Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 5

This week we start the next phase of Jantastic, where you will be setting a distance for your longest run of the week, as well as the number of runs you will be doing each week. If you haven't set your targets for February yet, now is the time to do it. You won't be able to log any runs this week until your targets are set, and you will no longer be able to alter your targets after Monday 3rd February. If you're still uncertain what targets to set, why not post below and ask your team mates' advice? If you've finalised your targets, please share them below, as well as any comments you have to make about the first four weeks of Jantastic. If you've yet to log any/all of your runs for week 4, please remember to do so by 8am on Tuesday 4th February.

As usual, I will update this thread with your runs for this week as you post about them below. Runners in italics below have done their long run and those in bold have reached their weekly target. Those with a :-) next to them have gone above and beyond their planned runs! A * indicates a joker has been played.

Runs Completed / weekly target

ajwyld - 2/3

notbad - 2/4

Mehitabel - 1/4

lizziebeth57 - 1/4

muzikalbadger - 2/4

Legion - 2/4

hggirl - 2/3

lolb - 2/4

TJFlute - 1/4

vikicats - 1/3

Realfoodieclub - 1/3

Hules - 2/3

Eebahgum - 1/3

Miso_14 - 2/3

dougb5 - 1/3

OlsBean - 5/5

Jemimatoo - 1/3

runningnotwalking - 1/3

Poppy2010 - 1/3

runningmam - 3/3

Beek - 1/3

TJFlute - 2/4

Eebahgum - 2/3

Magnetix101 - 2/4


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49 Replies

  • WOW am I first ? Run 1/3 done. It was w8r1 which also feels like an achievement ! (First downloaded the podcast in early December. Illness intervened and I dropped back to week 5 when I restarted). I'm chuffed I did it. I did 3km, so I'm setting myself the target of increasing by 0.25km per week, to get me to 4km by the end of the month. Does that sound reasonable ?

  • That sounds like a good goal to me. Well done on your run. :-)

  • Thanks Legion. I'll be using the March runs to get me to 5k, although probably not inside 30 minutes :-)

  • 1/3 done this week

    I hope you don't mind I have copied and pasted from the quest here. I can foresee me letting the team down and would love some advise on what I do about it.

    I went for my run early morning as I had a doc appointment. Run was ok "ish". Sort of feeling like iron is coming down again. Anyway upshot is I have to have a little operation in a couple of weeks. One of my first questions was when can I run afterwards. She was very understanding when I said I need definite instructions otherwise I will be prone to going out too soon. So she has said no running for 5 days and only if walking or swimming are not having any effect can I run after that. Bummer it's right in The middle of jantastic so I think you get 2 jokers and I will need 3 or maybe even 4. Don't know whether I will be ready for sports relief either on 23 march as the op will be on 22 feb. So, losing so much training. My good news will be that iron issues should be a thing of the past so it will be onwards and upwards afterwards.

  • Sorry to hear about you needing an op, Rfc. I hope it will all go smoothly, and please don't feel you're letting anybody down. You aren't. You can use 2 jokers, but not in the same month (you might just manage to get one in end of Feb and other start of March). However, the team score is based on the 'top 75%' of the team. Inevitably there will be some people who don't manage all their runs and/or have used their jokers, so it isn't the end of the world. It's far more important that you look after yourself and don't try to do too much too soon after your op.

  • Sorry to read that rfc, your health is important so you must look after yourself - torturous though it will be to not be able to run. I'd say play a joker if you can and don't worry about it, main aim of this challenge is getting out when we can, and sometimes there are very good reasons we can't. Take care, and please keep posting as you are part of our team even when you can't run. :-)

    PS First of 4 today, got my distance (5.5km) as weather was good and later in the week is forecast to be bad.

  • Definately most important to look after your health. If I read the rules correctly, you set goals that are challenges for you taking account of your situation. So assuming you play a joker for the 5 day "absolutely no running" period, could you set yourself the goal of 3 brisk walks the following two weeks then 3 very gentle jogs for the week after that (or something, if you see what I mean).

