Couch to 5K

Week 7 first run

I have just completed the first run of week 7 using the podcasts. Have to say these are great, I would not have done it without them. I had spinal fusion surgery 11 months ago and have not even been able to run for a bus in years, I walked with a stick 3 years ago. I have amazed myself with what I can do. I did find the 25 minute run hard today as I had calf pain. Has anyone else had this and any tips to overcome it?

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Well done on starting week 7 especially after all your health problems. It's amazing what we can do when we really want to and you have to be congratulated for taking responsibility for your own health. Good luck and best wishes.


Thank you. I am in a sedentary job so it is really important for my back that I exercise. I can't say that I enjoy running yet but I am doing it and I couldn't before.


Well done, what a great achievement! I'm sure a lot of people would use your history as an excuse to stay on the couch. You must be really pleased with yourself.

I haven't got any tips about calf pain I'm afraid. I assume you've got some fairly decent trainers?

Keep up the good work!


Thanks, I have invested in a decent pair of running shoes so it's not that. Hopefully this will not be an ongoing problem. I am really seeing the benefits to my health from this already, I still have 2 more fusions to be done on the future but with exercise I can hopefully put this off for 10 years. Great reason to carry on!


Hi my only advice would be don't push yourself if you are in pain. I got to week 8 r2 and then had to stop and spend money on sports treatment to get going again when I should have done something about it in week 7 when I first started getting niggles, ironically just after New trainers and a gait analysis. I have had a couple of weeks break. I think my trainers are fine I just needed a slower adjustment period. What has worked for me is: stretching afterwards (boring I know), foam hollering, the one I bought was called the grid (it is rather painful but effective), using a wobble board for ankle stability, and trying to adopt some of the chi running advice (rather than stomping along). Good luck!


Well done on getting on so well in the plan and not letting your back problems prevent you. It is very inspiring to others thinking of beginning the plan.

If you have calf pain and it's not a usual ache or pain I would recommend that you take an extra day or even 2 to rest it. Once it has settled down you often feel stronger than ever. Xxx


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