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From 5k to 10k

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Started out this morning aiming for a steady run for about 30 mins. The weather was a bit breezy and with showers of rain, but low and behold by the time I reached 30 mins I was feeling good so I carried on, who cares about the weather anyway! This running malarkey is funny, best laid plans can go out the window until you actually go out.

My plan was to run 5k but ended up running 10k in 54mins 17secs at a pace of 9:03/ml. Very pleased with that!

Happy running everyone. πŸ˜€

29 Replies
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Frank , I am doffing my cap in admiration . Well done , absolutely Am-az-ing ! :-)

It is official, you truly are a proper full blown racing snake !

Great stuff , take a bow Frank ! :-) xxx

Frank-ntj in reply to poppypug

Your too kind Chris thank you! I won't take a bow I case I fall over, it has been known, ha ha😊. Has all your running kit come clean after your close embrace with a muddy puddle 😊? xxx

poppypugGraduate in reply to Frank-ntj

Yep all clean again ! I was supposed to be doing hill/ interval training today, but I had another fall on Sunday night ( I know, I know :-) ) and my knee and ankle are sore , so I am going to see how they are tomorrow .

Hey, you have the " pleasure " of having a storm named after you ! We are expecting " Storm Frank " here tonight . Ha ha , fame at last , Frank ! :-) xxx

Frank-ntj in reply to poppypug

I think we are as bad as each other for falling over, hope it wasn't to hard a fall?

It must have been my running that whipped that wind up πŸ˜€, I will have to stop practising Fartlek training! xxx

poppypugGraduate in reply to Frank-ntj

I am dangerous Frank ! Not safe to be let out :-)

2 falls in 2 days for me , mind you I have been out into town today and managed to stay upright so things are looking up !

Onwards ! :-) xxx


Crumbs! That's some quick running Frank, well done m'dear

Frank-ntj in reply to AncientMum

Thanks AM, don't know what happened there, but very pleased all the same. Happy running to you.

Wow that's amazing Frank!

Thank you, it surprised me too! Happy running. 😊

blimey Frank thats some going- you're a speedy so and so! well done you!! :)

Frank-ntj in reply to aliboo70

I need the practice to keep up with you, Boz and Paul I think! That did look a proper fun run you all did, but I bet your legs felt a little tight this morning? Thanks Ali.

aliboo70 in reply to Frank-ntj

i don't think so!! you are way above my speediness by a good amount! funnily enough legs were pretty good today, think walking a lot of the hilly bits saved my knee! managed a 5k at run club tonight :)


Wow! An unplanned 10k in a cracking time!! Well done Frank! Why does this never happen to me?!

Frank-ntj in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you Sandra, I'm sure there's a run waiting for you, keep up the good work and wa-hay you will soon be posting! πŸ˜€

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to Frank-ntj

Am still bridging from 5 to 10k, (currently at 7k) on longer runs and I do love it! So, hopefully not too far off that magic 10k. Can't wait! And yes, you will all know when I make it!πŸ˜€


Frank, good going! Keep it up!

Frank-ntj in reply to davelinks

Thanks Dave, happy running!


Strange, isn't it, we struggled once to run for 3 minutes and now we have caught the running bug. I always say to myself, I will do a minimum of 30 minutes today. When I reach 30 minutes, I say I will do 5k and now I have built up to do 10k, hard not to just keep plodding on! Julie

Frank-ntj in reply to JoolieB1

Like you I have got the running bug, never thought I would have but I do enjoy it. Happy running😊.


Goodness! That's a cracking speed, well done Frank x :-)

Frank-ntj in reply to no-excuse

Thank you 😊. x

Well done - great when something like that happens.

Thank you 😊.


Yeah! Congratulations! I agree with ou on the strange magic that happens on some runs; you just don't want to stop and keep going. Glad you had a good time and well done for the time - that's well speedy!

Frank-ntj in reply to mfamilias

Thanks Mfam, it was enjoyable. Happy New Year to you and your family.

mfamiliasGraduate in reply to Frank-ntj

And to you too!


Great stuff Frank. You're right! This running lark is fun. 10 k is the best isn't it. Once you've got it licked you just want to stay out that bit longer and soon every run can turn into a 10k. Don't do that though will you! You don't want shin splints!

Frank-ntj in reply to misswobble

Thanks missW, I trust you have had an enjoyable Christmas? Happy New Year to you and your family and keep enjoying your running! 😊


Happy new year to you too. My next jaunt is with the head torch ☺

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