  • I'm a bit worried that I may have to play a joker this week. I pulled my calf on my long run yesterday and it's really sore today. Working on it with the foam roller, but I can't see myself running for a few days yet :-(

  • Definitely look after that calf, they can give you worse problems if you don't, take care.

  • Okay, probably being a bit thick but went to log my run today and not sure how I go about logging the distance run. Under the distance run it just has a space to enter a figure, do I enter the actual distance (5.5km) or just 1 as in 1 distance run done? Under the team profile it confusingly has under distance 3.44. Confused! :-/

  • Looking at it, I'd say you enter the number rather than the actual distance. So if your long run is '6K' and you happen to run 6K twice that week then you would enter '2'. I might be wrong, but that's how I read it.

    EDIT: However, now I look at the results table, I'm not so sure. :-/ It seems to have our target distance on there (I set mine as 6K, it says 3.75, so it must be in miles) and then the 'actual' run. Very confusing! So now I think it is distance and I'm just as confused as you!

  • Thanks Legion, I've emailed jantastic to clarify.

  • Yes, you're right it is distance and well done for fathoming the km/mile thing - I couldn't (doh! :-O ). This is their reply:

    "Yes you should enter the distance of your run. You have a target for 1 distance run per week and when you have run that you should enter how far you ran. 3.44 is just your target distance converted from kms to miles to enable comparison with everyone else."

    So there we have it. Must say they have really helpful admin support.

  • That's me done the first run of week 5. My goal is to do 4 runs a week (up one) and get to a distance of 6k by the end of the month. Increasing by a wee bit each week. 2 of the runs are going to be on my own and going the distance, the other two are going to be the 2nd to 5th weeks of the podcast with my husband who is just starting again. These will be a mix or running and walking but the runs will quite a bit faster than my usual speed.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Those sound like good goals. When I re-did the programme in the autumn, I used it as an opportunity to go a bit faster and it certainly worked. :-)

  • First run of week 5 done and also my distance run of the week out the way too :-)

  • 1/3 completed this evening. It was speed podcast, now my favourite of the 5k+ podcasts so I will have to do the distance run another night.

  • That's my first run of the week done, and it's my long run too. A slow, steady 6K including a long hill that I've never run up before. :-D Must be my magic new shoes!

    By the way, NHS Couch to 5K team is currently in 3rd position. Whoop!

  • Run 1 of 4 completed tonight.

  • Run 2/3 done this morning. I changed my planned route because it was pretty blustery. Fine when I was in the shelter of buildings but when I got to the park it was very windy - so I did one lap then went back to running between buildings. Felt good though. Will do run 3 on Saturday or Sunday !

  • Seems there is another bug on the Jantastic Portal, I set my distance as Kilometres for the Feb Targets but it keeps reverting back to Miles but it does not convert the distance, so my targets instead of 12, 15, 18, 22 KM show 12, 15, 18, 22 Miles lol. I've sent them an email and in the meantime manually converted my targets to miles (ish)

    I've done 4/5 runs this week (I ran twice on Monday) and I've completed my distance run this morning.

  • Yep I've spotted that too OlsBean, thanks for reporting it and well done on a fab set of runs. 2 of 4 today, way too togged up and overheated, as weather better than expected.

  • Did run 1 of 3 last night. Hoping to get 2nd one done tomorrow, assuming my partner manages to get home at a reasonable time despite the tube strike!

  • Run 1 of 3 completed - inters in the wind - interesting experience...

  • Run #1 week 5 done ( short 3.5km in the work gym at 02.15am....

  • Just completed run 3. I'm following a training plan for the Manchester 10k in April. I did a 45 min run and was gobsmacked to see I'd covered 6.8k!!!! I've never managed more than 5 before. Anyway I've altered my distance targets for this month accordingly. (up to 6.5k... today may have been a fluke!)

