10k Newcastle Mo run!

10k Newcastle Mo run!

Hi all, I've not posted since September but I'm still here and still running! Just been really busy, it's only 7 weeks today until my Wedding, couple that with a job, pottery classes and life I've had time for reading a few posts but not much else! (And we still have lots left to sort before the big day!) Anyway I digress, this post is supposed to be about the Newcastle 10k Mo Run.

Fab weather wise, cool but sunny with a slight breeze. Arrived at the town moor as soon as registration opened to collect my number (I prefer it when they post them!) and then took a 10minute walk into Newcastle city centre where I purchased 2 cinnamon swirls from Starbucks (had to scour them for them as the 1st I went to were sold out) on request of the fiancé then a mooch round the shops in my running gear before making use of the facilities in M&S (turned out to be the best decision of the day, the queues at the event were horrendous!) before moseying back to the car to take my gilet off and paint an amusing mustache on my face! Feeling silly I made my way back to the town moor and without my glasses managed to spot our very own Notbad (who lives up to her name btw) sporting a lovely furry mustache :) she was with some of her running group pals which if you ask me seem like a lovely bunch of ladies :D

The 10k runners started after the 5k runners by 10 minutes and we were pretty much at the back of the crowd. By 3k I'd caught up with the back end of the 5k runners even though I'm not quick (1st mile was 11:10ish according to garmin) I was feeling good at 3k and my pace upped slightly, onwards to the 5k loop around to go back for lap 2 with a cup water station and at 5.5k the front of the 10k pack were already on their way back to the finish :( boo! Every so often I'd pick off another runner, for once I was rarely overtaken but managed over the course of the race to take a few places :D Felt great up until 8k and then the wall hit, it took a lot of will power to not to stop and my pace slowed but I did manage a sprint finish! Chip time 1:07:12 which is a 10k race PB for me although looking at Miss Garmin she's screaming the race was short (and so was Notbads) so no Garmin PB for me! Did get a really nice shiny medal though! :D

Hope you like the picture, that's me with my painted on Mo (face paint worked a treat, not like the stick on ones littered round the course) Oh and the picture on the front was supposed to be the evil turtle from family guy with a mustache, I was poking fun at my own slow pace and once again I was nearer the back of the field but It doesn't bother me anymore. That's it for my 2014 race calendar, 1 x 5k fun run, 1x 5.6miler (famous blaydon race, hence the weird distance), 2x 10k's and 1x HM. Nothing booked for 2015 yet, going to play next year by ear given I'm away a month on Honeymoon followed by house selling.

Happy running all!


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28 Replies

  • Oh Well done LF , it sounds like you have got so much on your plate at the moment. Massive respect to you for fitting it all in ! You are Superwoman :-)

    Fab write up, I love your posts , you make us all feel that we are with you. Sounds like you had a brilliant day, and what an impressive time too !

    Congratulations to you and please keep in touch now that you have closed your race calendar for the year. You have excelled yourself with all the runs, HM's etc !

    Oh and I like your 'tache, looks very twirly ! :-D

    All the very best to you ! xxx

  • Dont worry, I'll still be popping in to read posts etc. just expect another lengthy spell before I post again unless I have something amazing to tell you all about :D thanks for the compliments too, I love this forum and how nice everyone is!

  • Fantastic Lovefood - great race for a great cause. Nice bit of bling too ;-)

  • We all love a bit of bling! Love the colour combo too, blue with silver :) time to get the pic printed and pin the medal to my 2014 running cork board (complete with a pic from every race, my number and the medal if there was one)

  • that running board sounds good, i only have 1 to pin so far though, maybe next year! ! You've done really well this year! looking good with your mustache and medal, ( wow i've just learnt to spell that , was putting an "O" in!)

    Lovely write up and GOOD LUCK for your wedding, sounds like a hectic time :)

  • I like to spell it mooooostache because that's how I say it! ;) 1 pin is better than no pin, time to start a collection! So glad I've kept all my bits, not much use for them otherwise :)

  • i did it as moustache and spell check came up, but disappeared for mustache! will have to look it up then, Moooostache sounds like a good version! :)

  • Well done. 1h07 is not too shabby for 10k. Looking forward to your next report!

