Jantastic 2014

Jantastic is a way to motivate people to get running this winter, whether new runners or those with more experience. I've just signed up and created a team for 'NHS Couch to 5K'. It would be great to get as many of us as possible signed up to the team, both as a good way to keep our motivation up in the new year, and as a way to promote this wonderful NHS programme. If you let me know here once you've signed up then I will make a list of our team and we can also use it as a place to discuss and prepare for the challenge when it starts in January.


There are full participation rules here: jantastic.me/rules/ but the part I would like to emphasise is: "There is no team prize available but we will declare winning teams across all three [team] sizes and all three challenge blocks as well as an overall 2014 Jantastic Champion team."

Wouldn't it be a great way to promote the NHS Couch to 5k programme and show its merits and sucesses if we were able to 'win' one of these titles?

I will be adding a new thread for each week of Jantastic, so we have a place to discuss the challenge. You will see it pinned over at the top right each Monday. There are currently 68 of us listed in the Jantastic team, so if you haven't added your name below (just your HU name or the one you use on Jantastic is fine) then please do.

Our Fantastic Jantastic Runners








































If you would like to take part and join the NHS Couch to 5K team then please go to the link above and sign up and then post below and I will add you to this list. Please note that Jantastic states that you need to sign up and set your goals by 6th January 2014.


There is further information on the Jantastic site now but I am just adding a few select paragraphs here that I don't want people to miss:

"Jantastic is all about setting yourself an ambitious target to try and achieve. For January that means a number of runs per week. (In February we add a long run distance, and March a timed run.)

From Monday 6th January you’ll be able to log the runs you have done. Jantastic weeks run from Monday to Sunday. You can log runs as you do them on any day of the week from Tuesday. Total runs for each week must be logged by 8am on Tuesday (UK Time) immediately following each week.

If you missed a run or runs due to injury or illness, or just needed a break, you can play a joker. A joker will count for 50% of missed runs in a single week. A joker can be applied once a month, with only 2 in total for the duration of the event.

Once Jantastic begins and the site is live (from the start of the challenge on Monday 6th January) you'll be able to log your runs and see how you’re doing. We also have further new functionality that will go live shortly after launch including Team Talk (so you can chat to teammates easily) and badges awarded for participation and performance."

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48 Replies

  • I signed up to Jantastic last week - not quite sure how it works yet or how it will keep me motivated. But I joined the NHS group just now. :)

  • I signed up last week too, and have my local parkrun team. Not sure if I can join another at this point, but will join the C25k group if possible, thanks for letting us know Legion.

  • Hi there, I have put the final Xmas quest post up and linked in this post. I know it will help me make my goals for the quest. Thank you.

  • I am all signed up target and club set. Thanks

  • I've signed up too xx

  • Having just completed 'the Quest' with my first-ever Parkrun this morning, I've signed up for Jantastic moments ago. Fab idea, Legion. Xx

  • Thanks for organising Legion, I had been thinking about this one before but much nicer to do as a group - I'm signed up.

  • I just signed up as an individual and as a part of C25K . Hope that's ok?

    Should be a good motivational ploy! - need a goal to go for!

  • I've added everyone so far to our team list at the top of the page. :-)

  • I signed up earlier today. I'll go back and add the team. Thanks.


  • Hi - I've also signed up - a little unsure what I'm letting myself in for but hopefully it will keep me motivated. Not sure if it makes a difference but I am 'Teresamik' on the Jantastc site.

  • Hi, thank you Legion for sorting this out. I signed up this morning.

  • Well I have just signed up and joined he NHS couch to 5k team! Hopefully a good way to keep me going through the chilly months! Thanks legion.

  • I've signed up!

  • Fran6500 and mrsbluegsmith - I have added you both to the list.

  • Done :-)

  • Hi! I've joined the team (well think I have), but it was at about 3am , will check later :-)

  • crosswest and Poppy2010 - added to our team list. :-)

  • Just signed up, set January's goal and joined team. Thanks for the heads up on this

  • Hi I'm signed up as Claire Riches just added my goals as I hadn't submitted previously!

  • Just joined!

    Sue x

  • Nuttynat, loulou51 and SBG356 - have added you all. :-)

  • I am new here, and have just joined the team for Jantastic!! yay! :)

  • I signed up last week using C25K group and setting goals... I went to check just now but website seems to be down. I'll check again though

  • me too! :-D

  • I have signed up! :)

  • baringapark, deekay64, vixiej, Tish1970 - have added you all to the list. Welcome aboard.

    What a great group we have. More than twenty of us now. Happy New Year everyone. Still time to sign up if you haven't yet. make it your resolution! ;-)

  • That's me signed up. Think it's gone under my Facebook name of Beth.Cumming.5

    Not sure, but I have joined the nhs couch to 5 k team so hopefully I'm 'in'

  • I am working my way back into the C25K programme after an absence due to injury. I have also signed up for Jantastic and selected NHS Couch to 5k as my team. Thanks.

  • Welcome aboard lizziebeth57 and dougb5.

    Just four days to go...

  • Hi have just signed up for the team too - thanks for starting this as I really need something to keep me motivated x

  • Hi

    I've just signed up and joined the team.

    Thanks for starting this, just what I need to keep me running!


  • Eebahgum, joolsp, Jemimatoo are the latest new members of our team.

    So far, we have 38 team members listed on the Jantastic site. Only 28 have added themselves here so it would be great if the other ten could let us know who they are, as part of...

  • Me too! Did my first run yesterday.

  • Well done for completing your first Jantastic run. I've added you to the team list at the top. :-)

  • My first run of Jantastic done today. 5K of running with an unexpected extra 5K of walking, also making it my first '10K' ever. :-)

    How is everyone else getting on? Would you like me to start a new thread each week for us to post in?

  • I registered last week as a couch 2 5k team member. First run tomorrow! Might be a good idea to have a weekly thread to report on if that's not too much trouble for you. Thanks.

  • No problem, I will set that up. I'll add you to the team list now too. Good luck tomorrow!

  • A thread for week 1 is now available here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

  • I've also just signed up and joined the group today and logged my first run this evening.

  • I've joined, had some issues signing up but I think I am there now.

  • Magnetix101 and OlsBean - I have added you both above, and I have added your first run over on the weekly thread, Magnetix101. :-)

  • I've just seen this, Am I too late to join?

  • Definitely not! Have you signed up at Jantastic yet? I think you can still sign up if you haven't already, then look for the 'NHS Couch to 5K' team - that's us. :-) Let me know when you've joined the team and you can post about your runs in the weekly thread. Week 1 discussion is here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

  • I've just seen this, Is it too late to join?

  • I just signed up to Jantastic

  • Have you joined the NHS Couch to 5K team? If so, there's a thread where you can post about your runs each week. You'll see this week's thread pinned over at the top right. Good luck and I hope you find Jantastic as motivational as I am. :-)

  • Yes I have Legion. Thanks. I will post tomorrow!

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