Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 3

We're halfway through the first part of the Jantastic challenge, in which you committed to doing a certain number of runs each week. How have you been getting on? Has taking part in Jantastic made a difference to your running? For me, being part of our great team has certainly got me out of the door when I might have been inclined to skip a run.

Have you started thinking about the next challenge, which includes setting a target for your longest run? Are you using Jantastic as part of your training programme for something specific, such as a race in 2014? Share your thoughts and goals below.

If you've yet to log any/all of your runs for week 2, please remember to do so by 8am on Tuesday 21st January. If you haven't yet heard about Jantastic or our wonderful NHS Couch to 5K team, there is more info here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

I will update this thread with your runs as you post about them below. Runners in bold below have reached their weekly target. Those with a :-) next to them have gone above and beyond their planned runs! A * star indicates a joker has been played.

Runs Completed / weekly target

Olsbean - 3/5

Realfoodieclub - 2/3

muzikalbadger - 1/4

Legion - 4/3 :-)

notbad - 4/3 :-)

Magnetix101 - 1/3

Poppy2010 - 2/3

colleyflower - 1/3

agedsnailspace - 2/3

hggirl - 2/3

lolb - 2/4*

runningnotwalking - 3/3

runningmam - 3/3

ajwyld - 1/3*

Beek - 2/3

lizziebeth57 - 1/3

vikicats - 2/3

Eebahgum - 2/3

Hules - 3/3

deb54 - 3/3

Miso_14 - 2/3

Jemimatoo - 2/3

Jellymum - 3/3

Tati - 2/3

Soozz - 2/3

TJFlute - 4/4

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80 Replies

  • Just finished 1/5

  • Thank you Legion for organising this, I know it has really helped me keep up 3 runs per week. Hope you feel fitter soon

  • Thanks hggirl. I've done a lot of sleeping over the last few days and that has certainly helped. Still very tired but feeling very motivated by our team to go out and do my best. :-)

  • I've done 4 runs again this week totalling 10.9 miles. That takes my running total to 31.7 miles. On track for 500 miles in a year.


  • That's fantastic runningmam. :-) I've updated your stats on the W2 thread. I don't think I'm on track for 500 miles at present, as my runs have shortened over the last couple of weeks due to exhaustion. I've got more time on my hands now (and more sleep has been had!) so I'm hoping to get back on track over the next couple of weeks, in time to decide on my distance challenge for part 2 of Jantastic.

    Although I've already run two days in a row, I'm contemplating running today. I think this may be a tactic to avoid all the housework and paperwork that needs my attention though. :-/

  • My sentiment exactly! Run for it, the housework will still be there when you're ready to do it!

  • I couldn't resist the urge. ;-) I think getting to run in some sunshine yesterday has helped to recharge my batteries so I went for a lovely, muddy walk/run with the dog today. :-)

  • Run 1/3 done this morning. All part of working towards my triathlon in august. It's going to be a long journey but fun.

    Thanks Legion for all your work.

  • A triathlon? How exciting. I've got it in the back of my mind to do one of those eventually. Need to get back on my bike first (I think 5x50 will help there) and to improve my very poor swimming. Good luck Rfc.

  • Thank you. It's a baby beginners one. Lovely atmosphere for newbies and smaller distances

    Here is a link for anyone who is interested


  • This has definately got me out the door a couple of times. Like a few others, I'm using jantastic to get myself back into running while dealing with the tail end of an illness. Last week for sure without jantastic I would have skipped Thursday's run. Instead of which I went out, took it very easy, walked when I needed to, and clocked up 3 more km.

  • First run of week 3 done too! The motivation here is fab :-)

  • Hi, all three runs for week two are logged, tomorrow will be W3R1 :)

  • 1 of 3 done this morning, I'm sure I wouldn't be running as regularly if it wasn't for this challenge, I have a battle with the duvet every morning but fine once out the door - so a big thank you everyone! Not sure what my next part of the challenge should be, but hoping to build up to 10k (have run it before but not in a very long while) to have a crack at race for life in the summer.

  • Just done run 1/3 for week 3.

  • I'm a bit foxed about how to set my distance challenge, as I'm still working through the programme. Any ideas ?

  • Do you know how far you usually run? Whereabouts in the programme are you?

  • Hi! I did 3 runs in week 2; all logged; and Speed podcast tonight for week 3 run 1 :-)

  • I did week 3 run 1 of 3 yesterday :-)

  • Did one more run than target last week and should manage the same this week - but will be stuck next week! I am ski-ing next week - could a day out ski-ing count as a run? (otherwise I will have to play a joker and run laps in the airport...)

  • Let me know your target and I will add you and your runs. :-)

  • Hi - my target is 3 runs per week, (aiming to do 18k/week). Completed the second run for this week today. (On the Jantastic site I show as Lorly.)

  • Completed 1/3 today, first time I've actually run 5k. It took me about 32.5 mins but this was mostly down hill with only two short sections up hill.

  • Congratulations on your first 5K. I bet that felt great. :-)

  • That's a great time for a first 5k! I've been running 5k since summer and am still miles from that time (I use age as an excuse!).