  • I ran 8K for the first time last week, after never running more than 5K before. I think it just creeps up on us sometimes. :-) That's a brilliant time too, well done. Is that all your Jantastic runs for this week accomplished?

  • I've done 2 more (shorter) runs. :-)

  • 2nd run this week done :-)

  • Second run of the week done today, a slow 5K. Not sure why it was so slow. I did run another hill I haven't tackled before, and it was quite early on in the run so not very warmed up. The whole run felt quite hard after that, so maybe I peaked too soon! It's good to finally be tackling some of these hills. Still got another two runs to do this week. I'm due to go away (for a running break :-) ) tomorrow but am considering cancelling due to the forecast. Yesterday's high winds has already stripped the felt off one roof, so I've got to tackle that before I can consider going anywhere. More high winds forecast, so I'm in two minds about going now. :-(

  • 2nd run of 4 completed this morning. Luckily the wind/rain from last night had eased off and it was really quite pleasant. I keep telling myself that the lighter mornings will soon be here!

  • 2nd run done and it was the long one (9km but had to walk some of the hills as they went on FOREVER! But did it in 63mins) I had a random day off from work so had a fab day - run then hairdressers and bit of sale shopping and the afternoon helping in my children's school for arts day

  • Run 2/3 completed this evening. Did the Stamina podcast, love it, love it love it. Managed a little beyond my longest run at 5.3k

  • Just a quick message to say that I will be away for a few days. Although I am taking my laptop, I'm not sure what the likelihood is of me getting online. Hoping the weather won't be too unkind, but I plan to get in a few runs (maybe even a Parkrun), lots of walking, and plenty of relaxation. Happy running everyone. :-)

  • Have a good break.

  • 3/3 with my long run completed. Thanks for the kind works and advice. I will keep going till I have to stop. I am sort of hoping I might not miss too much.

  • 3/5 done this morning. Another cold bright park run! Snowdrops aand crocuses starting to come up - spring is in the air in Yorkshire (with apologies to those down south struggling with the dreadfull flooding).

  • Correction 3 of 4 not 5. I'm not that ambitious! Final run of the week (the long one) scheduled for tomorrow.

  • 3/3 completed including the longest run

  • 4th of 4 today, well done team everyone is doing really well. :-)

  • Run 2 of 3 and today's challenge was finding the dry bits.

    Made up a new route mostly on the road, some park, some woods, much water.

    5k completed and longer run planned for tomorrow to complete the 3 this week.

  • 3/3 done this afternoon, and did my target distance for the week of 3.25km as well. It was w8r3. So next week, barring sickness or injury, I'll graduate ! Can't quite believe it yet!

  • Well done & good luck for your graduation week! :-)

  • Week 5 run #2 done in the gym again at 01.25am; another 3.5km on the dreadmill; hot sweaty and boring; & I just can't get my speed/breathing rhythm right!

    Week 5 run #3 done today - the long one, aiming for 11k; did a last little loop to make sure of getting there so did 11.26 according to Garmin; in the blustery wind, with some showers; ran it all except for texting daughter back (who had wimped out of joining me for the last 30 minutes) whilst waiting at traffic lights. 90 minutes, 800+ calories used so didn't feel guilty for having child's fish & chips for dinner! :-)

  • Final run of week 5 - the longest - done today. Think I ran a bit further trying to miss the puddles with my new running shoes :o)

    Well done everybody!

  • Run 3 of week 5 completed - an 8 miler against the wind but with blue skies, sunshine and no rain...

    Nice end to the week :)

  • 3 of 3 done!

    Plus my longest ever distance 4.6m!

  • 4/4 done. Enjoying the challenge very much.

  • Did my 4th run of 4 yesterday. Not sure how I managed to spend the morning which was sunny and calm in ikea (!) then went out for my run about 1pm when it was windy and raining. Still I went out and I think that was down to the challenge. Longest run was 5.7k so I am well on the way to my target of 6k by the end of the month. This is really helping me with my motivation :)

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