises.

Felt better, went back to running - cut back to half the distance/time I'd been doing - and no return of shin pain, but instead I got left knee pain.

So back to RICE and then strengthening exercises with help from folks on this forum.

Then on the advice of my GP I did run-walk-run-walk on grass for a week with no knee or shin pain.

I also did a pilates class a couple of days ago after it was recommended on here as being good for core strength.

So today I went to do the same run-walk routine on the road and less than 1km into it I had calf pain. I did some stretches, walked for a bit, then went to the park to see if it was any better running on grass. It didn't get worse but I didn't want to risk a more serious injury so gave up and went home.

So I'm back on the IC. It's a beautiful, sunny day and I am gutted.

I've seriously started to wonder if it's my new running shoes that I bought after getting a gait analysis, as I ran all through the summer in my battered, ancient, non-runners' cheap Nikes without a single twinge - on roads, not grass. Only since I got my new shoes have I been having problems.

I am also seriously starting to wonder if I should just give up running because maybe I'm not meant to be doing it?

It's not as if I have one particular injury that keeps coming back - the shin and knee problems have settled down. Now it's my calf and I'm completely mystified by it!

So now I'm looking for a good physio in central or south east London. I don't think the pain is serious enough to go to the GP as I can still walk with it.

Oh well, at least my sedentary pals will be happy after lecturing me about the pressure that running puts on my joints!! :-D

I'm also wondering if, in this cold weather, I should have spent longer warming up? I did my usual 5min speed walk then some stretches.

Also, are you supposed to do stretches before or after warming up?

Thanks folks.

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So sorry to hear of your pains.

Having just got over a knee niggle I would recommend you see a physio. It is likely that all injuries are actually linked, as you compensate for one injury you are creating pressure elsewhere. The shoes are probably a red herring, the damage was already done before these shoes and continued running just compounded the issue.

The one thing I have read over and over is that Runners when injured do not refraine from exercise for long enough.

I would think a good physio will be able to advise on all of the above.

Good luck runner and stay possitive.


Thanks Jacs - the knee niggle was my left knee but the lower calf problem is on my right leg, so different legs. I get what you are saying though and the shin pain I had was also my right leg so it's probably what you are saying in that it's all connected. It's so frustrating!


I'd also consider seeing a podiatrist - if only because your new shoes have co-incided with your recent injuries.

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I go to Crystal Palace Sports Injury Clinic. There premises is right next to the Crystal Palace overground railway station. They are all athletes themselves and have podiatry services as well. I'm lucky enough that it's my doctors NHS physio but I have seen then private as well.


That sounds a good option, especially as the PP suggested I see a podiatrist as well. Thanks!

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Sorry to hear of your injuries. The IC is such a miserable place. When I saw a sports physio it was brilliant. Compared to the GP I felt they really listened, understood and took time to work out what my injury was and why it was occurring. They might be able to help you work out what's causing it. I can't recommend one in your area but a bit of googling might help you find someone.

I think the recommendation is dynamic stretches before exercising along with a warn up walk and then static stretches afterwards. I have to stretch my calves out both before the warm up walk, between the warm up and the run and after the run (I am on my feet in high heels all day and I don't think I could physically run if I didn't stretch first). The cold can't help any niggles either. I'd really recommend seeing what a physio says. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Thanks Melly - I've only just seen your reply. what are dynamic and static stretches?

I'm a bit shocked at London physio prices to be honest. The going rate seems to be about £60 per consultation.

My GP can't fit me in for an appointment to get an NHS referral for another week, sigh.....


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