  • So today I planned to do run 1/3 but I was foiled by a laundry problem ! Our dryer is broken so last night I fished my running gear out of the washing machine and hung it up in the bathroom to dry. On Tuesday I run during my son's clarinette lesson, so I'm on a timer. I was in a conf call that was supposed to finish 15 minutes befre we needed to leave the house. Finally managed to hang up with 5 minutes to go and dived off to get change - only discover that I couldn't find my sports bra ! Tracked it down to a wet puddle in the bottom of the washing machine... At which point I decided that I was time to recognise defeat when it was staring me in the face.

    So no run, but I did go for a walk instead. Hoping to run tomorrow !

  • Run 1 of 4 done tonight. Wet and freezing cold but Tuesday night is now running club night so that, together with this challenge, got me out the door. Well done everybody for getting this far. Reckon if we make it through these first dark miserable three months of the year, we will definitely have developed a habit for life!

  • Top post updated. Hoping to get out on my second run of the week today and try one of my 5K routes.

  • 2/3 done this morning. Upped my time as well.

  • Just back from an 8 mile run in the fog so run 1 of 3 for week 3 now completed.

    Slipping around a bit but good run and my average pace is improving each time so I guess the strengthening exercises and interval runs are working.

  • 2 of 3 done, hoping to do a parkrun this weekend as my niggles are behaving themselves, should give me an idea of what time target I can aim for later in the challenge. Don't trust Endomondo at all, it had me running a 3 minute km, recently - Roger Bannister eat your heart out. ;-)

  • The distance I run is always less than it is pre-mapped at with Garmin. However, I've noticed I often cut corners and run right through the middle of houses, according to my post-run map! :-/

  • Clearly we are both super-human ;-)

  • Just come in from my 2nd run of week 3. Nowhere near 30 min 5k yet. Did 2.3 miles in 31 mins. Is my long run for the next challenge to be measured in miles or minutes?

  • I believe we set a distance. Something realistic but a bit more than we're used to doing is how I see it. I managed 5K today (in just under 39 minutes) so if I can keep doing that regularly in the next couple of weeks then I'm hoping to set 6K as my challenge distance. I've never run that far!

  • Cheers, that sounds like a decent new goal. I'll give that a go too. I've never run that far without stopping either.

  • Did another long one today, not quite as long/far as last Wednesday but still managed 22k so that's 3/5 done for me this week.

  • Finally logged run 1 of 3. Hooray. Was feeling pretty woozzy and tired this morning (I run early afternoon) so decided against doing w7r1, and just went out without the podcast. Walked to park, ran round gently on one of my usual routes, then walked home. Mapmyrun shows I walked for 9 minutes and jogged for 20, and I'm happy with that !

  • HI - I'm Lorly on Jantastic site. My second run of week 3 is done and dusted. Are we able to put distance targets into Jantastic? I'm aiming for 18k a week in January but will be upping that later in Feb/March with 10k training and the half marathon training planned for later in the year.

  • For the second part of the Jantastic challenge we have to set a distance that we will run on at least one of our runs each week, as well as the number of runs to do. If you'd like a way to follow your other distance goals then you could also join in with Realfoodieclub's 'Love To Run Valentine Quest', where you can set your own goals. You'll see it pinned over at the top right.

  • Just done 1/3 for W2. Have we to post on here as well as Jantastic?

  • Just finished my 3rd run for this week. I ran 3 miles in 37 mins, so getting better I think. :-)

  • Been struggling to get out this week but that's the first run done. Hopefully will get to the next two a bit quicker!

  • Hi, 2/3 logged this evening.

  • Hi Legion. Have done 2/3. I did 5k in 32.08 which is the quickest I've run it in for many months and 1m4s off my fastest ever time so I'm pretty pleased with that. I was able to go out midday as I don't work Thursdays and my daughter had a nap. (should point out my partner works from home!). It does make a difference being able to run in the daytime.

  • Hi Legion, doing Jantastic is definitely strong on the motivation factor, which, with these cold, dark, sometimes wet/foggy/icy mornings would otherwise be lacking. I have kept up to date and will be doing my third run for W3 tomorrow. I KNOW my fitness has gone off over the winter (busy times and having put the exercise bike in the freezing garage which isn't the sane as peddling away watching Nigella or whatever). Anyway, have moved the bike back indoors now, and will be moving my running programme up to something more structured than just getting runs done. Still haven't achieved that mythical 10k! The furthest I've ever run is 8. There's a goal, straightaway!

    Thanks for organising this, it's certainly kept me going.

  • Just logged run W3R2 @ jantastic. I seem to have dropped off your list though!

    Finding the challenge a wonderful motivator!

  • Hi

    I've done 2 of 3 with my final one planned for Saturday am.

    As others have already said this challenge has already got me out the door on many days when it would have been easy to stay in cosy and warm. It's really helping me get my mojo back!

    Thanks again for organising!!

  • I did my week 3 run 2 today- found it very hard (had to walk twice!!) as I gave blood on Wednesday and have felt a bit wobbly since but really wanted to get the run done for the team

  • Take care and thank you for giving blood, a close family member needed 2 units last year - it is literally a life saver.

