A whole hour! Bridge2 10k w6r1

Well, after Monday's fab run, I was expecting last night to be a little bit harder - and it was! A whole 60 mins of running, with no walking at all. It's times like this I'm glad I'm so stubborn, cos that's the only thing that got me through it all... ;) Up to 30 mins I was telling myself 'you know you can do this - you've done it before!' - and after that it was counting down each 5 minutes to the end. Around 45 mins though, suddenly everything felt easy and comfortable, to my surprise. Sadly that didn't last more than a few minutes, and the last 10 mins were hard work - although I still managed to speed up a bit for the last minute or two. :)

Right now I'm *so* proud of myself for getting this far - and when Mr Rainbow did the conversion from miles to km and pointed out that I'm only at 75% of the distance I need to get to, I didn't let that burst my bubble. Instead, I decided to rejoice in the fact that I'd run a whopping great 7.5km!!! :D That's my longest ever continuous run, and I'm very chuffed indeed!

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  • Sod Mr Rainbow's conversions (at least for today). You have run a whole hour without stopping to walk, and that is an amazing achievement! Huge congratulations!!

  • It feels fab, doesn't it? I mean, achieving the task, not so much the running bit :-P

  • lol, absolutely! I'm quite impressed that my legs feel fine today. I mean, I'm not about to go running up lots of flights of stairs for fun, but clearly the plan has worked so far... :)

  • Well done :D

    That's the next one for me. I did W5R3 this morning and managed 8km over the 2 runs.

  • Well done! I'd love to be a bit quicker than I am, but figure I just need to keep going at the steady pace that I can manage for now. Speed can come later - if I decide to keep running 10k after the race which is looming ominously close now!

  • Well done - and you're right, training for speed (intervals &c) can come later. Enjoy building up the distance and enjoy running.

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