Week 7 - Run 3 - My First 5K!

I went out this evening to complete run W7R3 (25 minutes continuous run). Initially I felt quite tired and stiff, but 20 minutes into the run I was loosened up and feeling good, so I decided to keep running. I managed 5K in 34 minutes, so I'm pretty happy. I'm going to stick to the program for weeks 8 and 9, but try to work on my pace rather than the distance. Now I'm off to scoff an Indian and drink some wine. Have a great weekend and good luck with your runs!


5 Replies

  • Thanks for the link, I was thinking about a distance checker thingy!

  • Well done and congratulations on your first 5k!

  • Very impressive! Just keep it steady to consolidate over the next few runs.

  • Well done you are doing so well

    Won't be long before you graduate.

  • Yeah well done you - that first 5K feels amazing doesn't it? :)

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