  • I am so pleased you have said that as it really does knock me off my stride for a week after but I know it is worth it

  • It used to knock me for 6 too, but I was under the 50kg requirement and really shouldn't have been giving, finally made the difficult decision to stop so I guess I'm not the best example! Your health is the most important thing though, so perhaps consult the nurses? But yes, thank you to you and everyone who takes the time out of their lives to donate, the difference it makes is unbelievable - my niece was post-op very poorly, and within half an hour of the transfusion back with us again.

  • Are you usually okay after giving blood? I hope you're feeling better now, but don't forget to contact them if you aren't 100% soon. I haven't been since I was unwell so I keep receiving mailshots keen for me to go along to the next session! I think I'll phone them and ask if I'll be okay to donate again yet.

    notbad - it was seeing my father receive several blood transfusions after serious heart surgery that convinced me it was time to stop meaning to give blood and actually go and do it.

  • I have only being doing it for the past few years -when the van comes to work -but last year I did faint after and I didn't donate for a year but this is my second time since that but it does knock me for six! I ran 10km last week before donation and had to take a walking break on my last two 5kms runs! It is worth it I know as by next week I will be right as rain! By the way I have now done my third run of week three :-)

  • It definitely sounds like you need to give yourself a day or two's break from running after donating then. Take care of yourself and you will be able to stay healthy and keep donating. :-)

  • 2/3 runs for Week 3 completed and logged, leaving one more for the weekend. Just logged my February targets too - bring it on!

  • Run 2 of week 3 completed - a 4 mile run to the C25k+ Stamina podcast.

  • What's Stamina like? I did Stepping Stones yesterday and then listened to the start of Speed on my walk home. I definitely found Stepping Stones quite hard work, although I did manage to get to the end.

  • The Stamina podcast gets you running for 35 minutes in total. It starts slow then the main part of the run is at a more normal bpm finishing off with 5 minutes at a quicker pace. I find it hard to match the slower pace so just run at my own speed for all of it and speed up at the end to match the last 5 minutes. It 's pretty good and I've used it for most of my runs, either as the whole run or as the starting point to a longer run. I've recently run it twice back to back and that helped improve my pace for an 8 mile run. Give it a try and see how you go.

  • Thanks. I think I will try Stamina out next week.

  • 3/3 done plus one extra parkrun today, set my targets too but may yet tweak them.

  • Can we still change our Feb targets if we set them now? I'd like to do 6K but think I should complete a few more 5K runs before I do that.

  • Yes you can at the moment anyway, in your profile box there's a 'Change Feb targets' option. Not sure how long we have before they are final though. Edit - just read last date to change is Mon the 3rd Feb.

  • Thanks. I'll go set my target and hope it doesn't have to be revised downwards. ;-)

  • I've just set my goals for February. I've got some time on my hands between jobs so I decided to go from 3 to 4 runs per week (hope the weather stays ok!) and have set the first 3 weeks distance goal at 6K and the foruth week at 7K. Does that sound too ambitious when I'm only just doing 5K now?

  • I think that sounds realistic. I'm only doing approx 4k at the moment so I've set mine as 5k as week 1, then 6k then 7k then 8k.

  • A whole extra 1k each week? I like the sound of that but it's also sounds a bit scary!

  • I know it's not a real first place but I was so pleased to look at my profile yesterday and it says my position is first. Along with so many others I assume. I even took a screen shot picture.. Hehe never been first in sports before.

  • Me too, lol. =1st at the moment. :-)

  • Just about to log my 3rd run of 3. Had a fabulous trail run in driving rain and wind - loved it! Got muddier than ever but ended up running through so many puddles that I got home with my shoes cleaner than when I left!

  • Run 3 of 3 completed - a 5 mile splash through the countryside - roads mostly rivers, lots of trees down, one large tree being held up by a telephone line. Enjoyed it. Goals now set for Feb.

  • 4/4 completed this week todays was in the rain hopping over fallen trees. Great fun!

  • Just gave in and admitted I'm not going to manage another run this week - so I've played a joker. Virus 1, Alison 0. Really hoping to feel well enough to get out there tomorrow !

    (So this week I managed 1/3 and used a joker)

  • Hope you feel better soon Alison. :-)

  • Just run 2nd of 4 runs for this week. Been away for my birthday weekend so used my first joker. If I understand correctly this counts for 50% of my runs in the week so I maintain my 100% record. Back on it next week though and need to decide what to set my longest run at for February.

  • Hi, 3/3 completed this evening. I haven't felt very well today so decided to run only 20 mins slow and steady.

  • My end of the week was less busy than expected, so I logged 5/3 for week 3 in the end.

  • Run 3 of 3 done yesterday in the pouring rain. Fun inspite of the weather!

    Got to start thinking of those distances to set for Feb now....

  • Just realised I put about being no 1 and forgot to mention have done 3/3. Got a bit excited I think.

  • Should say that I've done 4/4 for this week and will be starting my week 4 runs tomorrow :-)

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