Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 6

How did you get on with the first week of the second phase of Jantastic? Did you achieve your distance target? Have you set different targets over the four week period or are you working on maintaining a set distance? Please post about and discuss your runs below. I apologise for the lateness of the thread this week, as I have been away for a few days.

As usual, I will update this thread with your runs for this week as you post about them below. Runners in italics below have done their long run and those in bold have reached their weekly target. Those with a :-) next to them have gone above and beyond their planned runs! A * indicates a joker has been played.

Runs Completed / weekly target

muzicalbadger - 4/4

ajwyld - 3/3

notbad - 4/4

hggirl - 3/3

lolb - 4/4

Legion - 4/4

Realfoodieclub - 3/3

OlsBean - 7/5 :-)

runningnotwalking - 2/3

Jemimatoo - 2/3*

Beek - 3/3

Eebahgum - 4/3 :-)

runningmam - 4/3 :-)

agedsnailspace - 1/3

lizziebeth57 - 4/4

TJFlute - 4/4

Magnetix101 - 4/4

Jellymum - 3/3

Hules - 1/3

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59 Replies

  • Just completed run 1 for this week, and it was my long one too - 8.8km :-) Meant to say on other thread I managed all 4 for last week too ;-)

  • I did run1 yesterday. It was my first run in real rain - when I left the house it was drizzling, but by time I'd got to the end of my warmup walk it was proper rain. But since by that time I was already wet I decided just to go for it. This was w9r1 so for the first time ever in my life I ran for 30 minutes. I also did 3.6km which is more than my target for the week - so I'm probably going to reset my targets for the 2nd half of the month.

  • Well done, running for 30 minutes and in the rain. :-) Don't be tempted to set your targets too high too soon. If you consistently achieve your target this month you can always set it higher next month.

  • In fact the ability to reset targets seems to have gone away from the jantastic site. And run 2 was slightly shorter - but I did just a smidge over 30 minutes because when Laura said I could stop, mapmyrun showed 3.3km so I kept going until it ticked over to 3.5 !! Totally amazing to be able to even contemplate doing that.

  • First one done, it was my distance too (6.3km), and the first one in a while where I settled into a nice rhythm and enjoyed it - lovely weather yesterday helped.

  • HELP PLEASE!!! I've just looked at Jantastic web page and it now shows the distances challenged in MILES not KM. This means we are not going to be assigned the true % of our achievement each week. I only work in km and selected this option at the outset, but it is all in miles now. Not best pleased with the moving of goalposts. Is there anything you can do for us?

  • Might have been a temporary glitch? I've just checked and it's showing km for me (although for a time last week it showed miles), have another look and see if it's changed for you. If you need to convert:


    Hopefully won't be necessary though.

  • From looking at the twitter feed yesterday I think this has happened to a lot of us. I decided to do as vikicats has done and enter my km distance as if it was miles. I met my personal target which is what it's all about. As I understand it the scores awarded by jantastic are for meeting targets not for distance covered. I also emailed them to ask about it but not heard back yet.

  • Thanks colleyflower! I looked at notbad's link and did a conversion today. Although this week all they need is the number of runs + the longest distance - which for me will be Sunday. I find it thoroughly irritating. I registered for km so why chop and change us about!

    If i was to run the 8 miles they have me down for that would be 12.87km! Pigs might fly!

  • I had a reply from jantastic this afternoon "Thanks for your email. We’re aware there was a problem with the target units. We will be able to make the necessary changes for you manually later this week, so please confirm the February targets you want (distance by week and units), confirm your distance logged (Feb week 1) and we’ll fix them asap. Keep logging your runs in the meantime (in the unit you want your targets to be), and we’ll confirm when the changes have been made"

    So you can email them at info@jantastic.me and specify your distances for each week and units and they should be able to manually edit them for you.

  • And my target for this week is 8km too, there'll be pigs flying over Cheshire as well if I manage 12.87km!!! (Though I do hope to do it one day)

  • I had the same problem, couldn't figure out how to put it back so I changed my distances to miles.

  • This was supposed to be a reply to Beek!!!

  • I put mine onto km but it changed to miles. I have logged last week's run as 8.5 as I know that was my target in km so I don't feel I'm cheating. I also discussed with the C25k Facebook group and they agreed that this was fine. I am honestly not saying I can run 8.5 miles but if I convert it it will show I didn't reach my target which I did!

  • I have just entered my long run and the site was ok for me (although once when I logged in earlier in the month it was in miles). Either way you are definitely not cheating - it is not like you get extra points for going beyond your target anyway - you achieved your distance (well done!) and it is recorded as such.

  • Hi 1/3 completed this evening. First time I have run while its been snowing, very exhilarating. I particularly liked running by the people in cars stuck in a long traffic jam. I hope they enjoyed seeing me as much as I enjoyed seeing them.

  • 1srt run of 4 done tonight. Managed o miss the snow but my it was cold out there!

  • 2nd of 4, icy and slow but fun. :-)

  • 2/3 done this week. Not feeling it this week as much but still out there. I think it's the wind. I don't mind rain, but icy windy rain is yuk.

  • 3/5 done and done my distance run today 14.75 miles, as my profile seems to have defaulted to miles, has everyone elses also now defaulted to miles?

  • I still have kilometers. It doesn't seem to be changable.

  • Yes and I'm getting REALLY fed up with Jantastic. How will we be sure we are being credited with the correct % done?

