Very fed up since Graduating

Very fed up since Graduating

Graduated on Christmas Day and have been in a lot of pain since. I've had shin problems since I started running, in my left leg only. Since then I've been really in pain with what I now think are shin splints (not totally sure but hard to even walk)

Anyway two days ago I decided to try a gentle run/walk and went back to wk 5 run 1. Managed it ok but was still hurting the next day. Not much worse than before but manageable. Today I've been out again and done week 6 run 1 so that's 18 mins of running. Not feeling too bad. The tester will be tomorrow morning.

I just hope as I get a bit stronger I can start to increase again. I'm really at a loss as to what I can do to help this silly left leg. I have to be very careful as my livelihood depends on my being able to walk well as I have a dog walking business :) Keeping everything crossed because I'm crazily busy this week and will probably walk about 80km between now and Friday. Wish me luck!!

I want more than anything to be able to run pain free. Am going to search out some shin splint exercizes. If anyone has any advice please help if you can. Thank you.

Hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend

Barbara xx


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27 Replies

  • aww sorry you have been having shin probs since you started running , and with all that walking to .wow that is alot of walking .. alas i dont have any advise but just want to say i hope things improve soon for you and you get back to enjoying your running :D

  • Thanks Rob

  • Oh what a shame...can only offer sympathy as I have had no experience of shin pain.Sounds like you are taking it slowly tho which is good.Hope things get better...Do like the hoodie!!!

  • Thanks Pot

  • Thanks Kitty and I hope your one legged problem gets better too. Glad I'm not alone xx

  • I don't have anything useful to add either but more sympathy from here as being in pain sucks!!! Want me to make space on my injury throne? xxx

  • Yes please Ali that throne looks comfy

  • I feel your pain. I started running as a safer alternative to cycling in the dark winter months. Graduated last winter, but always had shin splints and tight calves. In the spring I sought advice from a different running shop to the one I'd bought my trainers from, hoping they were at fault, they said my shoes were fine but that I was landing on the side of my foot instead of the heel. I heard this as 'You can't run' and gave up running for the summer!

    Started C25K again from the start in October, trying to shorten my stride, land just on my heels. I graduated again a few weeks back. Still have shin splints, but most days they only hurt when I run, not walk, which is possibly not so bad.

    So I'm basically trying to maintain the 30mins thing in the hope my legs will strengthen eventually. I too just wish I could run without pain, then I could enjoy this running thing, maybe even run fast enough to challenge my aerobic fitness!

    That said, my run yesterday was magically good - I ran to different, faster music (Therapy?) which made me both shorten my stride and run faster/further in 30 mins. And while my shins hurt I can still walk OK, so here's hoping!

    Thank God for ibuprofen!

    Not much help, am I?


  • Every reply is helpful Pete, and from someone else who has or is suffering. I keep thinking it's only me and staring enviously at people running so comfortably along the pavements....arghhhhhh

  • Oh babes you poor thing...I must ask have you had gait analysis? I had awful shin splints in the middle of C25K and I had gait analysis and got proper shoes, and within 2 weeks it had gone ( I could barely walk...). perhaps see a sports osteopath/ physio? I did this earlier in the year when I had an injury and it was amazing...don't give up, there will be a way to get you running pain free :)

  • Thanks JJ. Promise not to give up. I often think of your videos when I'm running. They keep me going through that pain threshold :)

    Gait analysis done in week 3 and I was fine after that. It's the muddy,grassy 5km that's started this I think sadly. Physio and osteopath contacts are in my phone in preparation

  • Thanks so much for all the great advice (and sympathy which is lovely)

    I've had gait analysis and am told I'm quite a neutral runner but that I do land heavier on my left leg so I'm guessing that the reason for only the left leg hurting. I've got good, well cushioned shoes...Brooks Adrenalin. I've tried gel insoles in both shoes and in the left difference. Will look at supports for my arches.Am trying the shorter steps too and vary the surfaces I run on. (I was much worse after a grassy,muddy,slippy run for charity on Dec 7)

    Have been looking at foam rollers,tennis balls I've read too and have found some exercizes like kneeling on the carpet, flexing my feet upwards, drawing the alphabet with my foot etc so will try and strengthen.

