My 12 month weight loss and fitness journey

My 12 month weight loss and fitness journey

Hi all!

Today is a year to the day that I first weighed myself in a very long time and decided to do something about my weight.

I blogged about this 4 months ago and I will try not to repeat myself so please feel free to read my previous post if you have time:

This time last year I was 94kgs, didn't carry out any exercise, and struggled even to walk for more than 10 to 15 minutes without tiring. This morning I am 67.6kgs, yesterday I ran 5km in 22:28 and recently ran a half marathon. I have lost over 26kgs in a year and would never have thought that I was capable of running the distances and speeds that C25K has given me the confidence to do. My profile pic is a before and after comparison that I made about 3 months ago.

The link above explains what I did from this time last year until July 2013. I stopped runnning for a month in July/August because I was fasting in the Islamic month of Ramadan. It was during this month that it really dawned on me that I actually liked running because I missed it a lot!

As soon as I began running again I began a half marathon training plan which included 4 runs a week of various distances and speeds. This culminated in a 10km race 5 weeks ago, a half marathon in training 4 weeks and a half marathon event 2 weeks ago. I have blogged about all of these so you can have a read if you have the time!

The attached image shows me at my geekiest! I have logged my weight since last year and plotted it on a graph. You can see the weight loss was dramatic at the beginning and then talied off. It drops again in July/August which was when I was fasting and I lost 4kgs in that month. I was my lighest at 66kgs at this point. I have had to increase my food a lot since to fuel the running I have been doing for the half marathon.

I don't think I could have maintained my weight loss if it wasn'f for the running and there is no way I would have began running if it wasn't for C25K. I discovered this forum a few weeks into C25K and it has helped me enormously. Both in completing C25K and then inspiring me to keep pushing myself further. So thanks to you all!

My aim for the rest of the year is to get my 5km time below 22 mins, so I will stick to the shorter distances (sometimes when I ponder over it I am suprised that 5km is now a shorter run for me, last year I could hardly walk 3km!).

Thank you all!

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40 Replies

  • The before and after pictures and the graph above tell a remarkable story. You're C25K's poster boy!! Well done Aftab, it really is a great story and you are an inspiration.

  • Thanks Gordon!

  • At risk of repeating myself, you are a star ! Really well done, an impressive achievement and lots of potential still to be realized I think.

  • Thanks, there will be no more weight loss from me now, my family were telling me to stop when I was at 75kgs! However I hope my running keeps on speeding up!

  • Oh, I meant the running - no need for more weight loss !

  • Well done! That's a fantastic and very inspiring story. I'll have this logged in my head every time the duvet seems warm and it's dark and cold outside.

  • Thanks Ade_Dennis. I ran my training half marathon in the cold and heavy rain, it was actually quite enjoyable, I ran through a park at one stage and apart from me there was only one other person there!

  • You have been a regular inspiration on my journey from the start to graduation. I didn't realise it's just a short year for you to of achieved so much. Well done and there is hope for me yet.

  • Thank you! As long as you don't have any medical conditions anyone can sort their health out if they can find the right motivation. I found my motivation to lose weight and to run and just stuck with it!

  • I was about to say poster boy! You got me out there in the freezing winds today. You are absolutely inspirational. Please never stop posting your amazing successes, you are someone I look up to on my running journey. Massive congratulations :)

  • Thanks nextjenn, that is nice to hear! I'll keep blogging, I feel a debt to everyone who helped me when I began so the least I can do it share my progress and help in any little way I can.

  • Great blog Aftabs - really inspirational.

  • Thanks Wilma!

  • I think you are a wonderful inspiration to C25K's programme and running in general. You have achieved so much in such a short time, well done Aftab. Be very proud of yourself :)

  • Thanks Oldgirl! Also thanks for all the advice you have given me over the past 6 months, mainly telling me to reign it in when I was trying to do a bit too much!

  • Well done - that is an amazing achievement - and even more so considering you took the time off during Ramadan. linda

  • Thanks Linda!

  • Just shows what you can do with a bit of dedication ;-)

  • All we all need to do is find the right motivation and we can all surprise ourselves with what we are capable of doing.

  • Wow !!!! All in a year aftabs you are so inspiring to so many of us on this site and I must say I have thought of you on many runs when ive wanted to stop to keep me going :-) well done to you and keep blogging and inspiring so many of us runners x kate x

  • Thanks Kate!

  • The best blog story ever plus such an inspiration to others. They should have your story on health unlocked site as the inspiration for others.

  • Thanks for the kind words. This forum is great because there are many fellow C25Kers who have made massive changes in their lives and have inspired us all. I am happy to be able to share what I have done and if it can motivate others then that is great.

  • Amazing aftabs! What a year you've had - it's so great to hear such a positive story. I've no doubt you'll reach that 22min goal very soon!

  • Thanks!

  • What a amazing thing to do ! It's first time I've seen one your blogs , & u have inspired me with my journey as you have many others . I'm in wk 7 & to read what you have achieved in just a year is astounding .

  • Thank you! You will be graduating in no time, I look forward to reading about your graduation run, each one is special!

  • What a fantastic achievement Aftabs - congratulations on your first anniversary!

  • Thanks!

  • Aftab, you know that we both started around the same weight & lack-of-fitness level. We both achieved fantastic weight loss and a new lease of life.

    I'm proud of what I achieved ... but you've gone so much better than me on times. This weekend's time was just FANTASTIC. I'm so proud of what you've achieved ... and will go on to achieve.

  • Thanks Malcolm and once again congratulations on all your gains (or losses!). I should add an extra objective of matching your age-grading because I have a long way to go until I get there!

  • You epitomise the power of C25k to radically change lifestyle and fitness and you continue to astound us with your progress, when it could legitimately be tailing off. Aftabs, you are the man with the stats that we all admire.

  • Thank you! I have been spreading the C25K message and so far have encouraged about half a dozen people to begin it. I will keep mentioning it to people who want to improve their health because it is a great introduction to running.

  • This is a great post and I have it bookmarked because it is so inspirational. Well done and thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you and I'm happy to share.

  • Respect - my friend :-)

  • Thanks!

  • Well done Aftabs excellent work :)

  • Thank you and everyone should read about your journey because mine pales into insignificance in comparison!

  • Not at all, you've addressed the health/fitness issues in your life the same as me and other on here, once again well done matey :)

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