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A week off ill and back into W6R1

I didn't know when I went back to work today if I would run tonight or not. After a week of feeling rubbish and finishing antibiotics I was open minded as to how tired I would be.

But I got home and had the urge to get out there in the sun.

It took me a while to get organized, but in the end I left the house.

It was hard going after doing nothing for 7 days, I was very sweaty and my legs ached, it felt very slow....but I think it felt worse than it actually was. The key message being, I made it through. I was VERY happy when it was over, but also very happy that I hadn't regressed too much. I am so glad I waited until I felt better and didn't push myself to go out too early. A good lesson.

Onward and upward (and hopefully a bit faster soon) ;)

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Hope you feel back to normal soon, and well done for getting it over with x


Great, good news blog! So glad you're feeling better. Antibiotics can sort of drain the system as well as curing nasty bugs, so it's really good that you managed to blast them with a running 'fight-back'. Don't worry if it wasn't pretty or fast, that'll come in due course. You've got mostly longer runs ahead now, so keep your pace steady and comfy, so that your stamina for the distance and longer times can build. There will be plenty of time once you've graduated to increase your speed ... If you really want/need to.

Enjoy the sunshine runs: so nice to get out in the warmth isn't it? Take care, Linda :)


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