Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 4

We're into the fourth week of Jantastic now. Our team has been doing brilliantly and we've been consistently in the top ten teams this week. Well done everyone. This is all down to your huge efforts, dedication and amazing team work. :-D If you haven't yet heard about Jantastic or our wonderful NHS Couch to 5K team, there is more info here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

By the end of this week, you will need to have set your targets for the next four weeks of Jantastic. As well as pledging to do a minimum number of runs, as you have done in the first four weeks, you will also have to set a distance for your longest run of the week. You can set this to be the same distance for all four weeks, or perhaps make incremental increases each week. Just remember to set a goal that is both realistic but will also stretch you just a little.

If you've yet to log any/all of your runs for week 3, please remember to do so by 8am on Tuesday 28th January. I will update this thread with your runs this week as you post about them below. Runners in bold below have reached their weekly target. Those with a :-) next to them have gone above and beyond their planned runs! A * star indicates a joker has been played.

Runs Completed / weekly target

Realfoodieclub - 3/3

ajwyld - 3/3

notbad - 4/3 :-)

Legion - 4/3 :-)

Olsbean - 7/5 -

Magnetix101 - 3/3

muzikalbadger - 4/4

Mehitabel - 1/4

hggirl - 3/3

Jemimatoo - 2/3

turnturtle - 2/3

Hules - 3/3

dougb5 - 1/3

vikicats - 4/3 :-)

Miso_14 - 4/3 :-)

runningnotwalking - 3/3

lolb - 4/4

Poppy2010 - 3/3

lizziebeth57 - 2/3

Beek - 2/3*

TJFlute - 4/4

Jellymum - 3/3

SJN2K - 3/3

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65 Replies

  • Thanks legion

    I have done my first run of this week 1/3

    I have also set my goals for next months. I think I have been realistic but I might have to amend them as I have already gone past my first run goal this morning, but I had better check that wasn't a fluke.

  • Well done Rfc. I'm torn between going for a run and getting on with all the jobs I keep putting off because I keep going for runs. ;-) One of those jobs is to make the treadmill accessible again so even if the weather deteriorates, I'll still be able to get my runs in.

    I've set my distance goal at 6K at the moment, but as I've only done 5K a couple of times since we started, I'm not sure if this isn't a little too ambitious. If I manage another couple of 5Ks this week then I will go with it.

  • I did my first run of week 4 today - thought I'd better get it in early while I was feeling up to it. I did w7r1 and was pleased it felt good. I did take it really slowly though. Unfortunately mapmyrun was playing up, so I have no idea what distance I did. (I thought I'd track my distance this week so I could work out my target for February. I'll have another go on Wednesday.)

  • Did my 4th run of week 3 along seafront at Skegness. It was quite a "heavy" week-end so I really had to make myself go out and do it!

    Anyway that made this week's total 9.2 miles which makes 41.9 miles so far this year. :-)

  • Hi Legion, mind if I join the C25K party. I've been keeping up 100% with Jantastic and finally feel that I'm over the fluey chesty infectiony thingy that I thought may hold me back earlier in the month. I just done my first run of week 4 - a commute run of 4miles'ish.

  • Hi marcosan. Did you want to join the c25k team? I'm not sure how that works now but you'd be welcome aboard. Congratulations on keeping up with the runs for Jantastic. It is a brilliant motivator. :-)

  • So happy. :-D I've just done my longest run ever. A 'gentle' 5K turned into an 8K, and all because I wanted to see if I'd be close to achieveing my 6K target for next week's Jantastic. :-/ Might have to move those goalposts a bit now!

    The next question is, if I'm going to start working towards 10K (using Jantastic), how should I build up? Can I add 1K per week and do I only need to run the long distance once a week and do a couple of 5Ks for other runs?

  • Congratulations, well done!

  • That's fab Legion, well done! :-D The way I read it on the site you only do one longer distance run a week, so the others could be 5ks or whatever you choose.

    Edit: Forgot to say 1 of 3 today :-)

  • My running has been a bit erratic since the new year, but I had intended to run 5K 3 times per week. At the moment, I'm thinking of doing a longer run (working up from 6-10K) once a week, 4-5K twice a week and then one session working on fast intervals or hill work, to build up some stamina. I think, from what others have written, you can build up distance by just doing one long run per week?

