Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 2

What a fantastic start we have had to Jantastic! Out of 64 team members listed on jantastic.me, 61 have already logged runs and 57 of those have logged all their runs for the first week. :-D If you've yet to log any/all of your runs for week 1, please remember to do so by 8am on Tuesday 14th January. If you haven't yet heard about Jantastic or our wonderful NHS Couch to 5K team, there is more info here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

On with week 2, and some of you already have runs to your credit. :-) I will update this thread with your runs as you post about them below. Runners in bold below have reached their weekly target. Those with a :-) next to them have gone above and beyond their planned runs! Please let me know if there is anything else that people would like to see included each week, and do use this thread to tell us about your runs. This is our team so I'd like everyone to get involved.

Runs Completed / weekly target

Runningmam - 4/3 :-)

Magnetix101 - 3/3

SJN2K - 2/3

Snats - 1/3

Realfoodieclub - 3/3

ajwyld - 3/3

hggirl - 3/3

lolb - 4/4

notbad - 4/3 :-)

muzikalbadger - 4/4

Hules - 1/3

lizziebeth57 - 1/3

Eebahgum - 3/3

Beek - 1/3

Miso_14 - 1/3

Olsbean - 7/5 :-)

Jemimatoo - 3/3

Poppy2010 - 2/3

Jellymum - 3/3

vikicats - 3/3

Saruma - 3/3

Legion - 3/3

runningnotwalking - 3/3

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58 Replies

  • Feeling grumpy because I have been sneezing all day and was too feeble to go out for my run this evening! :( . Its my first cold since starting to run last April so was hoping that running was the "antidote to snuffles" and had made me tough. Seems I was wrong. Not good timing only one week into Jantastic so hope to shake it off in time to get my 3 in this week. Don't want to use my joker too soon!

  • You might not want to hear this but a very good friend of mine said if your cold is only from the neck up you can still go running. I had a cold just before Christmas, did as she said, and I felt no better and no worse but I had done a run! I was still snotty and useless but I had done a run! I was amazed. If it was in my chest, I would not have done but she was right. I did comfy runs and was not at my best but certainly good enough.

    Let me know how it goes....

  • thanks for the encouragement. I had heard about the "neck up" theory, but was feeling too sorry for myself. Will try to "man-up" (...that's surely not the right phrase there!! ;) sorry guys!) by tomorrow!

  • Managed to drag my wingey self out for a run this afternoon and yep....you're right....although I still feel full of cold I felt fine when I was running, so glad to have not let my Jantastic goal to slip too far. thanks :)

  • Go us! Since the team score is from the top 75% of members that means we score top marks for week 1 :-D . We are also one run short of 200 as I write this, so if anyone else has any more runs to add in the next 11 hours we might break into our second century. Well done everyone.

    I have also just completed 1/3 for week 2 tonight - in thick fog which made it a bit atmospheric!

  • Did my W2R1 on Sunday, R2 scheduled for tomorrow with R3 on Friday.

    Bring it on!

  • I have now registered with jantastic 2014. Did run 1 of 3 yesterday

  • Run 1/3 done yesterday and will be out tomorrow. Even though the forecast is rain. Rain, I will go, ice I will not. But I will do 3 this week.

  • And thats run 1 of week 2 done ! Hard work today

  • Thank goodness for Jantastic. I really did not feel like going for a run after work this evening but I wanted to complete my 3 runs for the second week so I headed out for R1 of W2.

  • First run of 4 for week 2 completed tonight.

  • 2nd of 3 done this morning in the dark and lashing rain, invigorating! Really impressed with how well everyone is doing, especially those doing extra runs - feeling inspired to fit an extra one in myself (if I can fight the duvet!).

  • I agree. My duvet keep attacking me in the morning and wont let me go ! well done for getting out there

  • I did 2/3 this morning and can I just say it was a good one. Proud of myself today.

  • well done .... !

  • W2R1 of Jantastic just done and I feel amazing, bring it on :)

  • Did my run in the dark last night which I have to do when I am working if I want to do 3 runs a week- I haven't done it for a while as I don;t enjoy it but the thought of not completing my Jantastics runs was to much so I did it! It was hard but I did it! Thank you Jantastic!

  • 3/5 done. Personal endurance best for me today, ran non stop for 2 Hours 32 minutes and 27 seconds!

  • That's brilliant OlsBean and what an inspiration you are!! I just read your profile and seen your transformation, absolutely gob smacked!! Congratulations :D

  • Thank you.

  • Still pushing those boundaries, I see! Incredible stunning running x

  • Thanks you.

  • Wow, that's really impressive. Well done.

  • Thank you for the kind words :)

  • Wow! I have no words!

  • Thanks :)

  • W2R2 done. Roll on Friday. Planning to start W3 on Sunday.

    Had a lousy day at work, went for a run when I got home. All of the day just slid away and felt fantastic afterwards.

  • I'm just in from run 1 of 3. Trying to work out how to fit the other 2 in, but determined to find a way!

  • Run 2/3 logged today - I did not think I was going to get it in today because I usually run in the evening, but was busy today. I initially planned to get it done before work, but that just did not happen - but I am just back from it now, having pushed myself to go out once I was back from my evening activities.

  • Run 2 of 4 done this morning.

