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Okay here it goes. It was two years ago when I began this program and if fell by the wayside. I kept up with little bits of fitness by cycling to work and back etc. Well once again we have moved just before new year and are in a new area. My boyfriend and I have not been totally nonactive. I joined a basketball team and we both go for Frisbee training. A number of weeks ago we were visiting his family where his sister who is training for a half marathon spoke about her parkruns and how brilliant there were. This chat with my many previous chats regarding parkrun my boyfriend and I decided to go and do our one. This was a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling okay before hand however was disappointed with myself. I let my pacemaker get out of sight and began to pace myself with other runners. I also didn't jog the whole the way, i broke into walking and jogging. This Saturday just gone however (having only completed 1 run in between which I used W3 of C25K for) I managed to keep with the pacemaker (same time aim as before 35mins) and I jogged the 1st lap and into the second altho it was coming into a head wind. I did have to break the 2nd lap down into some intervals however I didn't loose sight of my pacemaker and my time came in 34:54 mins :).

To keep me going and motivated I am aiming to do a 10k later this year in Sept for a charity very close to my heart.

I want to do it right so any suggestions for building strength would be awesome. I struggle with this both completing and motivation.

Thanks for reading,


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Hi Jo, that's a brilliant parkrun time to say you haven't completed the programme. Very brave too, I did my first one as my graduation run.

Work your way through the programme and it will build up your strength and stamina.

I spoke to someone who just did it his own way and it took longer and he suffered from injury.

C25K is a well thought out training plan that works. You can always move more quickly through the first few weeks if you find them easy.


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