Week 5 R3 in am

Ok week 5 run 3 I am a day ahead of what I expected and finished R2 last night, meaning I am ready for R3 and the scary 20 minute run in am. I hope I am not to optimistic as I am actually looking forward to the challenge, never ever thought Id say that in Week 1. Oh and I spoke to my BIL who is a regular runner, showed him the distance I ran for Week 2 and he said you ran a mile, a mile, I ran a mile, unbelievable !


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8 Replies

  • Good luck for tomorrow. I hope its not too warm for you. Well done on running a mile...it's not unbelievable beacuse....YOU CAN DO IT !!!

  • It's quite surprising when you find out the distances you can actually run even quite early on in the programme. As you progress it becomes ever more challenging to find ways of extending the route! Now, this run in the morning - you WILL be fine. It's got a reputation it really doesn't deserve - start out nice and slow, very steady and, if you do feel a bit tired, slow down a bit more still. Then, simply, enjoy the challenge. I have no doubt at all that you will be posting about your successful completion of this run soon after you get back home. Good luck (not that you'll need it) and my best wishes.

  • Well done GrannyJudes, youre absolutely smashing it ! You can do run 3 , you've done all the foundation work, so it is very do-able. Just take it nice and steady and you will be fine. Enjoy it ! and best wishes to you ! :-) xxx

  • I agree with everyone but can understand what you are saying about being too optimistic. All Friday morning I was so looking forward to getting out there and actually doing it but come lunch time when I started out on my 5 min warm up walk the doubts were there BUT I listened to Laura and kept telling myself that I could and would do it. It was what I had been working up to doing since W1R1 (when I was so flipping exhausted I fell asleep in the chair!) and by listening to Laura and everyone else, including me, in that you start it nice and steady, slow down if you need to and just keep putting one foot in front of the other I guarantee that you will complete the whole 20 minutes!! :D :)

    I have to be honest and admit that my mind kept thinking about that dam duck and it did help me focus and keep going as I imagined it behind me trying to catch up!!


  • that damn duck, when i was running last night, beside a campground but under the hedge out of sight as I thought, I thought I heard the campers sniggering and all I could think was at least Im not being chased by a duck !!!

  • You'll be fine Just listen to Laura and do what you are told Remember how apprehensive you were in wk 1 and now you can run a mile Hope weather good for you Enjoy

  • I will be up at 6am in the morning, If I can do what I did last night on a large glass of wine and a curry I should be fine ( I did question the wisdom of running but the wine persuaded me it was a good plan !! )

    Thanks everyone

  • Good luck for tomorrow, you'll be fine and have a great sense of achievement after that run is over!!Go Grannyjudes!! :)

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