Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 1

Jantastic has started and I thought it might be useful to have a new thread each week for the team members to share their experiences. If you don't know about Jantastic or the NHS Couch to 5K team then you can find out more here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

As this has just started, is there anything you'd like to get from this forum? For instance, we currently have 62 team members listed on the Jantastic site and 38 listed at healthunlocked.com/couchto5.... As many of us have signed up to Jantastic with different names to the ones we use on here, I will update this post with your progress, as you add it below. You just need to let me know how many runs you've committed to and then post when you've done a run or runs. If you think you might not have time to post here and would like me to update it for you automatically, please drop me a PM with the name you used to register on Jantastic (which I will not share on the open forum without your express consent) and I can get your runs from there.

Runners in bold below have reached their weekly target. Those with a :-) next to them have gone above and beyond their planned runs! Is there anything else that people would like to see included each week? This is our team so I'd like everyone to get involved.

Runs Completed / weekly target

Legion - 2/3

Soozz - 1/3

Tati - 1/3

Jellymum- 2/3

Beek - 1/3

Saruma - 1/3

Jenster - 2/3

Realfoodieclub - 3/3

Poppy2010 - 3/3

loulou51 - 1/3

lolb - 3/4

Eebahgum - 4/3 :-)

lizziebeth57 - 2/3

ajwyld - 2/3

OlsBean - 5/5

hggirl - 2/3

Jemimatoo - 2/3

Hules - 2/3

TJFlute - 2/4

Magnetix101 - 3/3

Feefbev - 1/3

deb54 - 3/3

runningmam - 4/3 :-)

muzikalbadger - 4/4

notbad- 3/3

Miso_14 - 4/3 :-)

vikicats - 3/3

Hules - 3/3

Wheatls - 2/3

runningnotwalking - 3/3


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72 Replies

  • Just logged my first run on the Jantastic site (1/3 completed). Thanks for doing this Legion it has already been a motivator for me - I can honestly say I wouldn't have gone for tonight's run if I hadn't been thinking about when I could fit the 3 runs in this week (and I feel all the better for having been out - work stress dissolved!).

  • 1/3 runs completed

  • I have just registered and I am number 3 in my area but as they didn't have my nearest town, Hitchin, I had to use the next town letchworth...I don't mind being 3rd in letchworth though!

  • I'm registered too - committed to three runs per week. Did run one yesterday and will do my second tomorrow x

  • I've just registered - Jenster75. Committed to 3 runs per week but done 2 already! So far #5 in Sheffield which will do me!

  • Registered as realfoodieclub 1/3 runs down hopefully out tomorrow morning.

    Thank you so much for this.

  • Registered as Linda Rogers, just added my first run; shown as #4 but don't know what that means?

  • Did my first run on Monday (1/3), hope to do another on Thurs or Fri and then one at the weekend.

  • just logged my first Jantastic run - committed to 4 runs a week so 1/4 complete.

    I agree about helping motivation. Normally run on a Tuesday but couldn't tis week for work reasons. Usually I would probably just miss that run but went today instead if I'm to have any hope of achieving my 4 for the first week. Thanks.

  • I've done 2 runs, one yesterday, and just got back from the second. Up a sparrow's cough this morning. I'm always amazed at how many others there are out there at this time of a morning. Hideously busy week so am having to squeeze them in when I can.

  • You've already logged mine. Thanks Legion. Jantastic has got me out the door after about a six-week break. Brilliant. :-)

  • I did my first turn yesterday afternoon, Have set myself a goal of 3 runs per week. Every week!

  • Logged my first run as ajwyld on Monday. Run 2 today. (w6r1)

  • And today I did run 2 (w6r1). Felt good ! Warm enough not to need gloves and to take my hat off half way round.

  • Brilliant. :-D I must admit, I did wait until the weather looked more friendly yesterday. It was nice to go out in daylight for once and despite just wearing a short sleeve running top and breathable jacket, I got rather warm. :-)

  • I've logged 3/5 runs completed.

  • Hi I've committed to 3 per week and have logged 1 run and hope to continued running Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for the whole of January

  • Hi, I've just logged my first run too. Committed to 3 a week

    As others have already said, thanks for setting this up Legion. It's going to help me get out the door!

