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Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 11

Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 11

It's the penultimate week of Jantastic and our team is currently lying in 12th place. I thought it might be nice to compile a brief overview of how our team came about, to send to Jantastic. Do you have a story about what NHS Couch to 5K has meant to you, or perhaps how running has made a difference in your life? If you have any interesting anecdotes or achievements you'd be happy to share, please drop me a message.

Remember to log your week 10 runs by 8am on Tuesday 11th March to make sure they are counted. If you are looking for a new challenge to follow on from Jantastic, the challenge starts on the day Jantastic ends (March 30th). There is an NHS C25K team, and you will find more information about it here:

NB. For the final four weeks, I thought it would be nice to have a 'roll call' of all of our team members, and their goals for March. I am asking everyone to send me a PM (so I don't miss anybody) detailing your Jantastic targets for March (number of runs, your distance run for each of the 4 weeks, and your time trial details) then I can put these in the first posts for weeks 9-12. There is still time to get your name 'up in lights' as one of our incredible team - just send me your targets and I will add you. There are 68 team members listed on Jantastic, although some have not been active (perhaps joining our team in error), so it would be great to have a roll call here of all the actual participants from this site. We have all been inspired to do this challenge by our experience of c25k and this community, and I would like to think that it will also serve as an inspiration for future runners. Thank you to those who have already sent me your targets - you should see your name in the table above! (If you've sent me your details but I haven't added you yet, I will do so soon - it's been a busy week!). Once you have done your timed run, don't forget to let me know your actual time to go in the table too.

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1st run of 4 done tonight and my timed run actual time is 33:21 (11 seconds over my prediction but it only cost me 2% so I can live with that).


1st run done yesterday out tomorrow for the second and hopefully my weekly distance as well.


Got out and did my first run of the week this evening and decided to keep on going to make it the long one (meant to be 6K but pushed on to 4 miles/6.44K). It was hard work and I felt like I was running uphill all the way! Think my legs are still tired from the weekend! May do a parkrun on Saturday, so just one more (shorter) run to fit in this week.


1st run of the week completed tonight, just a short one as I haven't been feeling 100% for the past through days so decided to take it easy


2 runs done so far this week. Monday was lovely so I decided to try for my long run, and in the end exceeded my target slightly, so happy with that. I did a circuit that lets me run along side the river for a wee while, then double back through the park. Felt a little spacy today, but needed to go for it in order to fit the runs in. Decided in advance to keep it short, and did a 25 minute loop of the park, again in the sunshine. Final run of the week will need to be Friday as I'm away helping to run a conference on Saturday and Sunday and its highly unlikely that I'll be able to fit a run in (though I'll at least try for a walk if weather holds up.)


Completed run 2 the long run of the week. I managed 5k in 32.53m which is a bit disappointing as I ran faster than that a few weeks ago. Get me, 5k in 32.53m disappointing! I was hoping to get to 30.00m so I won't record my time yet as I hope to get closer. Happy running all


2/4 done this week, I'm struggling to fit it all in as we've just moved, in fact technically we are still moving as we have stuff still to move, hopefully I'll fit another 2 runs in before the week is over.


2 of 4 done yesterday. Park run tomorrow, then long run on Sunday. Visiting family down South next weekend so my long run next week willl be on the sea front and FLAT (hooray!!!)


Got number 4 to do tomorrow but will take it nice and easy as my calf was twinging yesterday. Feel nervous as I don't want a complete 'pop' as happened last summer.


3 of 4 done this morning. Can't believe we're nearly at the end of this but it has helped my running no end.


Managed to squeeze in an extra run this week so that's 4 completed. Still at a snails pace, but I couldn't care less!


Hi all

I'm afraid I've had horrible flu, so was out of action for the whole of wk 10. I tried a short jog on Tues, just 1.5m, but it was hard and probably not a good idea. I'm off shortly to try and log a 2nd run of the week, but I'll be no where near my targets and no jokers left to play.

Really sorry to have let the team down, but I hope to be back on the wagon for the final week. I won't get my distance, but hope to log the runs


Your health is way more important - keep warm and get well soon!


Did my 10km timed run today (used my sport relief 6 miles and added a bit on at the end) and I did it in 1hr 15mins 15secs!! Woo hoo!!

P.S. also done all 4 runs this week :)


Fourth and final run done today - my distance run 9K. It was a trail run as I rather madly signed up for a trail half marathon during the week - it's at the end of June so the end of Jantastic and beginning of 5x50 will be great training for that. No PBs but it's certainly more interesting than pounding the pavements. Good luck for the final push everyone!


4/4 done, just completed the last run a few minutes ago, I'm also going to be tight on time this week (still moving) but I'll hopefully manage to complete my goals.


Completed the last run of the week this evening. I'm still a long way from my target time but will give it a good go this last week. Good luck everyone


Just used my joker for week 11 :-( Ho hum, I knew it was a risk. To be sure of doing the week, I needed to do my 3rd run on Friday afternoon, but Friday afternoon I felt grotty and had a nap instead. Saturday and Sunday I was away at a conference (organsing and speaking on Sunday morning). Got home around 4 on Sunday feeling totally wiped out, and again slept instead of going for my run - but really I was too tired. Also it was sleeting...

On the upside, despite still feeling quite low, I dragged myself out today and did 1/3 for week 12. (No sleet today, just a cold wind, windproof top on for the first time in ages) Just a gentle 3km (took me 27 minutes, having managed 24 minutes for my timed run). Glad I went though still feel sleepier than normal. Early night tonight i guess !


I completed my 3 mile timed run at the Olympic park for sports relief yesterday- I had reduced my predicted time from 28 mins to 28 min 59 secs as after my trip to India and then getting a cold I didn't feel on top form. Well on the day it was very cold and we had to wait for 3/4 hr in a hail storm plus 90% of the people were walking or had a pushchair - even a dog! I gave it my all and got a time of 29:35 ...... I didn't like the pressure and not really what my running is about but still a good day


Hi! I keep forgetting to post on here! I completed my four runs, and did my long run of 12km yesterday (Olympic Park 6 mile run plus a bit of warm up and warm down) . I haven't logged my timed run yet - I will be Parkrunning on Saturday so will have one chance to do it! :-)


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