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Week 7 run 3 - first practice run 😳

Hi guys

Can't believe this is the first run in 7 weeks that I have not managed to run the entire time required. So I'm calling it a final practice run to be repeated ( maybe tomorrow) before moving on to week 8

I've got further than I ever thought I would so I'm just going to keep on keeping on and I will get that 30 min run !!

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Oh yes you will.... and we will be right there with you!

Slow and steady, then slower.... no such thing as too slow, unless running from a mad axe person!

Warm up well, then start slowly and just relax... try not to try too hard... just shake out your shoulders, put a smile on your face and be confident that you are, ever so gently and lightly, going to complete the run:)

I will watch for your post :)


I felt like I was walking faster than when I was supposedly running !! Trying again tomorrow with a new mindset and a new playlist !

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I run incredibly slowly too Lisalou1972. But both times when I’ve come undone (wk 3 & wk 7 run 1) were partly because I’ve gone off too fast or not slowed my pace when I was struggling. I feel like I could run a bit faster but I try and keep my pace ‘slow and steady’ to get to the end of the run. Good luck!


WK7R2. Was nearly a practise run for me too. It's certainly a step up in intensity now were running 25 mins. You can do it. It's okay to have a practise. Don't beat yourself up about it. Just try it a bit slower next time


Not sure I can go much slower 😂

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Ha ha. I know what you mean. Caught sight of myself in a shop window and thought is that running? 😂


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