Dartmoor Vale -10k- I completed my first 10k

I have dithered all week about the 10k race today- was I ready - the weather was looking not brilliant. Anyway decided to do it and my lovely generous friend agreed at the last minute to run with me. Quite a small race - just 1 thousand runners split into 10k, half and full marthoners.

Quite an interesting experience - lots of talk about times sub an hour and very fit lithe runners bouncing around doing warm up runs. I just stayed huddled in my coat to the last minute.

I set myself the target of 1 hour 15 mins. I knew i could run 8k - but I had not yet run a 10k. i was not daunted psychologically and I knew I would push myself to finish it. I snapped off the first 5k quite comfortably - although one of the slow runners. It was an undulating course-quite pleasant and very well organised. Just about 6k my legs were starting to feel a bit lead like , but I pushed on - had to stop for a short walk up a long hill - as heart threatened to explode.- a slurp of powerade helped. As we started into the last 2k - I had not a lot left to give - the v fast half marthoners were coming though- mostly men - but they were v generously encouraging us to finish well. The fastest lady came through - to be honest not a spring chicken - but clearly fast!!

The end was quite exciting lots of cheering and clapping - but i was quite pleased to stop and have chip timer cut off.. But still 10k done in 1 hour 19 mins - that feels ok for a first effort.

As a postscript my lovely friend who generously gave her morning up for me - didn't even break sweat - but I was jolly pleased to have her for company. Onward to the next 10k - next weekend - when i will at least achieve 1 hour 15mins.

Hope the other race goers did well today.

Happy running :-)

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22 Replies

  • Well done you!! I would be more than happy if I could manage 10k in that time. Not managed more than 8 yet and that takes me an age! It must feel great to have done that first one and what a lovely friend you have :)

  • Yes it does feel good - and it feels a good starting place for improvement. Lets see what next week brings

  • Well done Suzy, that's a massive milestone reached. I'm slowly building up my distances but nowhere near that yet.

  • Thank you - it has been hard won - it was not easy - but i am very pleased

  • Fantastic time! I only do half that distance in that time!

    VERY WELL DONE FOR STICKING AT IT! Good luck for the next one. I'm impressed!

  • Thank you for the encouragement - I am so pleased I have entered another one in two weeks!!

  • Well done you, glad you enjoyed it. It'll be a while before i can think of such a challenge, but it's great to hear of one of 'us' getting there!

  • Many thanks - it has taken 7 long months - but from where I started in April - it does feel like a fantastic achievement.

  • Congratulations - sounds like it was good hard work! I've only done 10k once - and very slowly indeed, as it took me an hour and 40 minutes (I stick to my mantra), so I'm mightily impressed you could do it so fast. Good luck for next time - and on to the half-marathon? :D

  • thank you - and yes I am literally on computer now looking up half marathons for February!!

  • Well done Suzybenj!! We all knew you could do it and now you are an inspiration to others. Brilliant stuff.

  • Thank you - that is so kind. I do feel pleased - but now just want to be better and faster. I ended up with a couple of slower runners behind me - which I didn't take to much notice off - but at the end one of them said it was so reassuring to have me running setting a pace (v slow) - I was slightly taken aback - I hadn't considered this - being responsible for other runners. But still a nice feeling.

  • Well done suzybenj - glad you got the devil monkey off the shoulder and just went and did it after your doubts last week. Onward and upwards. All the best for next week end - I think these runs are more contagious than measles!

  • Thank you - you are so right I do feel like the devil monkey is off my back- onwards and upwards as you say - it makes me smile :-)

  • Well done. it's quite a milestone running 'publicly' in a proper race, so I'm glad it went well for you. The course doesn't sound like the easiest to cut your teeth on, what with undulations and the mix of 10K, HM & marathon.

  • Thank you - flipping heck - I was excited this morning - but also v nervous and got a bit phased by all the sporty types and their times. But I just did what I set out to do and it was ok. So next time (two weeks) hoping to do a more confident run!

  • Well done Suzy. You've given me some inspiration. I'm doing a first 10k in four weeks and am starting to worry I won't be ready on time, so I'm pleased to hear you hadn't run the 10k before doing the race. Makes me think I may be ok even if I can't get in as much training as I'd like. Good going.

  • i very nearly bailed - but decided to do it - and I am so pleased I did. It gave me a benchmark to work from and importantly the incentive to improve. So go for it and don't put yourself under to much pressure - just do what you can at your pace. Best of luck :-)

  • Huge well done, that's fantastic! My friend came in around the 75 min mark and he was also very pleased. You're inspiring me to try one of these!

  • Great - go girl. It certainly gave me a buzz- and the desire to improve!!

  • Well done Suzy upwards and onwards - you are inspiring me to enter a race, the thought is a bit daunting for me :(

  • Prin - how lovely to hear from you on this site. Yes it is daunting- but sometimes you have to just go for it. Look up park runs - which are shorter or other events. There seems to be loads to choose from. My mantra - is "i am only doing it for myself'.

    good luck :-)

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