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Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 10

Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 10

Welcome to week 10! Thanks to Jantastic, I ran my first 10K at the weekend. What has Jantastic done for you? Has it kept you putting in the runs when you might have been tempted to skip them, or helped you go further or faster? What have been the biggest challenges? Do you have a race or other event in mind to keep you on track after Jantastic ends? For anyone looking for something to follow on from Jantastic, the challenge starts on the day Jantastic ends (March 30th). There is an NHS C25K team, details to follow next week!

Please remember to log your week 9 runs by 8am on Tuesday 11th March. By now, you should have set your targets for March. In addition to setting a number of runs per week and a long run distance, you need to set a distance/time for a timed run this month. There is more information about March targets here: You will need to set your targets before you can log your runs for this month, and no later than 11th March. Please note the information about your timed run, which seems to have changed slightly. Jantastic says: "you can change the time whenever you want and give it as many attempts as you like". The idea with the timed run is to be as accurate as possible, rather than setting a target to exceed. For example, 10 seconds above or below your target time counts exactly the same. There is further information on how your score is calculated at the above link.

NB. For the final four weeks, I thought it would be nice to have a 'roll call' of all of our team members, and their goals for March. I am asking everyone to send me a PM (so I don't miss anybody) detailing your Jantastic targets for March (number of runs, your distance run for each of the 4 weeks, and your time trial details) then I can put these in the first posts for weeks 9-12. There is still time to get your name 'up in lights' as one of our incredible team - just send me your targets and I will add you. There are 68 team members listed on Jantastic, although some have not been active (perhaps joining our team in error), so it would be great to have a roll call here of all the actual participants from this site. We have all been inspired to do this challenge by our experience of c25k and this community, and I would like to think that it will also serve as an inspiration for future runners. Thank you to those who have already sent me your targets - you should see your name in the attached pic!

The Fabulous NHS Couch to 5K Team




















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Run 1 of 3 completed - a trip down memory lane and trying to do a timed 5k.

I have been concentrating on distance not speed and hadn't expected miracles but it was 3.11m in 24.01.Just under 3 minutes off my PB so have some catching up to do but it will do for now.

Revised my March targets from earlier and they are now...

3 runs per week with longest runs as follows:

Week 1 - 8 miles

Week 2 - 13 miles

Week 3 - 8 miles

Week 4 - 13 miles

Timed run of 6 miles in 55 minutes.


Blimey - you are fast! :) :)


Thanks Beek :)


Hi Legion,

After much frustration not being able to log my runs I have managed to log my March ones this afternoon by resetting my targets. Thank you for the pointer in this post that you need to set your targets before you can log runs - although I have set them weeks ago. The targets are now as follows:

WK1 7km longest,

WK2 8km,

WK3 9km,

WK4 10km,

The timed run of 5km in 45.30 minutes (I know - sloooow!)

I realise that those distances are greater than I gave you before, sorry about that but it needs to tally with the Jantastic site doesn't it? Wish they hadn't messed around with the units!

Just logged 3 runs for week 9 and I am trying to see if their IT can log my Feb runs for me (which should show as 100%)

p.s. I have got myself OUT THERE a couple of times when I would have preferred to wuss off - so that's good! I think I may have run further but certainly not faster!

The biggest challenge ALWAYS - is just getting out of bed! Once I'm up I get out and enjoy it!


Lots of complaints on the jantastic Twitter about people losing the option to log runs Beek so you weren't alone, hope they sort your Feb runs. 1 of 4 today and my distance, still not got the pace right but a good run. I'd say jantastic has given me renewed focus, on Saturday did parkrun half of which was into headwind, it knocked the stuffing out of me but I had that time target in mind and pushed all I had (10 seconds too slow but hey ho). Shattered by Sat night however. ;-)


I did my first run of the week this week. I think I am running then smallest distance, but as they say slow and steady. I am sure I will eventually get my distance up. I did 4.7km with two walking breaks today I am aiming to bring the walking breaks down. I will hit 5km one day. I did do my 3km today though so I am on target. I am doing 3 mile for sports relief. I have also signed up for 5x50


Hi RFC - I'm doing the same sort of distances as you, also slow and steady !


Hi there Legion

Not been round here for a while .... Busy, busy, busy with boring work things.

March targets:

In k

Week 1 6

Week 2 6.5

Week 3 7

Week 4 7.5

Timed run 5k in 29m 30s

Got to work hard at timed run but the sunshine is helping :-)


1/3 just done. runkeeper failed to get a satellite fix so no idea of distance, but I did the same route as my graduation run and got further. Did 30 minutes and quite happy with it.


Hi first run of the week completed. I had a fab weekend running round with my two little grandchildren. We played races and ran up the hill and round and round Coldstones Cut. I could keep up and be a fun granny because I have stuck to running three times a week thanks to Jantastic.


Lovely. That's what it's all about. :-)


First run of 4 done today in beautiful Scottish sunshine!!! A decent 5k in 36 mins for me :-) jantastic has definitely got me off my backside when I really couldnt be bothered this winter - everyone has done so brilliantly!!