    I'm so gutted as I just love running. I was concerned that I would injure myself and it put me off trying for ages. Because of my job...which pays the mortgage

  • Seriously? I went to a really good well established running shop (26years...) oh I hope not. Maybe I need to ring them then and ask. I tried on a Nike,Asics and Brooks and ran in all of them. The lady who served me was a very experienced runner too. I suppose it's worth a shot. Thanks Kitty.

  • I got them in week 3 and graduated on Christmas Day so I'd say about 8 weeks? She said I was lucky because I was a neutral runner so I had more choice. I didn't do the treadmill thing for more than a couple of minutes as I felt like I was going to fly off....never been on one before. I did run up and down outside in each shoe.

    Will ring them this week for sure. Thank you. I just looked on the Brooks site and spotted that Ghost was the neutral shoe.

  • Foam rollers are brilliant, well, agonizing, but help with my calves. Ours was about a fiver from Argos so well worth it. There are a couple of exercises I try (which may or may not help), putting your feet up and writing the alphabet with your toes, and standing on and off your toes/ball of your feet for as long as you can.

    And weirdly I find running on grass worse, which isn't what the internet usually tells us! Uneven ground, I guess.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with me, but when I walk my stride is too long, when I cycle my cadence is too slow, and I'm overweight, i'm tough on my shins! My wife, of course, runs fine without any such woes.

  • Oh Pete. Your wife is a lucky that she has no woes with running :)

    I find running on grass much worse and think that was when I did my shins worse. It was a charity race round a rugby field 3 times, 5km. Raised loads of money but ruined my leg. :(

  • Oh Barbara, I feel for you, this must be so frustrating and painful for you. Big hug ((( ))) xxx

    I cant offer any advice unfortunately, just wanted to pass on my very best wishes and I hope you manage to get this sorted asap.

    Take care xx

  • Thanks Pops. That's lovely of you. :) x

  • Oh no! That's horrible and all I can offer is sympathy. Really hope you can get it all sorted out and be back running happy soon xx

  • Hi there, I too have a wonky left leg that plays up when I accelerate too quickly. A good physio will givw you the right advice and exercises. Peace of mind is the best thing and I understand you need to fulfil your responsibilities. You sound really active on a daily basis could you be over training? See what your physio thinks. Try a rest for a couple of days to see how you get on. Best wishes

  • Thank you. I felt very stiff this morning but having done two big hilly dog walks I feel much better :)

  • Great to hear that. Will be following my own advice as I ran 11k today(still on hols) Right knee very jabby sore sore this pm. A couple of days off now I think!!. You keep doing what you're doing. take care .Urs :)

  • Hey well done you. You deserve those days off for sure. Keep well :) x

  • I can sympathise, went on holiday for week just before Christmas then rushing around and felt like cold coming so didn't run. First run after Christmas, managed 3k then gave up as everything hurt although it was very slow. Tried again when I thought I had recovered, good run but have had back and hip pain ever since so no running till completely cleared up then prob back to week 5. Like you, totally frustrated and fed up. Keep smiling, I'm trying to!

  • Oh Jo you poor thing. Hope you feel much better soon and can get back to full fitness. I think going back to some shorter runs/walks is a good idea....better than doing nothing. Thanks for the positivity and smiles :) you too xx

  • You'll conquer it, you will if you keep plugging away. It's about building up your running leg strength and that only comes with putting miles on your shoes. Your shoe needs to be right, so go back and sort it out at the shop asap

    I walk a hefty dog and that uses different some different muscles to running but it all helps, so walking should help your strength and fitness. I know sometimes though after a long dog walk I have painful lower legs, particularly when it's been heavy going either too wet or too dry underfoot.

    Slow runs help build lower leg strength and there is a lot to be said for just slowly chugging away on a run. On your rest days by all means do some cross training, eg cycling, swimming, or some gym type exercise to improve your overall fitness. I can't afford a gym so do fitness DVD's at home. I scoured youtube for ankle and knee exercises when I had problems. As you get fitter, and your body stronger, then running becomes less painful and you stop being bothered by these niggly aches

  • Thanks miss W great advice. I'm feeling better after my dog walks today but will see tomorrow how my legs feel. That's the worst time...struggling sideways down the stairs :)

    Will keep plugging away. I am hoping that the strength will come. I've done nothing but loads of dog walking for years so it's no surprise my legs are like marshmallows ;)

    Will be ringing the shop this week and will pop over on Saturday if I find some spare time. They are a good shop so I'm hoping it's not my shoes but we shall see!!

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