Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 8

Here we are in week 8 of the Jantastic challenge and the team effort and determination has been inspiring. Personally, I know there are times I wouldn't have run if I hadn't needed to get my runs in for Jantastic, but I didn't want to let the team down, and I know many of you have said the same. Truly a real team effort and an endorsement of the NHS Couch to 5K programme and the HealthUnlocked community. Thank you everyone. :-)

It is now time to think about your goals for the final part of the challenge. As well as committing to a number of runs each week, including a distance run, we also need to set ourselves a time challenge during March in an 'organised event or training time trail'. The idea is to pick a distance and set a time for completeing it, being as accurate as possible. Taking part in something like parkrun or Sports Relief would be ideal.

NB. For the final four weeks, I am thinking about changing the format of these threads, as I think it would be nice to have a 'roll call' of all of our team members, and their goals for March. I would welcome any thoughts on this or other suggestions. I am thinking that if everyone could send me a PM (so I don't miss anybody) by the end of this week, detailing your Jantastic targets for March (number of runs, your distance run for each of the 4 weeks, and your time trial details) then I can put these in the first post for weeks 9-12. There are 68 team members listed on Jantastic, although some have not been active (perhaps joining our team in error), so it would be great to have a roll call here of all the actual participants from this site. We have all been inspired to do this challenge by our experience of c25k and this community, and I would like to think that it will also serve as an inspiration for future runners.

This week, I will update this thread with your runs as you post about them below. Runners in italics below have done their long run and those in bold have reached their weekly target. Those with a :-) next to them have gone above and beyond their planned runs! A * indicates a joker has been played.

Runs Completed / weekly target

notbad - 4/4

lizziebeth57 - 3/4

ajwyld - 3/3

Legion - 4/4

muzikalbadger - 2/4*

Eebahgum - 3/3

Beek - 2/3

Hules - 3/3

Jemimatoo - 3/3

OlsBean - 5/5

lolb - 4/4

runningmam - 3/3

runningnotwalking - 3/3

TJFlute - 4/4

hggirl - 1/3*

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52 Replies

  • Hi Legion,

    I was also thinking it might be useful to start a separate thread where we could mull over our targets together ? (I'm a bit mystified by the time target, being new to this running lark, and I'm sure I'm not the only one !) What do you think ? I'm happy to kick it off later today !

  • I think we could discuss it here, as it seems like part of this week's challenge to me. ;-) I think the time trial is the hardest part, especially for all of us newer runners. I've set goals to work towards before, but never tried to hit a specific time. For anyone that doesn't have a GPS watch or running app, it seems almost impossible to set a target. Also, I'd have thought that it would be better to have the whole month to try to hit our target (picking the closest time from each week's attempt) rather than have to state the actual date. Everyone knows that things can go awry on the day. I wonder what happens if you are unable to run on your given date? It makes the challenge suddenly rather more stressful.

  • Do you have to stick to a set date for the time trial ? If you don't have a GPS running watch or app, just use one of the online route maps like Google to work out the distance before you go and then either use a watch/stopwatch (most smartphones have them) or create a playlist that is longer than you expect to take. Make a note of the time/song you complete on and work out the time from there.

  • Yes I'm a bit unsure of the time target, the weekly newsletter seemed to say it was for the whole of March (which I like best) but then said something about logging your time every week if I read it right As I'm thinking about using Parkrun (most reliable as Endomondo & others a bit dodgy) would that mean I'd have to run a Parkrun every weekend? I expect all will become clear in practice. Like your new ideas re roll call legion, I'm happy to fall in with whatever you think best.

    1 of 4 today and the first time since last summer I have run my 7k route, felt daunting but was wonderful to run alongside the coastline once more with the wind behind me - of course when I turned around to come back it was a different story!

    Edit - just checked jantastic and see what you mean legion, the distance is for the whole of March but has to be one set day, I can see that being tricky for some.

  • Another one not sure about the time challenge. I intend to do my first parkrun in March, but it's on the 1st. Have no idea whether doing a parkrun will improve my time or not. There are almost 500 runners so am pretty sure there will be an impact :)

    Roll call is a great idea and I am happy to send you details of whatever you want.

