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Week 7 Run 3 disappointment

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I went for a run this morning, hoping to finish week 7, but I couldn’t complete the run ☹️ I did 20 out of 25 minutes, then I had to stop because I thought I was going to be sick. This is the first run I haven’t been to able to finish.

I’ll have a rest day and get back out there again. I seem to run better in the evening than in the morning 🤷‍♀️

A bit sad this morning, but not defeated!

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Nilsam profile image

Don't beat yourself up. You are doing great. You have the right motivation to get through this. Probably just an off day. Take care. 🤞👍

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agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Nilsam

Thank you!

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You did the right thing stopping when you thought you were going to be sick.

At least a day or two of rest will def do you good , and with your attitude you’ll smash it when you come back.

Just put today’s run down to practice, which is all good and more km under your belt.

Well done, and keep going.

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agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to MartinKH

Thank you! I am definitely going to rest for a day or two.

Buddy34 profile image

You say you're disappointed but you did run for 20 minutes which is great.

The one time I was actually sick on a run I realised I was going too fast. Try slowing down on your next run, I'm sure I will be fine. Good luck 😊

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agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Buddy34

Thank you. Yes I think I could have been going too fast.

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I had the same problem the other day but rested and was back out and finished the run this time

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agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Roxy71

Thanks. Glad to hear that you were able to get out there and do the whole run after a rest.

Joanney69 profile image

Sounds like it was a good practice run though - you'll smash it next time ☺ 🏃

Have a good rest, then happy running 🏃 ☺️

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agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Joanney69

Thank you! Yes I need to think of it as a practice run 👍

Wenderwoo profile image

Don’t be sad, it’s just a practice run instead, and it all helps to build stamina. Take it slowly next time and I’m sure you’ll be fine 👍😁

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agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Wenderwoo

Thank you!

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dont worry about it, your next one will be great!

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agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Deals1

Thank you!

Sounds like a pace problem. Next time take it really really slowly; all that matters is running for the allotted time. The need for speed can be your enemy at this point. Unless you have a running watch it is easy to speed up without noticing....until you get to 20 minutes and your system says “enough”. Speed comes later. 😊

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agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Beachcomber66

Thank you. I think you’re right. I have been speeding up. I’ll give myself a day or two of rest and then get back at it - slowly.

Ah wow! I’m not going to say “never mind”. It’s most important that you’re ok. Get a good rest a press that reset button.

You’re doing great 👍

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agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Comfortnotspeed

Thank you!

ArthurJG profile image

Something similar happened to me around the same stage, W8R2 in my case if memory serves. You absolutely did the right thing stopping, and your legs still have the benefit of the 20 minute run. This programme can change your life and in a year’s time it won’t matter that you took a few extra days to finish it.

agirlinwinter profile image
agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to ArthurJG

Yes you’re absolutely right. The most important thing is getting through it without injury.

Thank you all for the supportive comments. I think there were two problems. I was listening to music and I was going too fast.

If I run to music, it makes me speed up. I’m better running with just the app and focusing on my pace and breathing.

I was running the other day and there were cars stuck in traffic on the road beside me. I heard a girl in one of them say “she’s going so slow, she’s not even jogging”. I guess she thought I couldn’t hear because I had headphones in. I have to admit, that comment really stung. Since then I’ve been speeding up. By the way, after I heard that comment, I flipped them the middle finger and ran off.

ArthurJG profile image
ArthurJGGraduate in reply to agirlinwinter

But you were going faster than her? They say don’t criticise farmers with your mouth full and don’t criticise teachers in writing. To that we might add don’t criticise a runner while sitting on your backside 😅

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LeosmitGraduate in reply to agirlinwinter

Have to agree with Arthur, the girl was sitting on her rear end, you were out doing something. I’m slow, I do get embarrassed if I ‘run’ passed people , but that’s what I tell myself: at least I’m doing something. My tip: go slow and then slow down more. And here’s the thing, you ran for 20 mins.

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I would say pretty much what everyone else has said take it slow, run slow and be fully hydrated. You can and will do this. Good luck

Bless your heart. Just a bad day :) we all have them. I never managed to do a morning run as such. Was never earlier than lunch time :) but I don’t think I could manage an early one.

Keep your chin up and good lick for your next run x

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I feel for you agirlinwinter it’s tempting to speed up but so important to listen to your body so good that you stopped. Don’t be disheartened you’re doing well it doesn’t matter about speed take it at your own pace and you will do it! Good luck with your next run I’m sure you’ll smash it 😉

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