A bit disheartened today

I graduated just over a month ago but since then have struggled to run 3 times a week - it's been once or twice, along with gym sessions and Pilates. The weather was so lovely this afternoon and I finally got out - my last run was over a week ago. Well, I felt like I needed to start back at week 1! I did 2 circuits round the next village (have only done one before) but had to walk quite a few times. Finished at the gym for stretches and foam roller to the aching legs. I don't have a GPS tracker so checked my route on mapometer when I got back - the section I ran and walked was just over 4k. If I include my warm up and cool down walks it was 5.25k. Feeling a bit disheartened that I seem to have lost a lot of the stamina I built up over the 9 weeks. Was thinking of doing my 2nd Parkrun next Saturday but not sure now that I could keep going.


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  • It can happen, you lost your mojo? Maybe you need to have a goal to work toward, book a 5k or even a 10k race for the spring. Do your Parkrun and keep at it, it's a brilliant institution! It doesn't matter if you can't keep going there's no rule against it is there? lol. Try not to walk, but if you have to walk for a minute so what! try not to get disheartened, keep chipping away, you'll do it!😊

  • I think you're right Dave, no goal to work towards. I am quite a goal-orientated person so I think I have lost my mojo! I'll look for a local 5k to do in the spring. Maybe do one with my daughter - I've never run with her or with anyone else for that matter, and she would run rings around me, but booking up for something would give me a goal to aim for.

  • We all have runs like that. The last time I felt like that within the week I had a stinking cold. Sometimes our bodies know before we do. I do lots of cross training and hardly ever run 3 times a week. I trained for a HM on two runs a week. Don't be too disheartened I'm sure your next run will be different. Roll on glute week next week πŸ˜€.

  • Thanks rfc. I have had a cough and just got over it, possibly not 100% fit yet. What is glute week btw?

  • Sorry that's my fault got you mixed up with jojo57. It's s glute exercise challenge we are doing on the bridge to 10km forum.

  • Don't sweat it. I've been running for a couple of years and sometimes life drops me down to one run a week or less. Sometimes I'll run a full 5k (or 10k, other times I'm taking walk breaks on a 15 minute run. The two biggest things that keep me going is this forum, and events, like races or Parkrun. I'd definitely hit up your Parkrun next week. They are so fun, keep you committed and if you have to walk no big deal.

  • Thanks rwd. That's encouraging. I'll probably do Parkrun after all.

  • Go on your park run, walk bits if you have to but go!!! ... please 😊😊😊😊😊

  • OK! Think I might! Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Some more parkrun encouragement here. - if you can keep going that's great but if you can't you won't be alone. I've only done one because Saturday mornings are difficult for me but I intend to do another as soon as I can. One lady I talked to said she always walks some because that works best for her as she can then do the part she runs quicker.

  • Yes, my Saturdays are usually busy as well but next one I could probably make it. Think I'll try.

  • Walking breaks are great because you can do the running bits faster. And I love running faster. We have a steep hill at the end of my Parkrun that I love walking up so that I can still manage a quick sprint finish.

  • I had been running well when I had to keep walking due to a calf pain. I had to work hard over several weeks run-walking and I think rather than fitness levels dropping, it was my confidence. One way that helped me was to slow down, I felt so much better again about running

  • Thanks Jodie. I can't go much slower than I already do, though!

  • Don't worry about it, you still ran. I had one a few weeks ago where my 5k time was 10 minutes slower than normal, really struggled, and hated the run. Then 2 days later did a 10k run within a minute of my PB. Somedays things just don't click in place.

    Get out in a couple of days and have another run.

    I would also definitely recommend parkrun if there is one closeby. Really friendly and no pressure on times.

    I find as well on any event I have ran, as in actual races, there has been no pressure to run fast, all are welcome and there is good support even for the slower runners and run/walkers.

    The running community is friendly and welcoming.

  • The forum is great. I think I may try another run tomorrow Q, depends how my day goes. As Dave above suggested, I might try booking in for a 5k race in the spring, give me something to work towards.

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