    Run 1 of four done this morning. Head cold hasn't hampered me today - meant I had to use a joker for last run of last week though :(

  • I have also just looked at the Jantastic website and am also a little confused. The rules say that you can defer setting your target for the timed run until the day before the run, and that you can try and hit your target on different days. However, the target setting box does seem to require that you set it now and actually set the date. Maybe we'll be able to amend that section as we go along? I'm fortunate in that I live very close to our local park run so do it most weeks. I'll probably therefore set mine as the last Saturday in the month (and hope I stay healthy!). Still haven't quite firmed up on my targets for March - will do it tonight and PM them to you for the "roll call".

    Thanks, by the way, for taking the trouble to organise this. I feel that Jantastic in itself has been very motivating but being part of the C25k "virtual" team has made it even more so.

    PS - can't remember if I posted this but I did my 4th and final run of week 7 yesterday.

  • Just in from doing run 1/3. To my surprise, I did my target distance for this week, so I'm declaring it done (although maybe I'll do it again Saturday.) I was 4km (I've only just graduated) and I did it in 35 minutes. Weather is gorgeous here (French Alps), and I ran in a short sleeved t-shirt and sunglasses for the first time in ages. I also tried something new and ran without music, just used runkeeper for time and distance prompts.

    For March my distance target for the last week will be 5km, but I'm wondering about setting a shorter distance for my timed run - I don't really have a clue. There isn't anything like a parkrun local to me, so it will just be one of my usual runs. Also the last 2 weekends in March are already scheduled to be very busy, so just fitting the runs in will be a challenge !

  • If you are still working towards 5K then I would probably set a shorter run for your timed run. I think many of us are struggling with the concept of putting a time to a distance, but it's all part of the challenge! Do you have a GPS watch or mobile app? If you can get an idea of your average pace over 1 mile/1K then you can extrapolate from there for the distance you choose.

  • Hi legion,

    I have just been on the Jantastic site to set my goals for March. I know I have done all my runs for Feb but it says I am only 72% done. Why would that be? Is it to do with the change from km to miles?

    For March challenge I have presumed that the target time is only for the [Parkrun] which I have elected to do on 22 March. I don't see how it could be for all runs in March.

    Also what is a PM please?

  • I assume it's because we still have one week left, and I think the longer run is weighted somehow, but the percentages never seem to make much sense to me! The timed run is just for one run in March, and you choose the date, as well as setting the distance and the time you expect to take. PM is a personal message (click on the little envelope at the top). That way, I can be sure I don't miss anyone's targets among the many posts here.

  • Thank you for the feedback! Not very much of Jantastic has made sense to me! I will send you a PM with my targets! It took me ages to log them because I had to use the distances conversion page in my diary to do it.

  • Is it 72% for the whole of February? If so, that will be because you still have the last week of February to do - once that's done then you will reach the 100%. If it's 72% for one week then that may have to do with KM/miles thing - I've not had this problem so I couldn't say for sure. If you click on Legion's pic it will take you to her profile which will give you the option to send a personal message (PM) - messages sent in this way are only seen by the recipient and not by the whole community. And yes - I think you're right the predicted time is just for one run which you elect for that purpose.

  • I will check but thank you for the explanation - and for the lesson!

    My weeks total is only 72% (and I have done all 3, including long run - which was longer than my forecast) and the monthly is 67%, which fits with still having a week to do this month I suppose. Ah well, it will all work out I guess!

  • I've just been out and done my first run of the week, as I needed to go into town for a couple of small things! Recently I've felt a bit as though I haven't been running enough miles each week, as time/circumstances have made me opt to 'just run a mile for Jantastic' on several occasions. Therefore, I went out today determined to run further than 'just a mile'. I managed to do a full 5K, and despite meaning to keep my pace 'slow and steady' to avoid getting hot and sweaty before going shopping(!), I ended up with a new PB. :-O I celebrated this by treating myself to lunch in Sainsbury's cafe, and discovering that Sainsburys have 25% off clothing today, so I've come home with some new running clothes too! :-D

  • Nice one! - and a great idea to run to the shops. Surely that is the best part, we should be running all over the place now we know how much good it does us! I will adopt that strategy!