  • I'm so impressed at the commitment everyone has made already. :-) I won't reply to everyone indovidually or you will get a lot of emails! I've updated the top post with the runs that you've all posted here so far. There are 14 team members yet to log a run on the Jantastic site so let's encourage them to get out there, run happy, and share their progress with us. There are a staggering 41 team members who have logged one or more runs. What a brilliant start to the challenge. :-D I look forward to hearing how people are getting on.

    I did my first run yesterday, and surprised myself by not only running 5K (in three parts) but by walking an extra 5K too. :-O I know that committing to Jantastic is what got me out of the door and exploring new places. Looking forward to seeing what the next run brings.

  • Just logged my second out of 3 today, calf seemingly on the mend but I'm not pushing it, nice easy jog first thing, felt good to be out there after a week out.

    Well done team, last time I looked there were 55 of us.

  • Hi,

    Just logged my first two runs. Have committed to 3 a week. The first two have been pretty short runs, but feeling chuffed to have the motivation to get out in this soggy, windy weather. This is definitely good incentive to get off the couch!

  • I've added you to the team list. :-) Well done for getting out there!

  • I'm doing Jantastic too, but am a member of my parkrun team (they have fewer members). Second run of the week coming up later :-) happy running all!

  • Feel free to join us for a Jantastic chat. :-)

  • 4/5 done

  • Hi Olsbean,

    How does that fit in with running alternate days? I would like to run every day but haven't because I thought it was not good practice. I would like to run more.

  • It's not a good idea for novice runner to run on consecutive days as often their muscles need time to repair. Listen to you body if you feel you can do more then do more. I've been running now for over a year, I run most mornings for an hour, I have no long term goals currently, if that changes in the future then my running pattern might well do also to form some sort of training routine but at the moment I am just enjoying what I am doing.

  • I've put myself down for 3 runs per week - in answer to the little question mark. :-)

  • 2/3 complete yesterday. Hopefully off out again tomorrow.

  • 2/4 done today. Legs still very heavy after many months of eating, drinking, stressing and no running. I'll get there though and So glad I joined the team :)

  • Just completed 2/3 this evening. (My username on the Jantastic site is Mag Netix)

  • Hi, completed 2/3 tonight, intend to 3/3 on Sunday. Thank you for compiling this list


  • 2nd of 4 runs logged tonight - gosh it was cold out there! - so week 1 50% complete.

  • I signed up a few weeks ago, but have just seen this so have joined the team! Thanks for this! Logged my first run from last night - hoping to hit target for 3 runs a week

  • Welcome to the team. I've added you to the team list. :-)

  • One out of 3 so far. Hope to get out today and also Parkrun planned for tomo - which promises sunshine .... and mud, cold mud! New shoes will not be used!

  • 5 of 5 done this morning.

  • Well, I've joined Jantastic, logged 3 runs (Gone in with my real name and can't figure out how to change it!) Then tried to join NHS Couch to 5K team and I seem to have created a new one with a member of 1!!!!!! Help

  • According to the rules you can change teams by 31st January if you have less than 5 in yours.


    It says... "You can only be a member of 1 team. You are allowed to change teams under the following conditions, numbers in your team are not sufficient to make up a small team, numbers in your team drop to below 5 and so you are no longer a scoring team" Apparently you need 6 to be a scoring team.

    So you should be able to change, but I can't find out how. Maybe try going into your profile and see if there's an option? You can email them at info@jantastic.me

    I can't figure out the name thing, I registered with my own name but 'notbad' as my username, so people know who I am but weirdly it's only my own name shows up on the team.

  • I think it might depend on whether you registered using Facebook. I imagine that if you did then you won't be able to change it, but I'm not sure.

  • Thanks Legion, I emailed them and apparently the usernames are only for logging in, we can only use our actual names on teams. It would have been nice to be able to add our c25k name in brackets, to know who was who but that's how it is. Hope you enjoy your final run! :-)

  • Have you had any suceess in changing team yet? I've added your stats above and hoepfully you'll be a fully-fledged team member soon. :-)

  • Run 2/3 logged. This is great motivation!

  • I've logged my 2nd run of 3 too.

    Not bad, I have the same issue as you, with it showing my real name, not my user name. I can't see a way to change it now.


  • I've also got this problem and can't seem to find a way to change my name to TJFlute. Let me know if you do crack this!

