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C25K Week 6 Run 3 - I'm "officially a runner"

Oh yes I am.

Laura said so.

On completing the 25 minute run and 5 minute cool down walk she clearly said,

"I'd say you're officially a runner now. Congratulations."

Really didn't want to do it yesterday. Felt knackered, couldn't be bothered, worried after Run 2 on Wednesday, weather was rubbish, but knew I had to get out there. My children do athletics on a Friday which is about 5km away so it was decided that my hubby would take them and I would meet them there. It was actually an inspired move because it meant that I didn't have any keys and was unable to turn round and go home if it got too much, I had to keep going.

So I did.

Wind blowing in my face, rain lashing down, first 10 minutes of running felt like torture and kept telling myself, "just get to the bridge", "get to the junction", "Church next", etc., etc., but by the time Laura told me I was halfway I'd got into my rhythm and was feeling ok. When she said I'd done 20 minutes it was a relief - I'd done the same as last week - and I determined to carry on. Had a small hiccup when I almost tripped over a speed hump when crossing the road - that would have been a) embarrassing and b) painful as was likely to be hit by a car once sprawled in the road - and I couldn't speed up any, but I made it to the 25 minutes.

And it felt amazing.

Yes, trying to then walk briskly for 5 minutes was hard because all I wanted to do was sit down, but at this point I was still 10 minutes (walk) away from the athletics club and had no choice. Once that was over though I put some music on to walk the rest of the way and actually found myself singing out loud and smiling as I went. Don't care what anyone thought as they drove past, I was happy.

I did it. Never in a month of Sundays could I have jogged lightly for 3km/25 minutes 6 weeks ago. Never. Now I can. And if I can complete the 9 weeks I will then work on my distance to reach my goal of being able to run 5km with my daughter.

Good luck everyone, keep going, it is working! :-) x

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WAHOO! What a great blog. I can identify exactly with "if I can just make it to the next corner". It's like that every time for me. But the feeling of getting to the end despite every rational thought ... isn't it great? And I bet your kids will enjoy bragging to their mates. "See that woman over there running? That's my mum." Amazing!


Fantastic bex! Yes believe it; you really are a runner!! :)

Having to run to meet your family was a great idea to keep you going, very clever! Oh, and I can relate to the speed bump incident too.... :O

Enjoy your next run!



Bex, fantastic .. it is such a special moment when Laura tells you that you are a runner ... I cried when she told me :)

You can now do this , so enjoy the next few weeks :D


That is absolutely awesome Bex, well done. :-) When I complete a run I too can't wipe the smile off my face and I also sing along out loud. I can only imagine what I must sound like and look like with my face at red as can be. LOL


This just oozes with confidence. Brilliant blog and fantastic achievement. Good luck with week 7.


Oh I really enjoyed reading that bex! Who would think that it would mean so much to hear a voice on an ipod saying you're a runner - but my goodness it is wonderful!

Well done - and I'm so glad you didn't fall over the speed bump (they're horrible when you're legs have gone a bit wobbly from running rather a lot!)


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