  • Emailed jantastic regarding the date thing and they replied to say that while it's best if you can time it for that date it doesn't matter if not. Hmmm, still unsure of my target, very wary of triggering injuries off again through speeding up so will require careful thought.

  • 1st run of this week done, 10km for my distance run :-) sadly my plantar fasciitis is flaring up so resting again tomorrow and will hopefully be able to complete my next 3 towards the end of the week... If not I can still use a joker.

  • My PF has been bothering me since I spent too much time walking around barefoot last summer, having 'forgotten' that it was an issue. It seems to have improved since I got new shoes, both for everyday use and running. I hadn't realised how tired my old shoes were until I felt the comfort of the new (identical type) ones! How are your shoes? Are you getting enough support/cushioning?

  • Hey, thanks for the reply :-) shoes are good, think I landed funny trying to avoid puddles on Sunday and that's why it's flared up... I hope it will be ok having an extra rest day tomorrow and if it's still not improving will need to get checked out as it is possibly a symptom of something more serious :-(

  • First run done. 5 k in 40 mins. I'll get it under 30 mins one day!

  • Hi Legion, I've just logged my first run for week 8 - and set my goals for March.

  • Hi guys, just in from my Tuesday night 5km run so 1/3 done- knocked 3 mins off my time from the last time I did it! It was good and my legs felt light maybe it's the yoga I did last night and the foam rollering!? Just looked at jantastic and my long run is 10km this week!?! Why did I do that!

  • Mine is 8K and I'm feeling rather daunted too! I just hope I get to do it in the sunshine.

  • Hi. Did my first run of 3 last night. Just 2.6 miles, as I'd already walked 5.5 miles during the day!

    I think I've said I'll do 5m this week, but that'll have to wait till the weekend, with one more short run before that.

    Legion, thanks again for organising this, it's really helped me and I feel soooo much better physically and mentally for getting out and doing these 3 runs a week. I like your roll call idea

  • 3/5 done and distance done this morning .

  • Just done my 1st run of 4 for the week. Have to pack them in a bit this week as I'm late starting but I think I'll be OK. Plan to do my distance run tomorrow (9K) - going to run to the vets to pick up tablets for my cat - I'm without a car at the moment so will kill two birds with one stone. Still haven't set my targets for March - really must do that!

  • 2nd run done - the distance one (9k). Got back just in time - it was raining a bit whilst I was out but chucking it down now!

  • Have just set my targets for March and, interestingly they seem to have removed the date for your predicted timed run - so now you just set the distance and your predicted time.

  • 2/3 done today and the best i can say about it is that it is done ! Yesterday it was sleeting and I felt grotty so I didn't go. Today no sleet but overcast and I didn't feel grotty, just tired and like i couldn't be bothered. BUT I went anyway; Decided to do 2 loops of the park. Took 20 minutes and I only clocked up 2.2km (after Monday's high of 4km) spend most of the run feeling cross. But I did it ! And I'm glad I did. Will hope for better things on Saturday !

  • I did it!! My long run 10km well it was actually 10.5! 1 hr 15min all running so very pleased! Husband came too but he usually runs on the treadmill at the gym and not that distance but I think he wanted to prove he could do it too! To be honest I feel that running is my thing I like to do on my own so it was difficult to get in the zone with him on my heels! That's not nice is it! I think it's because I am not used to running with anyone. He now says his hips hurt and I'm ok! Happy running everyone x

  • Hi Legion,

    Just logged run 2 for week 8 at Jantastic.

  • I see jantastic has taken the date option from the March target which makes things simpler, still can't make my mind up though. I have actually got slower, not a good week loads of stuff on my mind, but have been getting out there - 3 of 4 today.

  • Just come in from my third and longest run of the week. I ran for 5.4 miles which took 1hr 10 mins. Both the length of the run and the time of continual running, are firsts for me and I know I wouldn't have done them without this challenge , so thank-you again for setting this up.

  • Run 1 of 3 completed on Wednesday - some catching up to do this weekend.

    Targets set for March.

  • Third run of 4 done at this morning's park run. My favourite weather for it - chilly but beautiful sunshine. Thought I was going to make a PB but missed in by about 2 seconds! Oh well - there's always next week - that's what makes this running lark so addictive!

