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W6R1 - quite a revealing run!!

Moved on to W6 today after completing W5 on Monday. Decided to take it steady as I know that people have been caught out by it.

Left work, went to town to pick up a new battery for my heart-rate watch thingy and was off to the gym. Went to put on my lovely comfy green t-shirt but, to my horror, it wasn't in my gym bag - I could instantly picture it sitting beside my bag on the sofa this morning, damn! Going to have to put on the other top that's been lingering in the bottom of my bag for a while waiting to be worn again, possibly wondering why it's continually looked over.

On the treadmill and off I go... within seconds I remembered why I didn't wear this top very often. Although apparently a bonafide piece of 'running gear' it's a little lower-cut than my old faithfuls and since having lost a bit of weight, a bit big! After a few seconds it was starting to slide down and reveal the sports bra and (and a smattering of cleavage that goes with it).

The tredmills in the gym face a mirrored wall and I was plodding along between two men. Despite my best efforts of repeated pulling, tugging and adjusting, I couldn't get it to stay in a position that didn't give these two a bit of a sneeky peak!

Still, on I plodded and made it to the end of the podcast. I'm not sure who was smiling more come the end of it!!

I think I've found another top that will be resigned to acting as an underlayer when out feeding cows and sheep in the cold depths of winter!!

W6R2 on Friday, happy running everyone!

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Well if you've got it flaunt it! At least you know you made someone else's run more pleasurable! Seriously though, well done for getting through it, and good luck for W6R2.


I bet it took your mind off the time! Well done for carrying on regardless .


Which gym is this? ;)


hahahaha I've also

learned not to wear v neck

shirts to the gym :o)


Oh my God, Mirrors!! What fresh hell is this?? Thank goodness it's just the choice of a giant telly, yeugh, a brick wall, or a v high window at my gym. Well done for not letting the situation interfere with your run.In my experience it doesn't take much,


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