  • Yes I think that's how many people do it and certainly training plans follow that pattern. I think the best way is to mix it up just like you say and as muzikalbadger writes the long runs should be easy pace.

  • Just completed run 1 of week 4 :-) and legion I'm doing the same as you are planning too, one longer run per week, increasing by 0.5-1km each week. I'm doing the 6 mile run for sports relief and so far have managed to increase up to 9km without injury :-) the only thing I would say is take the long runs very easy and feel free yo have a few short walks if necessary.

  • When is your Sports Relief event? I certainly took it easy last night (ran slowly and ran over the same roads several times to avoid the hills!) and really enjoyed it. I might make my two '4-5K' runs two 30 minute runs, and just see how far I can go in the time. It will be an incentive to pick up the pace. ;-)

  • Sounds like a plan :-) Not till the 23rd of March, so plenty time!! Want to feel comfortable running that distance for a few weeks beforehand though... Can't avoid the hills round here sadly, but hopefully it will mean I have lots of stamina when I do flat races/events!

  • So last week I played a joker. I just went in to try to log yesterday's run and the jantastic site seems to want to apply a joker to this week, and I can't work out how to stop it doing it ! I know I'm not the only person here to have used a joker, so has anyone else worked this out?

  • It won't let you change it from yes to nope? If so, I'd try emailing them. Could be a problem with their site.

  • I agree - I'll mail them !

  • Hi, completed 1/3 this evening. I ran the 5K+ speed podcast for the first time and I really enjoyed it

  • Done 2 of 3 today. Not ideal to have done 2 consecutive days, but won't be able to fit no.3 in until the weekend.

  • All my runs logged for week 3 and February targets set. Really enjoying being part of a team, definitely keeps you motivated. Thanks

  • Ran my second run of the week today and logged it. Really cross that I stopped when my Strava app said 5K but when I saved it, I found I'd only done 4.9K, so I missed an official PB for 5K on a technicality. Drat!

  • Just to let folk know - there is currently a bug on the jantastic site that means that if you have played a joker it doesn't behave correctly. I mailed them yesterday and got a nice mail back saying they're working on it. I know others here have also played a joker, so its just to let you know that it will apparently be fixed in a few days.

  • Thanks. I did have that problem but in the end just clicked OK and it still shows me as using 1 joker of 2. On the other hand it shows me at 75% this week when I've only done 1of 4 which is a bit confusing! I'll keep an eye on it to make sure it stays on track.

  • Seems I spoke too soon. The site is now showing me as having used two jokers and 100% complete this week when I've only used one and am only 50% complete! I've emailed them and will let you know if I learn anything that may be useful although hopefully they will just sort it out and other users won't have the problem.

  • 3/5 done. Wednesday seems to have become my long distance day, 22km today.

  • Wow, that's tremendous. :-) 6K for me today, which counts as my 2nd longest run ever.

  • Congratulations :)

  • 2/3 done today. Slower going as it was pelting down and for some reason my right foot was desperate to find the biggest puddles to step in. Boy was that water cold. Anyway done and dusted now, one more to go.

  • And today I managed 2/3 ! It was w7r2 and for the first time I managed to just use mapmyrun for the running bits - to try to get some idea of what targets I should be setting. I was chuffed to log bang on 3k. So I'll be nowhere close to 5k when I graduate, but I'm still amazed I can put one foot in front of the other in anything resembling a slow jog for that long!

  • That's brilliant. 3K sounds like a great distance for week 7. Do be careful not to be over-ambitious when you graduate. I know I was, did too much too soon, and barely ran last winter as a result. So easy to get carried away with enthusiam!

  • Here I sit feeling fit

    Running shoes left in the hall

    16 miles of run all done

    Feeling ten-feet tall

    Week 4, run 1 of 3 completed !

  • 16 miles? No wonder you feel ten feet tall! Well done rnw. Hope you're giving those muscles a well-earned rest now.

  • Thanks Legion.

  • 1st run of 4 completed today.

  • I am away all weekend, so managed to squeeze in my run 3/3 today.

  • Run 2/3 done :-) I really look forward to logging my runs and this was a really fun one!

  • I enjoy logging my runs too, and seeing how we are progressing. Great to hear you had a fun run today. :-) I haven't run but have been for two walks, one of them 'Nordic'.

  • I've just logged today's run but I seem to have dropped off your list again this week. (They call me Linda Mills on Jantastic)

  • Hi Beek. I generally add people as they post about their runs here, so the order of names changes each week. Will add you now.