  • Run 1 of 3 completed - intervals - set me up nicely for the rest of the day :)

  • And I just did run 2/3. Sunny today and pretty much enjoyed it. It was r9w2, so my next run (Saturday) will be my graduation run. For the first time I saw some friends (they were in their car) . I smiled and waved (and panted !)

  • Ran 1 of 3 last night. Was ok, but I really wasn't in the mood.

    Hope all of you in the very wet/ windy places are ok


  • Just logged 1st run for Feb W2. Did all 3 for last week but wish Jantastic would stop messing about with the units they are using. km or miles?

  • Have done 2 runs so far this week

  • I've done 2 runs so far this week, one of them being the long run...4.5miles, the longest I've ever managed. Not very fast , it took an hour, but I've also never run for an hour non-stop so all good :-)

  • I'm also stuck with miles, though I opted for kms. I just converted it all, but it's a pain. Meant to do my long run for the first run of the week, but wasn't really feeling it and stopped 1km short, but all done now! 2 more runs to go (intervals today and then I'm hoping to do a parkrun on Saturday)

  • Sorry guys I am sick :-( I have tonsillitis and bad chest- I am antibiotics now so hopefully will get better soon- I am so upset not to run and let down the team :-(

    I am thinking I might be well enough to run by Sunday and I can play a joker but I think that only gets me 1 run? So that would only be 2/3 done.

  • Play your joker and don't run until your chest is better - its not worth it ! Stay warm.

  • The site says:

    - you can only play one joker in any four week challenge period.

    - a joker can be played as a substitute for 50% of your runs in a single week.

    - only 1 joker can be played in any 4 week period.

    Not really clear what that 50% would mean if your target is 3 runs or any uneven total, perhaps email them at info@jantastic.me to find out? Hope you feel better soon, don't beat yourself up as it's not your fault.

  • 2nd run of 4 done tonight. Think it was about 5K but can't be sure'cos my phone died half way round and I'd forgotten to put my Garmin on. Luckily it wasn't meant to be my distance run so it didn't matter.

  • Did the speed podcast last night, so that's 2 of 3 done.

    Aiming to do my distance run at the weekend. Target is 4.5 m, managed it last week, so fingers crossed for this one too

  • 3/3 done this week. I actually managed to add an extra 500m that I didn't have to do, to my distance run as well, so feel quite chuffed with myself.

  • Just logged run 3 for week 6 at Jantastic.

  • Completed 2/3 my longest run of the week. First time I've run 6k

  • Well done on doing your first 6K. It feels great to hit a new PB distance, doesn't it? :-)

  • And 3/3 done AND it was w9r3, so I've graduated. Mistakenly tried a new route with some undulations in it, so this wasn't my longest run of the week - fortunately Monday's run met my distance target for the week.

  • Congratulations on graduating. :-D Those 'undulations' will do you good over time. ;-)

  • For sure - I'm going to give it another go - but not on the same day that I'm trying for my longest run !

  • I've just done my fourth run of the week, a 30 min run for my Great Manchester Run training.

    Ran 4.7K. I'm really pleased, maybe it won't be long before I get to do 5k in 30 mins.

  • 3rd run of 4 completed in a very wet and muddy park run. Due to do my long run tomorrow but I think the forecast is better so hopefully will be OK.

  • Run 2 of 3 - 18.8 miles - pretty happy !

  • 4 of 4 done today. :-)

  • Managed to fit in an extra run last night, making my total 4 for this week. :-)

  • Just logged my long run for week 6.- 9.65km Yay! Knackered now but OH making me a bacon sandwich - Yum!

  • 4/4 for this week done - the long one - 8k. Fabulous day for it!

  • Did all 4 runs this week (week 6) Longest was 5.96K . Sun is shining, fantastic!

  • 4/4 done. Can't believe we're half way through already!

  • Completed 3rd run of three this evening.

  • All 4 done, including my fastest time for a km at 6:51! (still pretty slow I know!) Lovely 5k this morning in glorious spring sunshine :-)

  • I completed my week today with my final run (4/4). I also achieved a P.B. for distance on Thursday (going beyond my distance target of the week) when I went on a special run to mark my 6th month running anniversary (as I mentioned in a post elsewhere), which was great - but have been suffering a bit at the end of the week with a cold, which has made things harder. I will have to see whether I am better next week or not and if I need to play a joker. Does anyone know how jokers work with regards to your distance run? I am not sure how the "50%" of runs would take that into account.

  • I've wondered that myself, but don't know I'm afraid. Through sheer determination, I managed to fit my 4 runs into the last 3 days of the week, so I haven't had to find out, yet.

  • After all week being ill with tonsillitis I went out on my 1st run of the week and managed the long one 7km- I am hoping to go out for a 5km after work and before I have to pick children up from sports camp tomorrow - so if I do that and play my joker it might not be such a disaster! It was great to be back out today.

  • I really nearly blew it this week, but after a weekend of determination I have logged my 3/3 runs and achieved my 6k distance target this morning. It's half term this week and I have a couple of days off so won't leave it all to the weekend this time!

  • That sounds just like me, Jellymum! I just didn't have the motivation earlier in the week (and was a bit frightened of running in the high winds, to be honest) so I didn't do my first run of the week until Friday evening! I then had 3 more to do over the weekend. Thank goodness for sunshine on Sunday!

  • I managed 2 out of 3, but had to play a joker for the 3rd. I was due to do my long run over the weekend, but have caught a horrible cold and as my wise friend said "viruses love it when you do something stupid". So I concentrated on getting better instead.

  • 7/5 done

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