  • I've done 3 out of 4 with no. 4 happening tomorrow morning :-) I'm Jennifer Lackie on there and fb too if anyone was wondering! ;-)

  • Welcome aboard. I've added you to the team list. :-)

  • 3/3 done first week under my belt

  • 3 of 3 logged today. Great, I feel amazing as it says ;-)

  • I have finished all 3 runs for this week. If I go for a run today, can I count it towards week 2 runs? (TOTM next week). Thanks for any ideas :)

  • 3rd run for this week completed this morning. Set out in pitch black and pouring rain, came home in brilliant sunshine!

  • Have logged my three runs this week. Can I log more than 3 even though that is my goal for the week?

  • OK I think I've sussed it! I've committed to 3 runs per week but have done 4 this week and logged them in.

  • 3rd run of 4 completed.

  • Can findy earlier reply! So sorry if I'm repeating myself. I've just logged my third run of the week.

  • I've just completed my runs for the week - 3 of 3 - although when I logged it today I was slightly downcast to see that the website has already updated my age group ahead of my birthday tomorrow!

  • Happy Birthday for tomorrow and well done for completing your first week. Definitely time to celebrate. :-)

  • I have just updated the top post with a bit of extra information and everyone's recorded runs so far. If I managed to miss yours, please give me a shout and I will put it right. As you will see, everyone here is well on their way and several team members have already reached their target for the week, well done. :-)

    vikicats asked if we could log more runs if we exceed our goal. I'm not sure what happens if you do this on Jantastic (has anyone tried?) but I think it's a great idea for us to do it here. So if you squeeze in an extra run or two, be sure to let us know and be the recipient of a :-) next to your name (in the team list at the top) as an extra reward!

    I've got a day off tomorrow (it's been a long week!) and I'm looking forward to my third run of the week. If it's a nice day I'm hoping to go for another long run, but if it's less friendly I might do a speedy mile instead. ;-)

  • Just logged my runs for the week 3/3. Jantastic name is Fran62 (typo when registering and cannot see how to change!). Difficult week for me but managed it!

  • 4th run of 4 done this morning! I know it's only week one but definitely been worth it for me. For work/social reasons two of those runs probably wouldn't have happened had it not bee for the added incentive this challenge brings. Well done everybody and good luck for week 2!

  • Run 4 completed this morning. 4/4 So far so good :)

  • And just back from doing run 3 of 3. And i must say, if I hadn't committed to jantastic, i might not have done it ! I did runs 1 and 2 on Monday and Wednesday. Friday i had an ENT appointment, so my plan was to do run 3 on Saturday - but after the ENT visit I felt pretty dizzy on Saturday. (I'm doing this as part of my recovery from labrynthitis - Friday's ENT visit involved having hot and cold water poured in my ears to see if it made me feel dizzy - which it did !) So anyway, the temptation would have been just to leave it. As a bonus, today was lovely and sunny ! The actual run I did was w6r2. On Tuesday my son has a 30 minute clarinette lesson just beside our local park, so my plan is to drop him off then go for my run during it. One disadvantage of running on Sunday afternoon was that everyone and their granny (and their grandpa) was in the park, so I felt a bit self-concious - I'm used to having the place to myself. That said, I'm sure no-one cared !

    Onwards and upwards everyone.

  • Just completed and logged run 3 of 3. I can't remember when I last managed to fit 3 runs into a week, so I'm delighted!

  • Run 3/3 completed this morning and logged. Going to have a busy week this week but determined I will get my runs in.

  • Hi completed run 3 this evening

  • I've just graduated on the Couch to 5K. Can I join here for motivation without joining Jantastic?

  • As you've already spotted, the 'Love To Run Valentine's Quest' is a great place to find mutual support and motivation.

  • Just squeezed in an additional run. Have done 4 this week. My goal was 3. :-)

  • Just done my first run this week and feeling good!

    11 miles run last week takes my total this year to 21.6 miles.

    Still aiming for 500 miles this year.

    Thanks for this boost Legion. Loving it!

  • Thanks for kicking off week 2, runningmam. I have now added a week 2 thread here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and added your run. :-)

  • Just signed up to Jantastic. Completed all of my C25K week one runs by Thursday of last week and did my first of week 2 yesterday. Should have them all done by Friday with any luck.

  • W2R2 done ... awesome

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