  • 5/5 completed yesterday, not going to run today as I've so much on with an impending house move but I will run tomorrow.

  • Mojo restored by perfect running conditions at Parkrun today, 4 of 4. Faster than I expected may have to up my game for the March target, will set it this weekend.

  • 3 out of 4 today. First ever parkrun and did it a full minute and a half quicker than my previous PB.. Does mean I have to adjust my March target though as I have already bettered it by a minute.Woo hoo

  • Run 3/3 done. Set off despite the drizzle with the goal of doing another 4km run (this week's target.) As I already did it on Monday, Iknew I could, despite Thursday's rather miserable effort.

    So, off past the flats and into the industrial estate. First 5 minutes were hard going, found it hard to get my breathing into a rhythm (something I've been struggling with for a that last few days) then through the industrial estate, and onto the cycle track beside the ringroad. Over the motorway and onto the cylce-track between it and the river. At the 2km point I was just short of a tunnel under the motorway that would let me loop back through the park, so decided to do that rather than double-back. Into the park and onto the nice barktopped jogging track (squirrel count = 2) then back out into the industrial estate, under the ringroad, back through the industrial units to the primary school. At the 4km announcement I was 2 minutes short of Monday's time (hooray) so kept going for another 2 minutes, taking me up to 4.25km in 36 minutes.

    Definate progress since graduation thanks to jantastic (seriously would not have gone Thursday without the programme).

    For March I'm setting incremental targerts that will get me to 5km by the end of the month. For the timed run, I think I'm going to aim for 3km in 24 minutes - I can currently do a single km in just over 8 minutes, but for my 4km run I was at 8:28 average, so I'd like to think that that might be doable. I might try using the speed podcast a couple of times to see if it helps.

    happy running everyone

  • Run 3/3 done and February completed! Love it! Well done team we are 8th! X

  • 3/3 done courtesy of breaking my 18 miler into two runs as had to stop at 15 miles for 30 minutes to refuel. Think that's allowed ?

  • Final run of the week done this morning. Going to really miss Jantastic at the end of March. Thinking of signing up to 5x50 to keep the motivation going. Anyone else have any plans?

  • Yes, I've signed up as part of the c25k team. I hope to post more details about it in due course.

  • Go for it! It's a great challenge.

  • Hi team!

    Just logged run 3 of 3. I'm afraid I didn't manage my distance target. It was 5m and I only managed 3, my legs were like lead the gremlins were on my shoulders!

    I'm sorry to have let the team down, but I have made huge progress so far in this challenge , so I'm not going to get too down about this

  • Well done for getting out there. I think a few of us have struggled this weekend, but it's great that people still give it their best shot. :-)

  • Have managed 2 runs this week, including my long run and have played my first joker to cover my other 2 runs that I had to miss due to a sore foot :-( was feeling ok, just a bit niggly this morning so should be back on it next week :-)

  • Struggled through my 8K (5 mile) long run today (definitely should not have left it until the end of the week, lesson learned!), after a bad night's sleep and waking up with an upset stomach. Spent much of it running into a headwind, which really didn't help when it already felt tough enough. After 4 miles, my knees were getting a bit grumbly. After 4.5 arduous miles I was beginning to think that knees would stop play. I stumbled my way to 5 miles, and not a step further! On resuming walking, my knees suddenly stopped bothering me. I then looked at the time, for the first time since I'd started, and was pleasantly surpised to find I was just a few minutes over 1 hour. A bit too exhausted to feel 'thrilled' but pleasantly surprised. Had a bit of a walk to get home again, which I'd have happily gone without, and decided I must refuel, despite it being a fast day. Still got some soup to look forward to later, within my 500 calories, but planning on taking the rest of the day quite gently.

  • 4/4 runs done and looking forward to the next four weeks.

  • 3 runs completed this week

  • Oh not a good week for me. I hurt my leg on Tuesday so have only been able go on 1 run this week :( I am hoping for better next week but I think I may have been over doing things so will have to reassess what I can realistically achieve in March.

  • Week 8 all finished, went out with a bang by completing a 5k run in 36 minutes ... what a buzz.

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