Jantastic 2014 - NHS Couch to 5K Team - Week 9

We are now entering the last phase of Jantastic. In addition to setting a number of runs per week and a long run distance, you need to set a distance/time for a timed run this month. There is more information about March targets here: jantastic.me/2014/03/jantas... You will need to set your targets before you can log your runs for this month, and no later than 11th March. Please note the information about your timed run, which seems to have changed slightly. Jantastic says: "you can change the time whenever you want and give it as many attempts as you like". The idea with the timed run is to be as accurate as possible, rather than setting a target to exceed. For example, 10 seconds above or below your target time counts exactly the same. There is further information on how your score is calculated at the above link.

NB. For the final four weeks, I think it would be nice to have a 'roll call' of all of our team members, and their goals for March. I am asking everyone to send me a PM (so I don't miss anybody) detailing your Jantastic targets for March (number of runs, your distance run for each of the 4 weeks, and your time trial details) then I can put these in the first posts for weeks 9-12. There are 68 team members listed on Jantastic, although some have not been active (perhaps joining our team in error), so it would be great to have a roll call here of all the actual participants from this site. We have all been inspired to do this challenge by our experience of c25k and this community, and I would like to think that it will also serve as an inspiration for future runners. Thank you to those who have already sent me your targets. I have been collating them in a spreadsheet and will post it up (or an image of it, depending on what the site allows) later this week.

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  • Legion. I am very confused with the jantastic site. I played a joker at the beginning of the week. Yesterday I felt well enough just to go out and do a 2km run. Doctors said it was ok. I logged that run this morning and it says I completed 100% of my runs. I feel like I am cheating but I have out everything in correct?

  • I know a joker counts for 50% so if your target was 3 runs then that's probably right. Hope you are feeling okay rfc, take good care :-)

  • It probably has something to do with you playing a joker, but I've struggled to understand the Jantastic scores too. I'm glad to hear you are recovering well and hope you enjoyed your run.

  • I played a joker in January and found the same thing. 1 run plus 1 joker gave me 100% for a 3 run target. I guess the jantastic site doesn't deal well with odd numbers.

  • I suppose half of 3 is 1.5, and if you round it up to a whole number that equals 2. :-/

  • Ran my distance this morning, although was a good run I set off too fast and got progressively slower so need to watch my pace. Feeling nervous of this time target, good news if we can alter it. PS messaged you my targets legion, thanks.

  • Thanks notbad, I've added you to the spreadsheet, which I plan to post later this week. Well done on getting your long run out of the way! I've added a 'pace' field to my Garmin so I can keep myself in check, rather than setting out much too fast, as I have done many times. ;-)

  • 1/5 done this morning.

  • 5/5 done and distance done on Wednesday.

  • I've just completed my first March run and I think I've been a bit over confident on my timed run, so I've changed it to 3 miles in 35 mins. I hope this doesn't mess your spreadsheet up Legion :-/

  • Not a problem, and better to err on the side of caution. I won't be posting the spreadsheet up just yet, to give everyone a chance to send me their targets and to make any changes they need to. I've already revised mine downwards! ;-)

  • Had planned to do my first run of the week today, but woke up feeling sick and lightheaded. Am working at home because driving didn't feel sensible. Not yet clear whether this is the start of a lurgie or part of my ongoing viral labrynthitis saga but am seriously fed up about it. Think that I will put on my walking shoes after lunch and go for a brisk walk anyway. Hoping to be well enough to run tomorrow ! sigh...

  • Oh dear, labyrinthitis is horrid.I had it just over a year ago. I still get vertigo if I move suddenly or turn around too quickly, or even just under artificial lighting. No roller coasters for me any more. :-(

  • I have never ever in my life been able to go on a rollercoaster ! I'm having therapy that consists of being turned round in a spinning chair with my eyes shut and then looking at a spot on the wall until it stops moving. Its truly horrid and I'm not entirely sure its helping - though the physio swears it is. Hoping for a gentle jog tomorrow !

  • Just the thought of that makes me feel sick. I hope it works for you.

  • And today I feel just plain exhausted. Suspect something postviral is going on, so had a lie-down instead of a run :-( Hoping to be well enough to run tomorrow !

  • It takes time to recover from these things. Don't try to do too much too soon. Rest is just as important.

  • 1st run of the week done tonight at running club. Jantastic do seem to be changing the rules a bit as far as the predicted time is concerned but hopefully all will become clear! Good luck for the final month everybody!

