Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 7

Another week dawns on the Jantastic challenge - we're halfway through now - and we take a step closer to spring. Has the weather over the past few weeks affected your running? Has the challenge changed your attitude to the weather at all? Have you started to think about your goals for the next part of the challenge?

As usual, I will update this thread with your runs for this week as you post about them below. Runners in italics below have done their long run and those in bold have reached their weekly target. Those with a :-) next to them have gone above and beyond their planned runs! A * indicates a joker has been played.

Please remember that this thread is here so you can discuss your runs with your team members. So do tell us how you've been getting on, and be sure to offer encouragement, support and congratulations in turn.

Runs Completed / weekly target

notbad - 4/4

ajwyld - 3/3

Realfoodieclub - 1/3

Jemimatoo - 4/3 :-)

muzikalbadger - 4/4

Beek - 2/3

Eebahgum - 4/3 :-)

lolb - 4/4

Legion - 4/4

Hules - 3/3

runningnotwalking - 1/3

hggirl - 3/3

runningmam - 3/3

OlsBean - 7/5 :-)

TJFlute - 4/4

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50 Replies

  • 1st of 4 this morning and my distance run, very lucky with weather. I noticed a few people had logged their mood on the site as 'beginning to crack' last week and so I want to offer them support and thank them for getting out there when things weren't easy. :-)

  • Thanks notbad. I think the middle of the challenge is always going to be a testing time. How long was your distance run, and are you doing the same distance throughout February or varying?

    Forgot to add, glad you had some decent weather for your run. Yesterday's glorious sunshine has given way to yet more rain today. How can there be anything left up there?! I'm supposed to be having a rest day today, after running three days in a row, but I seem to feel like running so I might get out in a bit and get the first run of the week under my belt. Running has become a good excuse to listen to an audiobook and get some 'me' time away from an over-crowded house.

  • Running is great 'me' time, lovely just to zone out sometimes (not tried audiobooks but love uplifting classical music). Like you I try to run when I can weather wise, hopefully this week will be a bit better for us all.

    I ran 6.5km today, although Endomondo claimed 6.79 and had me running through several buildings again plus a sub 5 min km which is safe to say I didn't do ;-) Upping a little bit each week, aiming for 7km next week - are you also upping each week legion?

  • 7K target for me this week and 8K next week, having done 6.5K last week, so similar to you. I'm working towards 10K, but not really expecting to do it for a while yet. I do hope we get some better weather as I'm so fed up of the rain.

    I haven't tried classical music when running, although I often listen to it in the car. Any recommendations? An ad featuring Hayley Westenrah (sp?) has just come on! She might be good to run to. I must get some of her music.

  • The William Tell overture is always good fun :-) I don't really bother with bpm, just like whatever uplifts me. My favourite at the moment is Frank Sinatra 'When you're smiling'.

  • Did 1/3 just now. A lovely sunny day and I enjoyed it. This was my first post graduation run and i really liked having my own choice of music - I made a playlist on my phone with everything that has a bit of rhythm, then put it on random. I did kind of miss the timechecks. I tried to set the timer buzzer on my phone, but left it on silent, so it wasn't much use !

  • Glad to hear you had a nice post-grad run in the sunshine. I hope some more of it will come this way soon too. Any particular music tracks you recommend for running to?

  • Seemed to have quite a lot of Abba on my playlist - nice perky tracks like Mamma Mia and SOS.

  • 1/3 done this morning. Determined to get my three In this week before my enforced break. Weather was so much nicer this morning I even went out without a windproofer. Good luck to everyone, I think we are all doing so well

  • I missed doing my 3rd run of last week, which was due to be 4.5m. I'm afraid I had to use a joker, due to a horrible sore throat and cold. In hindsight it explains why my thurs run felt so hard, I must have been just coming down with it.

    Today I felt properly better, so thought I'd take advantage of my inlaws looking after the kids to treat myself to a week day run in daylight! I did my longest ever distance 5m! Very proud of myself. I think it shows I was right to take a break when I wasn't well.

    Hope every one else has a good week


  • 1/4 done this morning, which was also my long run :-) was meant to be 9km, but managed to keep going and completed my first 10k!!

  • Have just logged 1st run for week. It was sunny and hot again today. Started off perfect, cool and bright. Started removing layers about 1/4 way round and wished I'd taken water with me. Really enjoyed the run today though! I do 2 short (6.5km) and one long (9.86km) a week and I am still slow but who cares? I'm out and doing it!

  • Managed to do 5.23k in 40 mins today.

  • OMG. Did W7 R1 tonight, mapped it on endomondo at 3.85 km ... don't know if that's good or bad for a 55yo. But it was awesome. I managed to up the pace for the last minute and finished strongly. In fact I only got half way through the warmdown and just had to run again. Felt amazing at the end. What a buzz.

    After all the hard work in the previous weeks, I actually felt like I'd made some real progress today. If anyone is worrying about doing W7, then just put your faith in the plan, get your shoes on and just go for it. You'll feel great at the end.

  • 1st run of 4 done this evening and it was the long one - meant to be 8k but it was actually about 8.75k. I was worried about how I was going to fit the long run in this week as I have a busy weekend ahead but then had the brainwave of having hubby drop me off at running club, did the run with the group and then ran home. Have to say Jantastic is really working in getting me out there. So many times I know I wouldn't have made the effort without it.

