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Week off and I can still run......yippee :D

I was so so nervous going out last night for my first run I a week for 4 reasons.

1. Just took a voluntary week off after my 5miler due to tiredness catching up, heat and lack of a new goal.

2. I never run in the evening, only ever early in the morning.

3. I had lunch out and enjoyed a massive spread which left me feeling too full all day.

4. An excessive alcoholic weekend meant I was dehydrated and no matter what amounts of water I drank I still felt clammy mouthed!

I got home from work and changed straight away so I couldn't change my mind! Few house jobs, kids washed, garden hoed and off I went in the most perfect temperature for a run with a lovely breeze. I went on an old C25K route which I hadn't done since the Laura days and it was actually quite nostalgic! I aimed to so a 20 minute run at my new pace and with my slightly altered gait. After watching a video of me running the last 100m of the 5 miler last week I was appalled at how little I pick up my feet and knees (ok I was very tired at the end of the race but I was putting in my big run to the finish line ). The new gait felt a bit weird but I stuck with it and managed a 4k run in 25or so minutes. It felt great that a week off didn't set me back to much and feeling ok this morning which is a result. I am hoping that the new style will eventually make me faster over 5k and then I am planning to up the distance when I am comfortable to 10k.

On another note I have just had a gym induction not having used one for about 15 or so years. I feel it could really help my strength for running which I think is my weakness. Does anyone else use the gym to help their running and if so what machines would you recomment?

Happy running.

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I've taken the last week off after the same 5 miler! I had a reaction in my knee, so I thought it best to rest up. Aiming to go out tomorrow morning and all fired up now by your comments on changing gait, because I too had the same feeling about the video of my last 100 metres!

Oh...and never used a gym in my life, sorry!


Very useful tool the video! Hope your run goes well too. What's your next goal?


I took some time off after my 10 mile. Your body will appreciate it.

I don't use a gym, never have. I use Jillian Michaels exercise DVD's. I'm doing 30 day shred at the mo and have done day 20 today. Yay

I walk my neighbours dog for miles and I feel that does me good. Got him tomorrow in fact.

Swimming and cycling would be good for you too. Gyms are good! The folks there will set your right about what machines are best for building you up for running. I dare someone here will know too

Let us know how you get on


Thanks Misswobble, yes I think after the 9 week programme and build up to R4L etc I hadn't really had a break so it was good to take the week and I feel invigorated now. My reason for going to the gym is work and kids as I have more options now to exercise. I can go late in the evenings or on a lunch break or if it is too hot to run I could use the treadmill. I am hoping it works but still under strict induction so not using the machines yet. I am hoping to be let loose on those beasts next week!!!


Now that's a good question, because I'm not entirely sure. I did so much in my first year 'post grad'. I guess distance wise would be 15 miles and speed wise would be to get my 10k under an hour., but frankly, I just want to enjoy my running and the 'buzz' afterwards.


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