  • 2nd run of 4 completed this morning.

  • Hi 2/3 completed today using the Stamina podcast, hard but really enjoyed it

  • 3/3 done today. It was a. Rotten run and I hated it, but I got out there and did it. I think with all the other training I have been pushing myself a bit too much. I will be ready for next week.

  • Me too rfc, 3 of 3 for me too today, last couple of runs have felt hard for some reason. Onwards and upwards for us next week, we'll be ready, those rotten runs build stamina (I hope!). :-)

  • I have completed 2 runs of week three and a wee sneaky 3rd run with my partner who is starting the programme and is on week one. Cos he is much faster than me I am hoping if do a couple of longer runs on my own then run with him twice a week then my speed will increase as a result. I intend to 'ca canny' though as I don't want to overdo it. I reckon it will be fine for the first two or three weeks then I'll see...

    Loving logging my runs, seeing my position fluctuate (I was joint first in Edinburgh at one point - then back to 27th or so) and enjoying basking in the glory of our wee team. Everyone is doing so well.

  • Fitted in a parkrun so 4 for me, I have bitten the bullet and upped my run target to 4x, I have done this the last 3 weeks and need to be a bit bolder. Well done everyone, our team position was =11 when I last looked, great going!

  • Well done, notbad. I've just revised my February targets down to 6, 6.5, 7, 8K to build up more gently, and will also be doing 4 runs.

  • So I did run 3/3 this morning, and it was good. It was also w7r3 of c25k. As my week 7 runs have been around 3k, I'm going to set the following targets for February.

    week1 (c25k week 8) 3.3

    week2 (c25k week 9) 3.5

    week3 3.7

    week4 4k

  • 3/4 done in the ice this morning so just a wee short 3km, will do a longer run tomorrow for 4/4 to finish off January!! :-)

  • Run 3 of 4 competed at today's park run. Lovely day for it. Going to see how I get on with a 7K tomorrow before finalising my goals for next month>

  • Run 2 of 3 completed - 4.28 miles earlier this afternoon.

  • Thank you Legion. 4 runs out of 3 completed. Might go for a run no 5 weather permitting :)

  • Hi! 3 out of 3 runs completed this week; goals for February adjusted after my 10.11km run yesterday to 11km; 11.5km, then 12km and 12.5km to finish! My knees were sore after yesterdays run, so I did a 30 minute interval session on the treadmill at work today. Hopefully the old knees will feel better after a couple of rest days! :-)

  • Run 4 of 4 done today. Perfect day for running in Leeds - cold but dry and sunny. Fabulous! Managed 7K reasonably comfortably so targets for Feb are 7, 8, 8 and 9K. Well done everybody for completing the first month.

  • Run 4 of 4 done today. Bring on February!

  • Run 3 of 3 completed - that's just under 40k for my 3 runs this week so pretty happy.

    Used the C25k+ stamina podcast to see how far I could run in the 35 minutes available, then running home.

    Running a new route which has more hills and they seem to be getting easier so hopefully that's a sign of improved strength/stamina. Completed the 5k and 4m marks about 20-30 seconds quicker than same run yesterday.

    Weather much improved today - beautiful sunshine - hope it continues.

    Good luck to everyone for February and week 5.

  • Completed all my runs this week plus an extra. Short run tues as feeling unwell, half an hour on Thursday and 5 k on Friday. Completed a 7k race today. Mostly off road, quite hilly and very muddy!

  • Just logged run 2/3 at Jantastic.

  • Hi just completed 3/3 . Horrible, horrible run, just one of those things I guess

  • Last run of week 4 completed this morning - fast 5km for me as freezing icy rain was driving into my face the whole way!!! Looking forward to the Feb challenges and increasing distance :-)

  • Woohoo! Logged my 3 runs today, so that's January Jantastic targets completed. Very pleased.

  • 7 done for me this week.

    I'm going to struggle for time though over the coming weeks as we are moving house sometime in March and there is lots to be done but we'll see!

  • Realise I've blown it for 3 runs this week so playing a joker to make up. Doh!

  • My last run done for the month done too! Yay! 3/3 thank you

  • W4 completed 3/3. Run 1 was tough but run 3 today was so much better. Roll on Tuesday for W5

  • Bit late to update, but I did get all 3 runs in last week.

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