Support the Breasts :-)

Support the Breasts :-)

I ran my first 5k race today in 35.57. I could perhaps have done it a bit faster, but it was a very hot day and I started out very slowly just to be sure not to run out of steam.

It was a breast cancer charity run - the name of the Danish campaign is 'StΓΈt Brysterne', or in English, 'Support the Breasts'. How can a girl resist a statement like that?

I bought a t-shirt with the slogan and my children are embarrassed :-) :-)

It was lots of fun. Definitely not my last run... The next one will be 10K!

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  • Well done...congratulations!! Love the Tshirt!! Hope you were well supported:)

  • I was very well supported! My cheap sports bra from H&M is the best! I saw a woman doing a sprint before the finish line who wasn't, and I was in agony just looking at her!

  • Well done IbenCopenhagen very good cause, to run for :)

  • I ran for my mother-in-law. She has breast cancer and is in chemo. I hope and believe she will be cured, but it felt good to put her name on my back and run with her - and the many others who fight - in mind.

  • Sorry to hear about your MIL. Glad you enjoyed the run x

  • I hope your MIL will be cured.

    My mum had breast cancer over 10 years ago and she is now fine and has been clear for 6 years. It's amazing what they can do nowadays.

  • Thank you for that response! She is such a lovely person and the best grandmother you can imagine.

  • Well done πŸ™‚

  • Thank you, RunningGeek :-)

  • Well done, great cause and love the slogan!

  • Yeah, gotta love it! And thank you.

  • Well done number 870! I can imagine your children running 5k very fast, so as not to be seen with your t-shirtπŸ˜‚ Well done IbenCopenhagen on a great run and a great time! Look forward to hearing about your training for your 10k :)

  • Thank you McFitty. I have had to promise my daughter that I wont wear the t-shirt when I am going to a parent-teacher meeting at her school the coming week (as if I would wear my running gear to a meeting - I guess she thinks that is all I ever wear). I'll keep you updated on the training for 10K, but probably more on the Bridge to 10K forum.

  • I'm starting bridge to 10k tomorrow iben..maybe we could compare runs xxx good luck :)

  • I tried following the programme, but my running club comes in the way... I have so much fun running with them that I have decided to just go with the flow and run as much as I can with them and hope that I progress sufficiently :-)

  • wahey, well done! it's lovely to run for a cause isn't it. :)

  • Yes, I liked it a lot. Makes so much sense.

  • ...You definitely do things differently over there! ;) Congratulations on your first of no doubt many successful runs :) (and the bonus is - you get to embarrass your kids! LOL )

  • Thank you John. And you are right - it is great and surprisingly easy to embarrass tweens and teens. And so much fun!

  • Isn't payback WONDERFUL! :) LOL. My oldest got smart once and said to me when I was admonishing him for something -'Better treat me nice Pops, after all - it's me who will be choosing your Old Folks Home". Three days later he broke his arm and came running in shouting for me to drive him to the ER. I told him he better be nice to me "seeing as I will be choosing the route to the hospital...hmmm, scenic route or shortest route?....Shortest route or Scenic route??...such a difficult decision really..." LOL.

  • Maybe I should be more careful in the future...

  • Nah - you're running will ensure an active and 'compos mentos' old age, the perfect revenge on your kids!! LOL :)

  • Fantastic! Well done IbenCopenhagen!

  • Thank you Misterbrownesq :-)

  • Your first race and for such a fantastic cause Iben !

    Ive done a couple of these here in the UK and they are brilliant , uplifting events .

    Congratulations and all the very best wishes to your Mother in Law ((( ))))

    Good Luck for the 10k training :-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug!

  • Well done😐

    Perks of parenthood...embarrassing our offspring :)

    A great cause...a terrific run...x

  • Thank you Oldfloss. It was so much fun!

  • You have gone so far.... really pleased and happy that your running is bringing so much happiness to you, special friend :)

  • It is unbelievable! I think about running nonstop :-)

  • Congratulations - a great cause. Wear that t-shirt with pride!

  • I will, Pollyp :-)

  • Fantastic iben.. x

  • Great run, great cause, great t-shirt 😊

  • Congratulations, Iben! What a great time that is! Support for the breasts is crucial, in all senses!! :D I'm sure your mother in law is very grateful and proud.

  • You are right about that, Melly! And thank you. I have moved up from 🐌 to 🐒 πŸ˜„

  • Nothing wrong with tortoise (or snail for that matter!)!

  • Nothing at all! In my running club, they are definitely the most fun to be around. The πŸ† are gone before I get started

  • Haha, you'll be there one day! Well done for the promotion! :)

  • Thank you!

  • Well done iben! Wear that tshirt with pride (and often to wind up your kids!)😊

  • I will! And thank you Ali

  • Well done! Great slogan!

  • Thanks Ullyrunner!

  • Haha great slogan. Congratulations, your running just goes from strength tonstrength. I'm starting my running club this evening just one night a week. Hope it is friendly and not too fullon dynamic, especially as it is still so hot. Breast cancer is awful. Hope your MIL comes through it all safely.

  • YES! Can't wait to hear how it goes with the running club! Do post, and tag me in your post so I don't miss it!

  • And thanks for the kind thoughts about my lovely mother in law.

  • Fantastic! Great stuff, you come so far....

  • Ah, so nice of you... not as far as you though!

  • Well done! Races are such fun. Once you start you'll be looking for races all over the place, and it's always for a good cause 😊

    10k races! Bring em on 😊

  • Exactly! I could spend a fortune on races. There's a 10 k here in Copenhagen in two weeks and another in four... I wont be ready in two, but how about four?

  • Very well done and thank you for doing it! :) :)

  • I am very jealous of that t shirt (brilliant achievement!)

  • Wow, Iben, very inspiring!!! Really well done. :-)

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