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Week 5 Run 3

I've been reading the blogs and questions on this site since I started c25k but I haven't had the confidence to put up a blog until now. However, I have just completed the 20 minutes run from week 5 and I am so amazed that I had to tell people who would understand. I think if I told my friends that after five weeks of training I have just managed to run for twenty minutes they would be slightly underwhelmed!

I really didn't think I would be able to run for twenty minutes but by the end I felt like I could have kept going forever! The first five minutes were the hardest and I did contemplate stopping and trying again another day but then I got into the right pace and it was fine.

I read so many posts saying that it was week 5 was achievable but I still didn't believe I would be able to do it. I am so happy!!!

I ran roughly at 10 minutes per mile and covered just over 2 miles in the twenty minutes.

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Dear Skendras, i am a newbie to C25K so at the moment the stats don't mean a great deal to me. But welcome to this amazing blogging community! You need to brag about your newfound abilities - and this is just the place to do it because everyone will be so chuffed for you! AND - they know just how much you've had to do to achieve what you have. WELL DONE YOU!

May your happiness continue!


if your friends tried to run w5, (or probably even w1) I'm sure they would see what a great achievement it is, but who cares what they think anyway you know that you've done a great job :) well done. ally x


Great to hear from you, and a very warm welcome to the forum! What stingy pals you must have if they'd really be underwhelmed by your amazing and rapid increase in athletic ability! Never, ever worry about posting on here ... We're all like-minded, have often been there, done that, or are doing that very same thing as you are, all have good days and almost all have stink days too.

It's good too that you are recording your achievements - I really wish I had done so, because all I can do is recall from these blogs that I barely made week 1 runs, and had fears and panics along the way until one day - things just kind of fell into place ;)

Since graduation, I am aiming to keep going and have just treated myself to a Garmin running watch, so plan to plot my progress from here on in..YAY :D

Lots of luck with your next few weeks, hope things continue to go so very well for you :) Linda


Thank you for the nice comments. I know what you mean about the good days and the bad days. I am on week 5 but it has actually taken me a lot longer than 5 weeks to get to this point!

I'm really lucky to have an iphone so I've been using Map My Run to measure my runs (not sure how accurate it is) the Garmin's look brilliant.


Congrats on the 20mins, that's a long time to run! I totally get people not understanding what an achievement it is if they aren't in the program themselves. Its' nice to have a place to share our successes with those who understand. Good luck going forward!



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