  • 2/3 today. Hard hard going for no apparent reason. I thought when i left the house that it might be my long run, but by the 5 minute mark it was pretty obvious that that wasn't going to happen. I stuck it out and managed to do my 30 minutes, but distance was back down to what I was doing 3 weeks ago. Ho hum.

    Tried runkeeper for the first time (have been using mapmyrun up to now). I really prefer the app, though the website isn't as good as mapmyrun's IMO. But I suspect that it will become my app of choice as you can set it to give timechecks as well as or instead of distance checks. Also you can play your music via the app.

  • 2 of 4 weirdly felt harder today like yours ajwyld, pushed on through and it's in the running bank. Funny how some runs are just like that for no reason.

  • 1/3 done today - it was a sneaky run after work and before I picked children up from sports camp- as I felt bad I think that made me go faster and I did it in 31mins! I haven't run that fast since October! I think those longer runs really do help!

  • First of three - intervals plus a 2 mile walk earlier today. Good to know my legs still work after a few days off.

  • Completed first run of the week today as I have been sooooooooo busy this week. I decided to get the longest run of the week over and done with, so that 1/3 and longest run completed.

  • 2nd run of 4 done this morning. Just listening to the weather forecast saying it's wet and windy but it's dry here at the moment and quite mild. Was going to defer to tonight but decided to get myself out of bed and get it done!

  • I was going to have a rest day today after doing my long run yesterday but the sunshine looked too nice to miss. ;-) I even risked just wearing a short sleeve top and non-waterproof light jacket, and felt fine, despite some gentle droplets at one point. Still want to run again now, every time I look out the window! :-/

  • Just completed run 1 for this week. It was a real hard one after a mini-break in Amsterdam. Got to gee myself up for that long run now!

  • Logged another run this morning. 2/3

  • This list is getting smaller - do we need a rallying call ?

  • I think folks are just making the most of the change in weather and getting out there putting the miles in. :-) It would be great to see more chatting here though. I did my first parkrun today, and really enjoyed it. I got a PB despite talking all the way round with deb54!

  • That's fab legion - well done! :-)

  • What a beautiful day so I decided it should be the long run of the week- 8km 53mins - lovely! First 2km hard but after 5km felt great!

  • Three runs completed and hoping to squeeze another one in tomorrow.

  • 2/3 completed, I will do the the last run of the week on Sunday.

  • Did 3 of 3 today. A very slow version of the speed podcast!


  • 3rd run done and I'm claiming the distance ! Annoyingly, my app couldn't find a satellite for the first 5 minutes, which means I don't have an accurate record, but I've checked it on the google pedometer and declaring it done ! This was also my longest run time-wise. Having graduated at 30 minutes last Saturday, I kept going today and did 35. Nice sunny day, and appart from app annoyingness, an enjoyable run.

  • 3rd run of 4 done at this morning's park run. Perfect day for it. I thought I was going to make it a PB but unfortunately ran out of steam at the end - maybe next week! I'm now debating when to do my final run of the week. Tomorrow out for a walk and pub lunch with friends so the options are either to get up early tomorrow or to go out again later today. Not sure the forecast is that great for tomorrow so may do it today whilst the sun is still shining. Never run twice in one day before!

  • Just done run 2 for this week. Feeling better now and did the long one. I managed 4.8 miles, another 1st. Yay!!

  • 4th run just completed.

  • Eebahgum! What an ace name

  • Just sat here now "thinking" about donning my running shoes for a last run of the week.

  • 7/5 done

  • Every day is quite something!

  • Howling out there, I'm such a softy, would not have run today if it wasn't for jantastic - it was no where near as bad as I feared in fact I got blew uphill, 4 of 4 in the bag. Hope everyone is getting on well :-)

  • Hi super running team! I completed my final week's run this morning - 5km in 32mins and met my friend who was on his bike and managed to chat to him while running uphill for the last 1km! As I always run on my own I didn't know I could chat and run!

  • Neither did I till my first parkrun on Saturday! It's nice to do both. :-) 5K in 32 minutes is brilliant, well done.

  • Just back from run 4, target was 3, but I've been really lucky with very kind grandparents helping out this half term, so snuck in an extra one!

  • That's the 3rd run of the week done. Had to really make myself fit them all in after the mini -break away at the beginning of the week. I think I'm back in the groove now though. Looking forward to next week's challenge:-)

  • I found the same after a few days away, then packed 4 runs into 3 days, and got back 'in the groove' as you say. :-)

  • 4/4 done but today was tough!! If I hadn't been doing jantastic and not wanted to let the team down there is no way I would have had the motivation to go out! Soaked and breathless due to very strong winds and rain, but 4.5km done!

  • 4/4 done. Really didn't want to go out today, but forced myself to get the last run done and really enjoyed it. It's strange how often that happens! Starting to think about next month, and need to look up whats required. I think its a timed run, but not sure if it HAS to be on the last week or not.

  • 3/3 completed

  • 4th of 4 completed this morning. We'll done everybody!!

  • W7 completed, start W8 tonight. Cant wait :)

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