Run 1 of 4 done this evening. Have signed up for 5x50 as I know I will miss the structure when Jantastic comes to an end. No way would I have run so consistently without Jantastic. Good luck everybody for the last 2-3 weeks.


3/4 done this week. Distance Run just completed, late running for me as we had dentist this morning!

I've reduced my runs distance and amount as we are moving house all being well Next Week!!! :)


Hi completed run 2. I have decided to run 4 times a week from now on but I don't seem able to change the number of runs per week in March.


2/3 done today. Although its a beautiful day, blue sky, birds singing, I had trouble getting into it. Decided I'd just run my default loop of the local park and then home, which I did in 26 minutes... But what the heck, thats 26 minutes I wouldn't have done without jantastic !


Had to play my last joker today. Really fed up. Came down with a stinker of a cold and sore throat after such a fanatsic run on Monday. Probably pushed myself too far too fast after the op. Somehow I never learn. Feeling a bit silly really.


Have a good rest (and a hot toddy ?) and you'll be raring to go again in no time!


2 of 4 done today. Only a short one as I was short of time but I got out there, which is the main thing.


Run 2/4 done today, and my distance of 9km. Trying to decide whether to do a 10km on Sunday, then just a couple of short runs until my 6 mile Sport Relief run a week on Sunday, or just leave doing another long run completely until then


I've just run 6.6 miles!!!!!!!!!!!


Completed 3/3 this week but will go out again on Sunday


Run 2 of 3 completed on Wednesday - 11 miler.

Run 3 of 3 completed today - 12 miler

1st attempt at a timed run on Wednesday - 6 miles in 55min 44sec

Will try again as aiming for 55min exactly.


3rd run of 4 done this morning. Think I may have beaten my predicted time which I suppose is a good problem to have. Predicted time for 5K is 33:10. Last week did 33:31, this week, according to Garmin 32:46 - although quite often my Garmin time is lower than the official park run time so I'll wait and see when the official time comes in before deciding whether to log that one or see what next week brings. Either way, I'm hopeful it will be a PB which I'm REALLY chuffed about!


Just in from run 3/3. I was my "long" run, but I misconfigured runkeeper and didn't get 0.5km notifications, result was that instead of doing my target of 4.5km, I did 4.7. Hooray. Took my 47 minutes. Today I ambled round listening to the podcast of Radio 4's in our time. Not sure it did anything for my speed, but definately kept me happy. (Fascinating discussion on the Trinity - in my spare time I'm doing a theology degree). Will download today's Saturday Live to listen to during next week's runs.


Been and gone and done it, beaten my parkrun predicted time by 23 seconds and cost myself 6% off my jantastic score. Maybe I shouldn't have gone for that sprint finish.... But it's worth it ;-)

PS 4 of 4. Just noticed we have clocked up 1671 runs between us, well done everyone!


So - official park run time was even better than I thought - 32:25. Just checked last week's time and it was 33:21 so have decided to log that as my timed run - it's 11 seconds over my prediction but have followed Jantastic advice and decided to take the hit on the points rather than having a goal to get slower! If I understand correctly, it can be changed as many times as you need to so, if I did get a closer time, I could change it. Well pleased with my time though - over a minute off last week and nearly a minut off my previous PB. That sub-30 minutes holy grail is finally starting to look doable for me - never thought it would!

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Have completed my 3 runs for this week. Just got back in from my long run, of just over 5k. It was fab. Am starving now!


I have been in India all week and got back yesterday - while there I managed 2 runs on the dreadmill (I felt really motion sick after and it was really boring) - that is why my long run was just the 5km this week- hoping to get out there early tomorrow but still a bit jet lagged! Keep going everyone!


So, I've just logged my final run of the week and for the first time I'm not at 100%. Is this because of my timed run attempt? I thought I could have as many goes as I wanted. If I log it again next week and it's closer to the mark, will my percentage for this week change? Or should I not have logged it at all ?


You can update & log it as many times as you like runningmam, each time you do your score will alter according to how close you are to your timed run. If you log a new time next week that weeks score will be adjusted according to how close you were to the time target, you should then find your score for this week is changed to 100%. That's what I found anyway - hope this helps, I don't think many people will get 100% all the way through March, to do that you would have to get your predicted time exactly.


Thanks for clearing that up notbad. I feel better now :-)


just logged my final run of the eek- the long one which was 8K this week. It was hard work as its really windy here today. My timed run dropped my score for the week to 98% which I'm quite happy with - worth it for the PB! Good luck for next week everyone. Nearly there!


Run 4 of 3 today (well why not - have you seen the weather ?!)

Just under 16 miles and total of 42 miles for the week - most I've run in a week so very happy.

Enjoy the weather - long may it continue.


Like runningnotwalking I did 4 runs instead of 3 this week. Longest run was 6.2k and got a new Pb of 32.13 for a 5k. All going pretty well. Think this has really helped with motivation and I am starting to feel another shift in my speed and stamina.


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