  • I completed my first run of March - I did the speed podcast within normal 5km pavement evening run just to jazz it up! It was hard but done in 31:30 so pleased x

  • Finally did run 1/3. After not feeling well enough to run on Monday and Tuesday I was delighted to get out there. Took it steady and decided not to try to do anything new speed or distance wise, but just did my 30 minutes then came home. (3.2km in 30 mins is about what I did for my graduation run 3 weeks ago, but whereas then I was ready to crawl home, today I could definately have kept going, so I'm making progress.)

  • Tried twice today to log my run but there is no 'Log my run' tab showing for March. Is there a problem with the site?

  • I looked for the first time just now and managed to log my first run of the week successfully.

  • Hi first run of the week done after tonight after a week off with a poorly leg. I took things very easy so no distance run or target time.

  • I had a bit of a bad week last week and only managed half of my runs, partly due to lingering illness and partly due to a sudden loss of running motivation. I had intended to play a joker, but forgot until yesterday when it was too late. I am still feeling a lot less of a desire to run this week (I don't really know why/what has changed, which worries me a bit, because I was really enjoying running and the challenge and don't want to end up stopping completely) but I managed to get out for a run this evening which went quite well, so hopefully that will continue. Last month I concentrated on pushing my distance and I did complete all my long runs, so for this month's targets (which I set last week) I decided to cut down on distance and number of runs but try to focus more on speed work (although perhaps my target time is a bit ambitious).

  • I think it just goes like that sometimes, but hopefully your mojo will return. Know what you mean about the time target, I'm daunted by mine - but he who dares wins as Del Boy used to say. :-)

  • Terrible weekend of feeling really rough meant I only completed one run last week (the long one thankfully) - so disappointed in myself at having to play my first joker, but it was one of those times where I felt I just needed to listen to my body. I'm also away with work this weekend. I'll run today and then take my gear but I'm worried at not having the opportunity to get out and run on the weekend - I don't want to play another joker or drop my score, so fingers crossed. I need to pull out a bit of determination and find a way to get those runs in.

  • 2 of 3 completed - making full use of the better weather / daylight. Just long run to go this week. Good to be ahead of schedule too rather than cramming everything around a weekend.

    Jantastic has probably kept me running more than I otherwise would have done during February.

    Glad I signed up :)

  • I did the long one today 8km - it was hard! Not sure why but got a stitch plus my back was hurting and my shoulder!! I think I over did it with the yoga DVD last week! Anyway all feels ok now. I want to try and go out tomorrow as I am travelling to India on Saturday. I am going to try and use the treadmill in the hotel but at least then the pressures off till Tuesday x happy running everyone! We are nearly there!!

  • Second run of four done this morning. It's nice that the mornings are getting lighter

  • 3/4 completed this morning :-) much more successful week this week! Still got my distance to do on Sunday, but wanted to take it easy until my foot was feeling much better, still I have managed a 4.5k, 6k and just done the Speed podcast covering just over 3k :-) 9km on Sunday *fingers crossed*

  • Completed 3/3 this morning :-) felt fine after yesterday's long hard run.

  • Hiya Legion,

    Your going to be sick of me! I've just logged my fourth and long run for this week. All o.k so far. I attempted a timed run yesterday and have now changed my time again. I'm now aiming for 3 miles in 37 mins. Surely I'll manage that by the end of the month!

  • No problem. Have updated spreadsheet. Good luck!

  • 2nd run completed, lovely to be running home from work while still light! I haven't done my long run yer, that will have to wait for Sunday as I wanted to rest out my poorly leg with a couple of shorter runs first

  • 2/3 just done. Wasn't entire sure when I set out whether I'd do much running or whether it would be a walk (still feeling wobbly as reported earlier in the week), but weather is glorious so decided it didn't matter. But about 5 minutes in I realisted I was feeling remarkably good. Arrived at park, which is a whole other place on a Saturday afternoon - loads of people picnicing and some even bbq'ing - weekdays I usually have it to myself other than a few doggy-walkers - and decided to have a go at the nice running path round the outer edge (the council come round every few weeks and dump bark onto it so its nice and soft) and much to my surprise ended up going all the way round before heading home. Hadn't really had any intention to try to do my long run today, but when I got home, I was only 250m short of it (before anyone gets over excited my long target for this week was 4.24km) so took another loop round my street and hooray - did it ! Pace was very very slow, but that was deliberate (43 minutes to do my 4.25km, probably barely counts as running, but what the heck...)

    Feeling much better for having gone out. But to complete my jantastic target for the week I'm going to have to go out tomorrow, which will very much depend on how I'm feeling. I'm preaching in the morning which is always emotionally draining, so a nice run might be just what I need afterwards, unless I'm asleep of course... Also need to take care of my knees, I've been very careful about rest days so far as I have moderate osteo-arthritis, so don't want to upset them ! But maybe 20 minutes on a nice soft surface would be OK...