  • Today should have been w6r3 BUT after Tuesday's w6r2 I felt terrible all evening (sick, dizzy, stomach cramps) and most of the next day, and I still wasn't too bright this morning. I'm recovering from viral labrynthitis, which is an inner ear infection that makes you feel yukky and makes me feel seasick, so I suspect I overdid the run and gave the virus the upper hand again.

    Anyway... no way I could face w6r3 today (I got as far as the end of w7 before I got sick, so I know what w6r3 involves) so following advice on another thread, I went out for my first "fun run" without Laura. I decided to take it very easy, so I walked for 15 minutes, ran for 6, walked for 3, ran for 3, then walked for 5. I didn't use a timer, just used my usual route so knew approximately where I was by landmark, then got the timings from mapmyrun afterwards. Covered 3km. I did the best I could, so I'm claiming it for jantastic ! (I suspect that me and the virus aren't done yet, so I don't want to use up my joker too soon !!)

    So run 2/3 done(ish)

  • Hi all, completed 2/3 this evening after work

  • Hi

    Week 2 run 1 was done on Monday with daughter; found it really hard going, about 4.6km. Did two early shifts so left week 2 run 2 until Thursday when I am changing to two 12 hour night shifts followed by two 8 hour night shifts... Thursdays run was good - 5.59 MILES; most km splits much faster than I have been doing lately but overall time spoiled by a slow bit in the middle when I was traversing a bridleway overgrown with brambles trying not to lose my shoes in the quagmire! Got a second wind after that and really enjoyed running down the hills towards home!

    Run 3 still to be done; still tempted to go to Parkrun as it's the first anniverary run;

    but it's after the second 12 hour night shift... We'll see!

  • Yay 3/3 for week two. Roll on next week.

  • I've logged 2/3 runs for this week, and will get out on Sunday whatever the weather for number 3. This Jantastic is really keeping me getting out there - I think I would have gone down to two runs a week if it hadn't been for this. The team is doing great - lets keep it up!

  • Just logged run 2 of 3, was a gorgeous evening for a run last night.

  • Just logged 3/3 this morning with a personal best distance of 20km!

  • Completed run 3 of 3 today. Really enjoying the motivation this gives to get out there and not let the team down. :-)


  • I've completed all 3 of my runs for this week and hoping to squeeze a fourth in tomorrow.

    Out of interest, does anyone know what the plan is for Feb and March - do we still set ourselves a target number of runs per week, or does it change?

  • In February we set target number of runs and specify how far your longest run each week will be and in March target number of runs, distance of longest run, plus a predicted time for a specific run. I think the predicted time doesn't have to be set until the day before the run - but check out the rules on the Jantastic website to be sure.

  • Thanks lolb x

  • Run 3 of 4 done at park run this morning!

  • Have done my 3/3 plus one extra. Inspired by my team-mates :-)

  • Out to do run 4/4 this morning... Was meant to do it yesterday but having niggly shin splint in my right leg :-( feeling better today so fingers crossed I can manage a wee short 3k at least :-)

  • Run 4 of 4 done!

  • And that's run 3/3 done. I'm very chuffed with myself as I managed w6r3. Tried a new route today - one that I'd checked out walking but not tried to run before. Not the prettiest: leave house and turn right along (smelly canal), skirt slightly-iffy housing development then into industrial estate. Tunnel under bypass (lights were out but I could more or less see enough not to stand in anything unfortunate...) more industrial estate, then into park (hooray). After an all to short moment in the park, Laura told me I was half way, so I turned round and went back the way I came.

    I kept the pace slow and steady - mapmyrun tells me my splits were all around the 9.30 minute mark. This is a lot slower than last Tuesday's 8 minute split, but last Tuesday I spent the rest of the day lying down feeling sick and lightheaded, so I didn't want a repeat of that !

  • Just completed 3/3

  • Just in from run 3 of 3. Another gorgeous starry evening, which I'd have missed totally if it wasn't for this challenge. Plus I just ran 4 miles! 4 miles! Can't believe it!

  • Run 3/3 logged - it was a struggle getting out today despite the lovely weather, but managed a short run with quite a hill. Let's see what week 3 brings.

  • Another brilliant week, well done team. :-) I must apologise for being slow to update the thread but I've been very tired this week (still in recovery from diverticulitis) so I've mostly been sleeping when not working. I even put W2R2 off until Saturday which meant I had to do W2R3 on Sunday. Luckily, Sunday was a beautiful day and I got out and had a really good run. :-) Thank goodness for Jantastic!

    If I've missed anyone's runs for week 2 above, please give me a prod. The thread for week 3 is now up at healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and I will try to keep on top of it this week. Good luck everyone. Run happy.

  • Hope you feel better soon Legion.

  • I'd been wondering if you were sick. Take care and rest when you need to !

  • Thank you and sorry for my absence. I was totally exhausted last week. I was ill just after Xmas but that combined with 4.30am starts meant I just wasn't getting the rest I needed to recuperate. My contract has ended now and I'm going to make the most of this break to rest, recover and build up my running again.

  • 7/5 was done.

  • Wow! Well done Olsbean. Top post updated! Thanks for the well wishes too. :-)

  • Apologies for not replying previously but 3/3 completed for weeks 1 & 2

  • Well done and welcome. :-) I will update them for you.

  • All done. 4/4 and getting stronger.

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