Parkrun - 21:41 - Ran the 1st lap too fast :-)

Hi all,

I was in Cork at the beginning of this week and that kind of threw my training schedule off meaning I only ran once during the week. I skipped my long run and I think that meant I wasn't in the best shape to attempt a PB today. One of our faster runners said he would pace me along for a PB today with the aim of running in 21:15. We ran the first mile in about 6:35 which is over 10 seconds faster than I have run before, we also ran the first lap in 10:25 which is 15 seconds faster than I did it last week.

After the first lap I was exhausted and my legs felt very heavy. I tried to keep up knowing that a lap of 10:50 would have got me another PB however I wasn't able to keep it up. Neil did a good job in shouting at me often to make sure I didn't completely fall away in the second lap but I had taken too much out of my legs at the beginning.

The positives are that I ran my fastest mile and first lap ever and ran my third fastest 5km, which would have been my PB only a few weeks ago.

I collapsed in a bit of a heap at the end and after 2 minutes Neil dragged me up and said we need to do a warm down lap :-(. I protested a bit but a ran the extra 2.5km, I didn't time it but I would guess that we ran it in about 13:30. I stopped after the warm down lap but he carried on to complete a total of 10km.

I'll make sure to do some good stretches today and tomorrow so I am ready for an interval session on Monday.

Here is a link to my run and happy running all!

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  • Hey Aftab, still a great time and it seems like you're the man to beat on the C25K forum! I've got a couple of minutes to make up but I take a little solace in the fact that I'm ahead of you on age grading :-) Onwards and upwards!

  • Thanks and joking aside age grading is a very good concept. I'll be turning 30 in a few weeks time so I think that makes me one of the younger C25Kers. It's a bit unfair to compare my times with others who are older than me. The flipside is that I have to be running much faster to beat some of your age graded times!

  • Another great run ! It would be boring if you got a PB EVERY week !

  • Thanks and I agree. We all need a few setbacks to make the successes all the more sweet.

  • What are you worrying about Aftab... a PB for your mile is pretty impressive. As for your pace, I can only dream of that. Well done that man.

  • Thanks and I am happy with the mile PB.

  • great run, so fast bionic ever :)

  • Thanks JJ.

  • that IS fast! ...

  • wondering why you could not run in Cork... ;)

  • I did. I ran in the hotel gym but I flew home late on an evening when I'd normally do my long run and couldn't do it on Thursday as I had an early start and an evening dinner to go to.

  • Yes, busy life often gets in the way of runs! if you are ever in Cork again go to the Lough - it's a ice little lake in a quite central residential area, and one can run around it

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