  • Well done, that's brilliant. Your running path sounds great. Ideal for dodgy knees. Mine could do with something similar. See how you feel tomorrow and if no aches/pains then a gentle run should be fine.

  • 3rd run of 4 done at this mornings Park Run. Time was 33:21 which is getting close to my predicted time of 33:10 - which is an aspiration rather than a prediction but hopefully is doable at some point in the next 3 weeks! Long run tomorrow in nice new trail running shoes - hope it's not TOO muddy :o)

  • Me and you both lolb, I was 10 seconds over but like you I'm hopeful for the next few weeks (ours is cancelled the 29th so only 2 more chances for me).

    Edit - forgot to say that was my 4th of 4 legion, thanks as ever for all your work on this.

  • Great to read how everyone is getting on. :-) I took advantage of the nice weather today and went out in nothing more than a tee (well, trousers, shoes, etc obviously!). I made a point of going really slow, using the heart rate alert feature on my Garmin, and did my first ever 10K. :-D It was tricky going so slowly and I kept speeding up every time my mind wandered from watching my pace, but I think I felt better after this run than the 8K I did last week. I'd already decided to do my first 10K (first ever, actually) race in April, so I feel reassured that I can do it now. Hope it won't be too hilly, although even hills are becoming easier, once I'm properly warmed up. Today's run took 1:23:37 and my race target time is 1:17:54 (based on my 5K PB), so it's looking achievable in 6 weeks time. :-)

  • 4 o 4 done. New shoes stood up well. Lost my signal half way round so can't be sure of my time or distance which is a bit frustrating but I'm certain it was more than 7K which was my target distance for this week. Perfect running weather - park full of kids and dogs - glorious!

  • All 4 done, managed my distance today although it was a push!! 3 weeks to go!!

  • hi everyone. completed third and final run for this week - in the drizzle. Glad some of us are getting nice weather...wish it was me though! Have 'over run' my distance, which I think might go against our stats.. couldn't help it though. Did 6.5k today, fair chuffed :)

  • I've set my targets for March. Completed my timed long run yesterday and was 24 secs faster than my predicted time and I was penalised by 2% of my weekly score. Annoyed about this! My target was 10 k in 1:09:00 I completed in 1:08:36. Other than this I aim for 3 runs a week, 10k this week, 8k next week, 6 miles for sports relief, then 7k the final week.

  • It's bugged, I've got the same, if you look at people that ran over their predicted time they are not penalised. I've sent an email to the Jantastic team pointing at yet again another bug perhaps it would help if you do the same.

  • According to the rules you get penalised if you run faster or slower, I got 2% taken off for being 10 seconds slower. I think you'd have to be a pretty good predictor to get spot on to the second right but I suppose if it's the same for everyone then it's fair enough. Well done for achieving your times vikicats & olsbean! :-)

  • That's crazy, I thought the idea of that particular event was to work to improve your time on a set run.

  • I know it flies in the face doesn't it? It's more a measure of how well we can predict as legion writes in her post above.

  • Also annoyed by the amount I was docked. I predicted 24 minutes, and logged 24.02 minutes and was also penalised 2%. 2 seconds out of 24 minutes is 0.001% according to my calculator, so a 2% hit seems disproportionate.

  • That does seem odd, I was docked 2% for being 10 seconds over at 26:45, predicted 26:35. You could try emailing? Very good prediction from you ajwyld btw, well done. :-)

  • sheer chance I'm afraid! Will almost certainly never happen again !

  • Somewhat to my surprise I went out late afternoon for a wee run (3/3). (Had been at a flea market in town with my daughter and didn't think I would have time, but it was still light when we got home). Intended to do 20 minutes and did not intend to do my timed run, but when I got to the 1km mark, I was below 7mpk, so I kind of decided to go for it, and I did it. Having set 3km in 24 minutes as my target, I did 3km in 24:02 minutes. Now I just have to work out how the heck to log it on the site ! Oh yeah, and I went in shorts, unseasonable warm here. Wierdest winter ever.

  • Completed 3/3 and longest run of the week. I took it really steady and felt I could have continued longer but thats how I hurt my leg a couple of weeks ago so I decided to be sensible and stop at 5k. Really enjoyed it, lovely spring weather, the crocuses are out and altogether fab

  • Just realised I haven't posted my runs for this week. I did 3/3 with my longest run as well. So all in all back on the horse so to speak and haven't lost too much.

  • Had set myself a target of 5k but managed 6.215 on Sat. Took me a few seconds over 46 minutes, but when I consider that before last Sept I couldn't run to the post box which is 2 doors away, I feel that I have made a bit of progress!

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