Parkrun PB - 22:28!!!

Hi all!

I have taken it easy since my half marathon 2 weeks ago. In the first week I didn't run until the following weeks Parkrun. This week I've run two easy pace 5kms at the gym and decided today to run as fast as possible at Parkrun.

I set my Garmin up so I could race against my PB of 23:02, this is a very good function which helps me pace myself. Our neighbouring Parkrun is still cancelled due to damage from the storm so we had a lot of visitors which helped me beat my PB.

I started reasonably fast and after 1km I found myself behind a regular runner who I know runs each km faster than the last, so I decided to keep close to him for as long as possible. At 1km I was slightly behind my PB time per the Garmin. At 2km I was slightly ahead of the time and still within touching distance of my pacemaker. At 3km he started to pull away but still wasn't too far ahead, but at 3.5km I couldn't increase my speed to match his. At this point I was about 10 seconds ahead of my PB and I was tiring but was motivated to carry on.

I also overtook a visiting runner who was around 15 years old at this point. This must have annoyed him because he overtook me about a minute later. I tried to overtake him but he kept increasing his pace slightly so it wasn't possible. I stopped looking at my watch at this point because I was concentrating on keeping up with the kid. With about 50m left I tried a sprint finish to overtake him but he matched my speed at finished a few seconds ahead of me.

I stopped my watch and it showed a time of 22:28! Over 30 seconds off my previous PB!! After getting my barcode scanned I found the kid and thanked him for pushing me to my PB, he said that he was over a minute slower than his PB today so he wasn't very happy with his time!

I didn't set my fastest individual km this time, however I was consistently fast. I think this is due to the half marathon training that I have been doing. My aim for the end of the year is a sub 22 min time and before I thought this would be very difficult. However I think with my speed work and strength training plan this should be achievable.

Happy running everyone!

Here is a link to my run:

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19 Replies

  • Well done on your PB! :)

  • Thanks!

  • I got a Park Run PB today too - mine was 35.53 though ;)

    Well done on a fab time!

  • well done good time bloody fast that

  • Thanks, I hope by next summer to have taken a further 60-90 seconds off this time so I can run closer to the front runners.

  • Well done Aftab that's a FAB time - lovely that you thanked the kid who spurred you on too, just shows how we all have our own targets in our heads as we push ourselves to our best. No PB for me today by a long shot, but a lovely brisk day for a run. :-)

  • Thanks and the weather was good for me today, it was dry and cold, so plenty of incentive to run fast to keep warm! Also if anyone ever helps me I make sure to thank them, it's only polite!

  • Fantastic sounds like a great run. Waiting for my PR result as I somehow managed to stop endomondo at the start - doh - but don't expect a PB because the course had been a bit icy.

  • You are a running GOD Aftabs! So impressed and well done.

  • Thanks Dan! The half marathon training has helped enormously, both physically and mentally. When I was tiring a bit after 3km I just told myself it's only 9 more minutes of this and it'll be over. 9 minutes doesn't seem so much after running for 2 hrs 22 mins a few weeks ago!

  • Those times keep tumbling! Congratulations Aftabs, that is a huge chunk to knock off an already respectable time. You are an inspiration to us all.

  • Thanks for the kind words. I know the improvements will plateau soon but I'm enjoying it while they are coming! If I reach the summer target I've mentioned above I'll work towards a sub 20 min time. That'll mean I have a small chance of finishing first in the weeks where the really fast people don't turn up.

  • Nice time Aftabs - looks like your hard work is really paying off.

  • Thanks!

  • Wow - inspirational! I'll be happy if I could get sub 40mins!!

  • Thanks and keep working at it and the times will come.

  • Amazing time Aftabs - well done x

  • Whooo hoo! Go Aftab! Will be great to see a C25K graduate come first in a Parkrun, that's a challenge my old body won't ever do! :-)

  • Thanks! I try to wear my C25K graduate shirt when running, so if I am ever fortunate enough to win, hopefully I'll have my C25K shirt on to let everyone know about the programme!

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