WEEK 5 R3!!!!!!! - DID IT!

Was not really looking forward to this. I had alot of apprehension could I do it - run for 20 mins? Me, who couldn't run at all in week 1? Then funnily the night before going asleep I was quite excited at the prospect of possibly prooving to myself I could, (run first thing in the morning) and made my mind up I was going to do it and that I would just keep on going until the end no matter what. I did, without too much difficulty - I was not dying on my feet afterwards, again something which amazed me. I was sooo pleased. Looking forward now to Week 6 and beyond.......... Went on a 6 mile hike in the afternoon all without any side effects the next day - no aches or heavy legs! Really glad I started this whole process off.


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  • Well done you! There is something magical about that run isn't there?! Keep it up. :)

  • Thanks for your support - I think you're right!

  • Wow, that's sounds great! I really enjoy reading about people finding the inner determination to overcome their trepidations. You keep it up, because that's the kind of thinking that will see you through this and onward.

  • Thanks - I think I've overcome the mental barrier which I'm sure we all have felt when faced with stretching ourselves.

  • That run is one of the best of the c25k I think. It really provs the point that the program actually works. Well done and good luck for week 6. :)

  • Thanks, Weeks 6 starts tomorrow and thanks for your support!

  • Well done! I started week 5 today and will do run 3 on Friday morning and now I've read your comment I can hardly wait. Hope I do as well as you :)

  • Hi Sally I really think having a positive mental attitude helps when tackling this run - good luck for Friday, sure you can do it!

  • Well done thats brilliant so good to get that one over seems such a big jump.

  • Yes think this run really is a big jump from previous runs but the confidence it gives you when complete is fantastic - Doing W6 run 1 tomorrow morning and looking forward to it - must be mad!

  • well done, hoping to get to that one this week :)

  • Thanks, good luck for later in the week with this - just think positively.....you can do it.

  • We are at the same point in our training. I also face the week 6 run 1 tomorrow. The only problem is, wk5 run 3 is 20 minutes non stop (positive mental attitude was needed here!) but wk 6 run 1 and 2 go back to running and walking, then it jumps again to running for 25 minutes on run 3. Weeks 7,8 and 9 are all running non stop. It's confusing but it must work!

  • I believed there was no way I'd be able to do that run...and dreaded it....but I did it!!!!!! Agree that that run is a major one in the whole programme....it really helped with my self belief! I've just done WK6 R1 tonight & it was fine! Am kind of looking forward to the longer run which, for me, will be on Monday.

    Well done....and keep going!!

  • Thanks, WK6 R3 for me will be Sunday let you know how I get on! Good luck for Monday.

  • I've got that run on coming up on Sunday. We're flying to Austria on Saturday. but I'm determined to keep up the running while we're on holiday as I'm doing the Race for Life on 1st July (by which time I should be able to do 25mins).

  • I did WK 5 runs on holiday last week, I just made sure I found a good running route near where we were staying, suggest you do the same on arrival - it made a nice change to my usual route, good luck!

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