The 10K from Hell!!

The 10K from Hell!!

- pic taken 30 minutes before the start -- this was the parkrun "team"

I completed a 10K "funrun" last night. It was a fantastic run - I felt that I ran harder and faster than any other run I have been in and finished strong ( and fast - for me! :) There were 5000 contestants - around 2000 in the 5K and 3000 in the 10K and half Marathon ( the HM was twice around the 10K route plus a bit extra.) There were lots of walkers at the back of the 5K - but the 10K had mostly "serious" runners even though it was described as a run/walk

BUT!!!!!!!!!! -------

It had been very hot and extremely humid here for the last several days - and we all just knew that we were in for something!! It arrived on the day before the race - huge tropical clouds associated with a slow moving low pressure trough and VERY heavy rain. But the forecast for the next day seemed that it may become a bit better -with rain forecast but less frequent. The rain held off all day - and at 4 PM , the 5K run was started. At 4.30, the 10K and marathoners lined up and waited - at 4.45 the rain started lightly. It got heavier and heavier until at 5PM, we were all soaked to the skin when the gun went off and away we went. Withing 10 minutes of starting the rain became torrential - water was flowing across the roads in places up to a foot deep. No wind or thunder and lightning - just very heavy rain... I had intended to run a run/walk strategy using Runkeeper on my phone. But earlier on I decided I would not be able to do that without destroying the phone - so decided to just "run" and see how I went . But all my training for this race was based upon a run/walk startegy!!

By the time we got to the 5K turnaround point, the race marshalls were telling us that the HM had been cancelled and a severe weather alert had been issued by the Weather Department - and marathoners were to only complete the 10K. In spite of all, this , I was feeling stronger than ever - my HR monitor was registering numbers which I would have thought I could not run at for very long but I started picking off runners one after the other . I got faster and stronger in the last 1K and finished the last 200 metres up the University running track straight as fast as I could go!! A runner in my age group who runs at my local parkrun and whose 5K PB is about 3 minutes faster than me started closer to the start line than me and was way in fron for almost the entire race - I caught him at 9K and went easily past him and didn't see him after that.

I felt VERY pleased with myself - and wife and I spent the next 2 hours getting home via the Brisbane River ferry and car.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!-- when I got home, I turned on my computer and checked to see if results were up on the website -- they were BUT!!! - for me, NO RESULT!!!!!!!!!. My name is there, it says that I started - but no starting time or finishing time . This morning, I see that the entire website is offline :(

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  • What is that rain stuff? - was it cooling or did it make conditions impossible. I can't say running in foot deep water very easy- but did it take some of the heat away?It sounds like you had a fab race and managed to do some great overtaking.

  • My training in the 2 week lead up to the race was in 30C and 85% RH - sounds a bit like where you are . It was quite nice to run in the rain, even as heavy as it was - and I also didn't mind that it got quite dark . It was supposed to be a "twilight" race - but there wasn't much Twilight with the heavy cloud cover and rain!!

  • We don't have the humidity - luckily. its just very, very, very, very dry. Rain is rare - we get excited if we see a cloud and we even play spot the cloud now. I don't how you manage to run in those conditions - i do take my hat off to you. Its amazing and so so hard.

    I hope the route was well lit - well done !!! I hope there was a nice post race treat

  • Wow. Bazza you must be part fish! You run faster and stronger when wet. That certainly is a story to dine out on. What a run! Well done m'dear.

  • A "Justice for Bazza" petition might be needed here.

  • Thanks - but have got my time now.

  • Blimey. Well done on running in those conditions Bazza.

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