First 10k race

Hi there! I've never written a blog on here before, but have answered a few bloggers queries, so some people may or may not recognise me ;-)

I graduated from C25K last October and have since done a few Parkruns. Today however I entered my first 10k run. It was a really good experience and thoroughly enjoyable. It was a 4 lap event and a 5k run was being held at the same time. About 380 people started out on both runs, so the first lap was quite 'busy'. Fortunately I finished the second lap before the elite 5k runners started to come in (it gives me a boost to know I haven't been lapped by them!!).

So that just left us 10k runners to do another two laps. Well I'd tagged onto this guy who was running at my pace so I continued to run side-by-side with him - with some of the elite 10k runners now starting to lap us. At the end of the third lap I was glad I only had one more lap to do. There was a 'hill' at the end of the lap, which each time I ran up it I was glad I managed to keep running.

Then came the fourth lap. It was by now a bit thin on the ground with lack of runners, but there were still some within sight - in front and behind. Well my 'guy' slipped ahead of me at the start of the fourth lap but I managed to catch him up and we continued to run together until the last 1km when he forged ahead of me, or was it that I slowed down? Anyway, that hill appeared again and this time I decided to give in and walk some of it (not a lot, just a bit of it :-) ). I looked round to see if anybody was behind me and saw a lady in the distance who I thought I recognised from my local Parkrun and thought I can't let her catch me up, so off I went again. The finish line was now in sight and my guy was just finishing, a final sprint (hee hee - a slightly faster run, it's amazing how the crowds can encourage you) and I was finished. I hadn't even stopped running when I was handed a medal and certificate! My time was 1 hour 8 mins (although I'm still waiting for the official time). There were runners still coming in about 10 mins after I had finished. The course was mainly on gravel paths around a country park, but about a 1km of it was on roads. Weather was mild, sunny intervals with a south-westerly wind (which was a little unhelpful at the start of each lap!).

I would encourage anyone thinking of doing a 10k to do it. It's the next step up and quite do-able.


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20 Replies

  • It feels good doesn't it? I always try to tag onto someone going about my pace (ideally just a touch faster) as well. It is also a downward spiral you see as you have a target for the next one!

    Its an itch that never stops needing scratched ;-)

  • Yes, it certainly does feel good. I've already been and had a look for the next 10k. There's another local one in October! Need to check diary to see if I can do it or not.

  • Congratulations on running your first 10K race, Caz9. That's my next goal.

  • Thanks. Have you found a 10k to do yet? I hope to do another one before the end of the year.

  • Yes I have, but it's coming up quite soon and I won't say anything yet, in case I feel I'm not ready for it by the registration date.

  • I'm sure you'll do fine, just remember to run at a slower speed, don't get carried away by the crowd, or you won't have enough energy to finish. Let us know what you're doing and how you do.

  • Well done, good time too!

  • Thank you.

  • Well done. That's a really good time. I've signed up for a 10k in December so I'm pleased to see it can be done. You are a star!

  • Thank you. Anything is possible and you've got plenty of time to train for yours in December! Let us know how you get on.

  • Well done and a good time too! I would love to do mine in under 70 mins in October but realistically it's about getting round for me! Love reading about everyone's achievemments as it keeps me going :)

  • Thanks AliB1. I'm sure you will do well. Don't worrry about the time, completing it is the main thing, then you know you can do it and next time you can try to improve your time!

  • Well done on your 10k achievement Caz9, you recently encouraged me to do a Parkrun which I did yesterday and enjoyed it very much as you said I would. Had a chuckle reading about your tagging onto someone because I did the very same thing yesterday, like Greg found it was a downward spiral as I had my eyes on the next one etc - only to have a 10 year old whizz past me in the final few seconds... :-D

  • Thank you notbad. Glad you took up the challenge and that you enjoyed it. Oh and I know the feeling of having a youngster overtaking you. I had one today - she could only have been about 8 years old! A few more Parkruns and then you can set your sights on doing a 10k, then a 10 miler, a half marathon, a ..... The world's your oyster!!

  • Forgot to ask, what time/position did you get? I bet you weren't last!

  • Little kids are fast, how do they do it?! :-) My time was 28.25, I was 76 out of 123 (many of the best runners were having a rest day for the great north run) and rather pleased with myself for plucking up the courage, another achievement chalked up thanks to C25k and all the encouragement on this site. :-)

  • An excellent time, my fastest so far is 29:26 (you must be younger than me! ;-) ). So now you'll have no worries about doing Parkruns in the future.

  • Well done! It was great to read your blog and also inspirational. I've got my first 10k in 6 weeks time which I'm in training for now but hoping once I get to that level, I'll fit a couple more 10k's in.

  • Thanks mrqwest. You've got plenty of time to get your training in, and to be honest it's not really that far. I did a couple of 7 mile runs to make sure I knew I could do the distance and a bit more, but now need to concentrate on building up speed. Think I may need to include some longer runs of 7 to 8 miles at the weekend and speed work during the week. Looking forward to doing another 10k soon. Let us know how you get on with yours.

  • There's still plenty of time to go and yes, 10k isn't *that* far in the scheme of things. I've run the route already about a month ago (it starts a few minutes from my front door) so I've already got a time in my head that I want to beat and I know I can do the 10k but it did involve several walking breaks which I want to cut out on the actual run.

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