I did it! We love Manchester 10k - my first 10k!

This morning I ran in the We Love Manchester 10k and it was fabulous!

My aims were to enjoy it first and foremost, to finish it and to run the whole way. I wasn't bothered about time I just wanted to be slow and steady.

I arrived at the Etihad at 8.15 as roads were being closed around it for the run after 8.30am. I felt a right Billy no mates as I'd gone alone but the atmosphere was great and people were friendly.

Decided not to carry water as there was a water station at 5k and at the end.

Left my phone behind but wish I'd had the forethought to take my armband for it so I could wear it while running. I don't listen to music on it while running but it's a handy place to keep it and means I could have taken photos before and after the race around Sportcity and noodled on Facebook while waiting for the race to start. At least I know for next time!

Had a loo stop before the race. There were queues but when I went I only waited about 5 mins.

We were told to go out to the athletics track for 9.15am for a warm up. Great vibe out there. People all up for it. Some ultra keen runners and some novices like me.

We set off at 9.30am and I just kept steady pace and tried to think to myself "run your own race". I got overtaken by loads of people at the start despite having positioned myself about 3/4 of the way down the field!

After the first couple of kilometres I actually started to overtake some fellow participants! Some of whom were running some were walking!

At 5k there was a bottle of water handed to you if you wanted one. I took a couple of gulps then threw it away. I don't normally run with water but thought I'd better take some on board since 10k is the longest distance I've ever run.

Got to 7k and really had to dig deep. I must say that the marshalls were great at cheering us along and I made sure I thanked them as I went past.

By this time fellow runners who had already finished were beginning to stream past shouting us slower ones on. This was great although I did feel a bit jealous that they were already finished and I still had a couple of k to go!!!

The last km was hard. The course itself is not hilly but there are some 'undulations' and the incline on the last k going from the car park area up towards the City Store was a killer!!!

But people were shouting me along and I even had my name called out!

On to the last stretch which was on the athletics track. Loads of support there and I put on a final spurt and then I crossed the finish line!

Collected my medal and goody bag. They'd run out of water which I thought was pretty poor but managed to snaffle a bottle on my way back to the car park.

By the time I got back to my car I had my time text to me: 1 hr 18mins 14 secs

I am so proud and pleased! It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it as a race. I hope to do it again next year :)

Just to think at the end of Feb when I started C25k I could barely run for 1minute at a time and now 5 months later, I've just completed a 10k.

Anything is possible if you set your mind to it!!

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  • Yep - that penultimate paragraph applies to me too! Well done - Go Girl!

  • thanks dagshar :)

  • This is such an inspirational post, Poodle. Many many congratulations on both your fantastic achievement today and on your whole journey from couch to 10k. Very well done. :) :)

  • Thanks AncientMum :)

  • Woohoo! You rock Poodle!

  • thank you :)

  • Well done Poodle! Great time and all this in just a few months! Congratulations ! :)

  • PSJust a thought on water: I would seriously think of drinking after 5 k - I carry water on every run longer than 30 minutes.

    Drinking regularly during a run makes a huge in how I feel after - the first time I went for a run that ended up being much longer than intended and I had no water I felt horrible for hours after!

  • Thanks Pigivi. I drink about 5litres of water a day so I find no problem running without water when I do 5k.

    Will take water for longer runs - thanks for the advice.

  • Really well done on your achievements :D 10K !!! and a good time ..a very good result :D

  • thanks Rob :)

  • Wow. Well done. Thanks for the post. Just done my first 5km today having started in late April for 1 minute at a time. Just starting to think that 10km may be possible.

  • Thanks - you can do it -

  • Great post. Well done on the achievement. I've actually just posted about having a new respect for people who can run 10k, so consider yourself well & truly respected. I courtsey to your abilities & tenacity.

    Well done again xx ☺

  • thanks Noaky. I'm chuffed to little bits :)

  • Thats fantastic, what an achievement and to think you said you'd lost your mojo, well done you!

  • Well done MP - it sounds like a great run but I'm a bit perturbed by them running out of water on a July day. Congratulations and let us know about your next adventure.

  • Thanks. Yes I wasn't best pleased to Find there was no water when I finished.

  • Woot woot! Pompoms flailing for you here (stand back and admire from a distance, it's 36°C here so smelly pits rule). Great time, and you give me hope for next year when I'll be doing my first one too.

  • Fantastic poodle! Well done you, we're about the same speed, I like the social atmosphere on 'races', my last 10k, I was on my own most of the way (hark at me, I've only done two 'official' ones!) but I would have loved to have rocked along with you! Sadly I'm darn sarff so not near Manchester.

    Great time!


  • Thanks Madge

    Shame we aren't closer to each other. Would be great to have company!


  • Congratulations! :) brilliant to hear of your well deserved success poodle! well done that girl! :) ready to sign up for the next one??!!

  • Thanks Aliboo :)

    Am fancying the Aintree 10k on 20th Sept.

    Also dreaming about Great Birmingham Run in Oct but that's a half marathon - yikes!!!

  • Well done, that's a fantastic achievement. Be proud x 😊

  • Well done you ! Especially brave going on your own, now you know you can do it....

  • That's brilliant! So well done to you. It's a huge achievement and you should be very proud. Where's the piccie of the bling? Show it off!

  • Thanks. Will put a pic on x

  • Well done MP, sounds like you had a great day!

  • Thanks Ully. It was fab :)

  • Well done :)

  • Brilliant Charlotte ! Sounds like you had a fab day !

    These big events are great arent they ? I love running in them . The support and encouragement gets you around doesnt it ?

    Was it hot in Manchester today ? It was very hot and muggy in Leeds , I was like a camel with the water I took on board ha ha :-) That athletics track is where I did my Manchester Mile, fancy that !

    Hey, we got the same time ! Ha ha , how good is that ?

    I am so pleased that you had a really lovely day, and I bet you are looking for the next one now arent you ? :-)

    Well done to you , isnt it amazing where this programme can take us ?

    Congratulations fellow 10k-er ! :-) xxx

  • Aw thanks Chrissy - am so chuffed :)

    It was ok weather wise start with but then the sun came out & it got quite warm but I coped :)

    I am looking to do the Aintree 10k on 20th Sept but don't know much about it so will do some research.

    Then there's the Great Birmingham run in Oct which is a HM. I need to research that too.

    Am definitely up for joining a run club ! Want to improve my technique & time. But really, really pleased with my time today.

    Are you pleased with your time?

    Hope you enjoyed Leeds?


  • Ha ha I knew you would be looking at other runs now, once that bug bites ..... Brilliant !

    I am really pleased with my time , I took 6 minutes off my GMR so I am well chuffed with that :-)

    Leeds was brilliant , thank you, I have just posted my post race report and bling ! :-) xxx

  • Wow! Well done! I can't even imagine running 10k! It's such a long way! (I can just about do 5k without keeling over). And that's a great time in my book. You must be very proud to have come such a long way in such a short space of time. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Wow! That is fantastic! What a massive achievement on such a short time. Inspiration for us all.

  • Congratulations on your achievement, especially in such a shirt time scale - very impressive :-) xx

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