  • Thanks, not too shabby at all and better than an ass on a couch ;)

  • Fab post LF. Sounds like you had a brilliant day. Good tip about using face paint rather than a stick on tash! Your time was pretty good too, one I'd be more than happy with. You've had a great race season, you should be very proud of your effort :)

  • Fantastic race season, who knows what 2015 will hold! :) go team c25k

  • You are looking great Lovefood Thinking of you and Notbad as had unexpected visit to whitley bay and did junior park run with 2 of the grandchildren this morning . No medals but all wee ones get free ice cream at local cafe ! Anyway I digress I would say that was pretty good time and lovely that you say Notbad as well . Glad to hear mustache, moustache, moooooostache - black thing on top lip - is not permanent. Not a great look for bride on the great day . Unless it's a themed wedding you've not told us about. Is it the 28th dec you getting married? That's when we got married 37 years ago. Where about is the wedding? Sounds like you have busy few months ahead of you but hope you'll manage couple of runs as well.

    You have had great running year. I'll keep fingers crossed for good weather on the 28 th. Have lovely day and great honeymoon.

  • Lol! Do you think a mooooostache would go well with my dress? ;) there is 1 surprise to the wedding we've told no one about but that's not it! You're correct on the 28th Dec, well remembered! It was the day of our first date, day he proposed and now day of our marriage :) it's a great date ;) happy 37th anniversary to you, hope we carry on the tradition of the day with a long and happy marriage! Oh and I do plan to keep running, 23rd Dec will be my 1year graduation from c25k :D amazing!

  • Oh and the Wedding is at Kirkley Hall :)

  • Just googled venue - it looks fabulous

  • Argh now I am really curious about the surprise. You must tell us all about it afterwards How exciting

  • Promise I will do :)

  • Lovely to read you had a good junior parkrun Fitfor60, it's very kind of the café (Di Meo's?) to offer the free ice-creams - wish we grown up parkrunners got them, but probably just as well not. What an interesting co-incidence you will share the same wedding date with our lovefood, what's the odds of that. :-)

  • fantastic achievement...and I love the pic :)

  • Thanks JJ! :)

  • Brilliant effort there, Lovefood, and ace pic. I love the idea of an events' cork board and can see myself *ahem* borrowing/stealing that idea!

    I'm doing the Milton Keynes Mo Run in two weeks time (my mum and son are doing the 5k, I'm up for 10k and my hubby has grown a quite impressive mo - am actually quite jealous :D ). Reading your race post has got me so excited for it!

    All the absolute best for the 28th :)

  • Thanks! I may have *ahem* borrowed/stolen the idea off someone else some months ago on here so borrow away! ;) have fun on your mo run! On ours I noticed some of the men with impressive home grown Mo's got a second medal for their growths (bit sexist esp given my doodling but hey ho ;) ) so fingers crossed your hubby gets one :D

  • It was great to see you, and hope we'll meet up maybe in the new year (having a giggle at the thought of that tasche on your wedding day!). The 8th km was weirdly hard, not sure why as it was a flat course (despite what Garmin claims) and you're right the course was definitely short - I'm such a stats nerd I wanted to keep running to make the 10k for my garmin, but would have smashed into crowds! Ah well, you and I know we got PBs despite the shortfall & that's the main thing, well done, it's been quite a year for you. :-)

  • Always great to see you too :) and yes, it's REALLY frustrating when you've ran that far for it to be short! Grrrrrrr....... ;)

  • Thanks KK, We're off to NEw Zealand :D I don't think the first two weeks will have any running opportunities as we'll be touring the South Island but I plan to go for runs on the North island as we'll be doing less driving and more relaxing at his brothers place. Plus I'll be able to wash my smelly kit too ;)

  • Thank you :D

  • What a fab race report and a great time. Loving the mo! Best wishes to for your wedding! :)

  • Thanks :)

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