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First week one run!


I've just completed my first C25K run! I'm new on here and hoping to find encouragement and support and to return the favour!

I'm 41 and have not exercised properly for years. I work in a sedentary job and have a lengthy commute. So, this means I spend far to much time on my arse. This is the first time I've attempted to run since high school, so it is all quite scary but exciting at the same time. I'm so pleased with myself for completing my first run and determined to keep going!

Did anyone else feel like they had forgotten how to run at the start? My legs felt really heavy on the middle few runs and the last one felt easier. Did anyone find this? I'm wondering if it was just a psychological thing with the last run.

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Oooh well done! I just started as well, did my first one yesterday. Been using the success stories on here as encouragement. I'm sure we'll get there too! 😁🏃🏻‍♀️

Well done! Perhaps we can be virtual run buddies!? When's your next run?

Let's! My next run is today.


Well done AnnaBB ( and connie_wonnie), you have done the hardest part...getting off the couch and doing the first run.

I am 47 year old mother of three, never run, asthmatic, fused toe joint on one foot...full of reasons not to do this back in April. I read around this forum and discovered people who were older, more overweight, more anxious, with much worse medical issues than mine, all succeeding. Whatever your issue, it will be trumped here!

So I got out there ( in secret, the people on this forum were the only ones I told until Week 6, when a public holiday here meant my husband was home all day on Monday and I run Mon, wed,fri😱. Still haven't run with him ( he and our son think nothing of popping out for a quick 10km, no planning, no training..well out of my league!)

Since then I have told many newbies the following-

Always remember " You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!"

Run slow and low (don't waste energy bobbing up and down)

There is only one time you should look ahead, that's when you are running! At home, online, on this forum, don't. Just deal with each run as it comes and don't stress about how impossible next weeks run seems.

Always always always take your rest days. This program is designed to build your body. It has been carefully designed so that your muscles, tendons and bones all adapt and change to ensure you progress without injury. I like to spend time on my rest days looking smugly back at last week or last month when I couldn't do what I can today, Safe in the knowledge that I am progressing without even moving at that moment! For this reason, also resist the temptation to do extra at the end of a run " because you feel like you can" , didn't happen to me, but others here have regretted it later.

Don't worry about breathing technique, if you go slow, your body will work it out ( and remember I'm asthmatic!)

Even if you don't enjoy the actual running, you will find the sense of accomplishment, child-like pride in yourself, and other stuff make it worth while, life changing, many say.

This forum was so important for me, more than the podcasts even, I think. Ask silly questions, soak up the love, complain when things don't go your way and shout it from the roof tops when they do. You will find that people on here, just get it, even when those around you don't!

There's so much more and I know much better runners than me will be along soon to say it all.

I will leave you with " Trust in this program, believe in yourself, keep posting and keep smiling.🐢🏃🏼‍♀️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Thank you so much! Everyone seems lovely on here! Your advice and encouragement is really appreciated.


Welcome to the family Anna & Connie! I have to say I love the response already here by Bonkersbit 😀. I can't really add anything not already said there, except just do it! You'll find your own pace, your own place & your own time to do things according to your lifestyle. Trust in the plan & stick to it. I couldn't run for all the one minute sessions in that first run, & now I've just completed the programme, already jogged a 5k charity race in a reasonable time & am now just working on how to run 30 minutes more comfortably, at a faster pace & over rougher terrain. Most of my laundry nowadays (that isn't child related) is running gear. My thoughts revolve around my children & my next run, not always in that order! Apparently I am now officially a 'runner' which is still a bit of a strange but amazing thing to realise. And you will be too! You already are in fact I reckon!

Keep checking back on here & post when you feel the urge - they're a friendly & very wise bunch I've found 😀😀😀.

Thanks so much! So inspiring to hear how far you've come!


Hear hear - to both responses. Have just graduated and feel as though I've come a long way in a few weeks- and above all learnt or am still learning to pace myself. It's the secret - for me.

AnnaBibaBee in reply to Gillma

Thanks Gillma. Well done on graduating!

Hi there, well done! I'm new too, just finished week 1. Just take it very slowly, give your body time to adjust, your legs will get stronger. My legs felt ok-ish but my body felt all over the place, having had 3 kids ( including twins) in my forties, and I'm almost fifty now! I'm hoping everything will tone up. The human body is amazing in the way it adapts to change. Fortunately, this programme will guide us gently through and we've plenty of support in this group. I reckon we couldn't be in a better place!

AnnaBibaBee in reply to Blue-Jay

Thanks Blue- Jay! I'm amazed that it was my shoulders and not my legs that ached this morning! It feels weird to say it, but I am really looking forward to my next run. Not looking forward to the 6am alarm though! But, I know I will put it off if I wait until after work, so before work it is!

Blue-Jay in reply to AnnaBibaBee

Good for you setting an early alarm. I keep thinking I may have to do that too- I'm determined that life is not going to derail my good intentions! It's great you're looking forward to your next run- me too! I keep imagining beautiful places to go for a run- it's going to be great!

HI! Good luck. I found that strangely I started out trying to run like I did last time I was made to athletics 20 years ago and have had to concentrate on slowing down, shortening my stride a little etc... to make it feel easier. X

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