Swansea Bay 10k in VILE weather, and a PB! :-)

I have run longer than 10k several times on my own now. But this race is a biggy, the biggest locally. And people in work had sponsored me and one of my other colleagues so I felt very "exposed"!

In fact, I was so nervous this morning I was nearly sick! What a stupid time for a race (1pm)! Gave me far to long to worry and too many trips to the loo! And I had NO idea about when or what to eat lol!

I nearly wimped out, but knowing my colleague and others from work were expecting me to do it kept me going.

I was grateful my sister Fran had arranged a lift for me with some of her running club friends! I would have been in a right state without them! Fran is in London for the weekend and yesterday she and loads of other family members were supporting my niece who did her first triathlon there yesterday (flip, arent we the fit family?!).

The weather was really bad but luckily we managed to park quite near the start, just before they closed the roads. We stayed in the dry in the car for as long as possible - it was so horrible, freezing, gusty winds and heavy rain at this point! Then I went off to find my friend from work. More than 4,000 other nutters were doing it so we hid in the middle near the back and tried to stay warm!

It was a great relief when we finally set off. She soon left me (this was to be expected, she's not carrying nearly 2 stone of blubber like I am!). I was really chuffed with my race. I tried to go faster in the first 5k so that if I needed to take walk breaks in the 2nd half (more exposed to the wind, and with one small hill) I could.

I did walk for a few seconds to take a drink just after 5k, then 3 x 20 second walks later on (eg half way up the slope at 7k) but kept running other than that. I loved the camaraderie. there was 1 young lady in front of me all the way who started flagging with only 300 m to go, and I said to her "you aren't gonna let this 51 year old who's been struggling to keep up with you for 9.7 k overtake you now, are you?" and she bloody sprinted away! My legs were so tired at this point, but I managed to keep up going, the end was in sight!

My Garmin shows I did in in 1h 12.46, almost 3 mins better than my only previous 10k, which was done in perfect weather conditions so I am chuffed.

This is a race I have been to watch several times in the past. I never ever thought I would run it!

My goody bag included a huge bottle of Tresemme shampoo and conditioner. And I have my 2nd medal and a lovely t shirt :-) BUT more importantly, such a feeling of achievement and pride! :-)

Couch to 5k is just the dogs' doodahs! :-)


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17 Replies

  • Fantastic - well done you.

  • Brilliant achievement, well done !

    It was lovely of you to encourage the young lady in front too - someone gave me similar encouragement on my last 10k and it was just the little push I needed to force a sprint finish. I was very grateful but couldn't find the chap afterwards to thank him. I'm sure she feels just as grateful to you. :-)

  • You are a complete and utter C25K star!!!

  • I agree with TJFlute! I think they should make a C25k star badge to go next to your graduate badge :) Well done

  • Fan bloody tastic!!!! Well done you :) and a fantastic time too!

  • Wow well done. It sounds like tough conditions but you still did a fab race. I'm a little bit jealous - oh dear does that mean I'm thinking about 10k next ;-)

  • Brilliant stuff Deryn, that's a great time and it sounds like you had a blast. Stuff like this is inspiration for all of us. :)

  • Oh my! That is wonderful! and in that horrid weather too! You deserve 10 medals for that!

  • Oh thank you so much! I am a changed woman! I fully intended having a curry to celebrate but then I checked my Garmin and saw I had earned 791 cals and a curry would have been about 4000 cals lol so I am having some poached salmon (I cooked double yesterday to go with my pasta!) oat cakes, low fat Philly and olives PLUS some champers and Chambord lol (rather use the cals on a rare but well earned drink :-) )

  • Well done Deryn61 what a superb result. Your work mates will be so proud of you as you should be too. :)

  • Great inspiring blog Deryn and so kind to give those words of encouragement to the young lady. Enjoy your champagne you deserve it! Cheers!

  • Congratulations in completing the 10K in a good time in awful weather. No wonder you're feeling proud! What an inspirational blog posting.

    I'm smiling at you encouraging the young woman in front of you. That was a lovely thing to do :-)

  • Well done Deryn61 that's brilliant, you really earnt that champagne!

  • You are brilliant Deryn! I wimped out of just a regular run today because it was too wet and cold and you go and knock 3 mins off your 10k time! You definitely deserve that glass of bubbly. Cheers! :-)

  • I don't mind wet and cold, the flippin gusty wind off the sea was the problem lol!

    And been meaning to say, I was thinking about your site name, pingle, and it just seemed familiar, and then I realised it probably came from "epingle" which is French for "pin"?

  • Makes sense, thanks Deryn. The mice from Bagpuss sing

    'Here's a pin and here's a pingle

    Porcupines are always single!'

    I just always liked the sound of it but I never knew what it meant until now! :-)

  • Wow, that is fantastic! Well done. :D I don't envy you running in those conditions today but I'd be so proud to do 10K some day. I'm totally in awe! :O Enjoy your celebration and have a good rest.

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