Week 5 Run 1 in the books!

Yesterday evening I completed Week 5 Run 1. A little background on me. I first completed C25k back in 2012. Since then, I have only ran, with no walk breaks, 3.1 miles three times. Mostly, I give in to doing a run/walk. I always start and go strong for a few months, then take a few months off. It is a vicious cycle. I have completed to 10k's (always a run/walk). Also, in the months I am going strong I always run then walk when I feel like it. I finally decided I wanted to be able to run with no walk breaks so I decided to go back to the C25k app. I follow the run to a tee, then I throw in some extra running at the end, because I do feel more advanced in logging the miles be it a run/walk then just doing only what the app says. Following the app is making such a difference though. It keeps me focused and forces me to push through, because I haven't been told to stop yet. I am a rule follower, so if it says run, I am gonna run. LOL. Last night was a big accomplishment because I did all the intervals and was able to add on a 8.5 minute run at the end. I am not sure how I was able to sustain, but I was motivated to not stop running till I hit the 2 mile mark. I am very slow at this though, with the walk breaks, I think my time was a 16.01 mile. Whatever it is, I am running more than walking so it can only go up right? I just need the motivation to stay consistent. It will get harder because the time changes this weekend and it will be dark when i get off of work. I tend to prefer to run in the evenings during the week and in the mornings on Sunday.


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6 Replies

  • Many people find the need of a structure to keep them running and are not able to push themselves without some help from a programme or plan, so going back to C25k is a good idea if it works for you. You then have to ask yourself what are you going to do when you get to the end of the plan? Maybe sign up for a 5k race or more likely Parkrun would be an ideal way to keep you running for 5k, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with walking intervals from a health perspective.

    You need to develop some bloody minded, self driven determination which keeps you running. Maybe just increase your duration by a minute or two. You need to decide this before you start, to make sure that you keep cracking the whip, but it is a simple way to slowly run further over a period of time.

  • you obviously have determination or you wouldn't be back or keep coming back , so really well done on that :D

    I would say set smaller goals and achieve those as you are doing, make running part of your normal routine ,life permitting :D

    I thought the autumn/winter months would be hard but a head torch and running tights soon put that to rest :D luckily no snow encountered so far that might be a step to far but wind and rain . PAH what wind and rain :D

    Good luck stick with it you wont regret it :D

  • Last winter I overcame the fear of the snow pack run. If it snows, I will usually go to a park (we have tons here in Colorado) and run there as I know the snow has been cleared or at least packed down. In my neighborhood there is always that neighbor who refuses to do their sidewalk. So frustrating! Last year, I did do runs in the dark, it isn't my favorite, however, if it hasn't snowed and isn't icy I will do it. A year ago I invested in all the winter gear so I couldn't use the cold as an excuse. I do have my limits though! LOL

  • I think your snow out does what little we get here lol !!

  • I'm in Denver so we actually don't get that much. I mean we get some, but not like the mountains!

  • over here a few centimetres and it is chaos lol but we brits do love to moan about our weather :)

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