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Week 7 Run 1 - in the bag

went out last night, didn't think i'd manage to do a full run with the strong winds, so had a audio book playing instead of C25K podcast, it was really strong winds up in the North East, 2 steps forward 4 steps back, ran more than i should have cause i got a little bit lost (oops), my legs feel like lead today though, have to keep getting up from my desk and walking about, at least it's helping me get back step target in for the day.

2 days rest then run due during the Park Run on Saturday morning, really think I've caught the running bug. Run group on a Monday, Wednesday I do C25K and Saturday is now Park Run Day. Honestly never thought 8 weeks ago i'd ever be able to say i can run 25 minutes (sometime more) and still be able to hold a full conversation at the end.

C25K and this site are amazing

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You were brave going out last night! Fortunately it was calmer this morning when I went out.


i thought i'd end up walking most off it because of the strong winds, but starting running and just kept going, think the audio book helped take my mind off the run


Wow! Wind here was bad enough last night, wouldn’t have swapped you guys though. Very well done.


if the wind had been behind me i'd have broken the World Record, for the fastest mile, as it was i just plodded along at my usual snail pace

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Congratulations. I did the same on Wednesday; no wind then tho. Even though I managed 25 minutes, there’s no way I could do a Park Run so double congrats. Gareth


Hi Gare well massive well done on your run also, honestly give Park Run a go, the atmosphere is amazing, the other runners and the marshalls are so encouraging, a lot of people run and walk parts, I'm by no means fast, usually the only person behind me is the tail walker.

Give it a go, you won't regret it, i felt so nervous 1st time but Saturday will be my 4th run


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